Siguiendo la tendencia, chilenas lideran las startups aceptadas en Start-Up Chile

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  • The S Factory, programa de pre aceleración para startups fundadas por personas que se identifiquen con el género femenino, tendrá una nueva generación de emprendedoras globales.
  • Las ganadoras, en su mayoría chilenas, podrán recibir hasta CLP 15 millones para desarrollar sus ideas. Además, y por primera vez, podrán obtener 3 millones  adicionales por resultados de triple impacto.

Santiago, enero 2019. Startups de 13 países formarán parte de la nueva generación de startups lideradas por fundadoras que se identifiquen con el género femenino. Los seleccionados son 23 proyectos en fase temprana, con ideas o con prototipos iniciales y menos de 12 meses de desarrollo, que fueron elegidos entre 153 postulantes.

A cada una de las startups seleccionadas se les otorgarán CLP 10 millones de pesos libres de participación, una visa de trabajo por un año, acceso completo a las redes nacionales e internacionales y un proceso de 4 meses de pre aceleración para desarrollar sus ideas de negocio.  Además, podrán postular por extensiones de CLP 5 millones para seguir trabajando en Chile y a CLP 3 millones por resultados de triple impacto.

Para Sebastián Díaz, Director Ejecutivo de Start-Up Chile, “un foco que tenemos hoy es mejorar el impacto social y ambiental de todo los tipos de negocios, por eso ahora agregamos un capital extra para todas las empresas que logren mostrar un resultado real de triple impacto (económico, social y medio ambiental)”.

Las startups seleccionadas son en su mayoría chilenas (44%), seguidas de cerca por Latam con un 26% y el resto del mundo con un 30%. Con respecto a la industria, las startups escogidas se centran principalmente en IT Software y Retail, Wholesales & Consumer Products.

La evaluación de los jueces se hizo en base a la descripción de producto y servicio que presentaron las postulantes, el mercado al que apunta la startup, el impacto que buscan generar en Chile y que el equipo de trabajo sea el que necesita el negocio para crecer. 

Las próximas postulaciones para TSF se abrirán del 14 al 28 de mayo de 2019 en

Las seleccionadas para TSF9 son:

Loro co: personalized companion for wheelchair users to navigate safely and to communicate efficiently. Is aplug-and-play device controlled by an app that mounts to any wheelchair andoffers its occupant the ability to see and interact with the people and things aroundthem in powerful ways.

ZappyJaw: web application that aims to assist dental diagnosis by automatically detecting tooth decay in x-ray images, using deep learning and computational vision. Its purpose is to decrease the time of dental radiography analysis and diagnosis; and most importantly, improve the currently low diagnosis accuracy (54-63%).

Q-ion: rechargeable IoT device for cold-chain logistics, capable to work under extreme conditions and measure the temperature of each SKU. Connected to the cloud, users will be able to set early alerts to prevent wastage, react and track the quality of the delivery.

Prometeo: provides easy access to Open Banking for financial institutions, government institutions and Fintech companies in Latin America, helping them to connect through a unified and standardized API Gateway.

Co-op Connect: digital toolbox that helps people start cooperative living environments (co-ops), empowering them to save time on chores, share domestic expenses, and engage with a supportive community.

ONHelp: Financiación de proyectos de alto impacto de ONGs sin tener que donar dinero directamente, sin hacer voluntariado, sino ¡con solo un clic! Esto mediante una plataforma de criptominado a la cual cualquier persona podrá acceder desde cualquier dispositivo y decidir qué proyecto desea ayudar, creando así, a los nuevos voluntarios digitales.

Menu To Go: food delivery service that aims to simplify the purchase of healthy lunches for workers, made by women entrepreneurs.  The platform allows being validated and approved to have access to the practical guide of preparations, hygiene, and Eco-friendly and Healthy Base packaging.

Mercado Circular: automates the recycling of companies, using sensors installed in containers. Their network of recyclers receives the requests, the approximate commercial value of the waste that will be captured in the trip, an optimal route and a place where to ensure the final destination of valorization of your waste.

Apadrinapp: help for pets that have been rescued, and are in shelters; providing benefits such as food, medicine, baths, among others. The user can do all of this interacting with a virtual pet from their Smartphone.

Civixa: provides fully managed data labeling/annotation services to enable AI researchers, developers, and organizations. Their services go beyond simply cleaning and labeling data, but also training models and applying to users specific business problem.

Boostcollect: platform that combines a debt collection marketplace with tech tools streamlining the process. Boostcollect provides creditors – a user’s cabinet where they track every step of collection; collection agencies – astack of tech tools (including AI and CRM) resulting in increased productivity;debtors – debt reconciliation tools.

LiveLink: IoT device that can detect accidents suffered in a motorcycle and warning the emergency services with the location and the medical information of the victim. It also locates the motorbike at any time so it’s a smart anti-theft system which gives the position in case of robbery.

Urban-Spark: tile installation service made from recycled material that allows clean energy and data for retail stores, supermarkets, and malls.

Healthchain: blockchain based technology to help health practices by creating a secure and decentralized vault for all the health records. A single truth and encouraging personalized healthcare resolving today’s IT interoperability problems with a secure network between multiple parties.

Llare: circular economy platform which aims to reduce the waste of textiles by introducing to the market a new and secure way to reuse clothes. They’ve chosen as a first niche market the baby clothes to build trust and a strong community to scale up in more markets.

CoFood: App that lets the user handle unsold food before it turns into waste. Through georeferencing, the App shows the customer all the available discounted offers of Food that will be soon thrown away. On the Client side, they can optimize inventory and avoid Food waste.

Guilt Free: scientific Start-up that develops plant-based meat substitutes with high nutritional value: double the protein, low in fat and with fiber, generating products such as sausages, chorizo, ham, and salami identical to the traditional in terms of flavor and texture.

AccesOn: digital platform that improves the experience of residing and managing private dependencies through IOT, providing empowerment of the community, making its processes more efficient. Their purpose is to provide a better experience to users through bidirectional communication between the building, home, office or community.

SplitSpace: online marketplace that allows people and businesses to publish and find underutilized spaces. They provide short-term affordable rental to individuals and businesses looking for a place to work, take professional photography, launch new products, teach fitness classes, use as medical boxes, organize gatherings and more.

DILL – Digital Intelligent legal language: development of legal cognitive solutions. They integrate artificial intelligence tools which are able to interpret, advise and support legal processes, efficiently, safely and reliably. They want to create a new model of legal assistance that is available to everyone.

Bellas Shop: platform that connects beauty professionals with clients. Users can browse through portfolios, make and see reviews, book appointments and pay through the platform. Beauty professionals will have tools that will help them grow their business, promote their work and see statistics to better understand their financial status.

Lumas Health: they believe that data should empower, and also save the lives of patients, rather than be owned by other companies. Their system links medical devices to trigger systems of care and save lives in the setting of heart rhythm abnormalities and provides real-time data to physicians.

Proyecto Moms: connects Women Talent, with the best companies, according to needs of out moms professional users, increasing diversity rate in companies.