Seed | ¡Bienvenida Seed Generación 21!

Comunidad, General

Seed, nuestro programa de aceleración para emprendedores que quieren escalar desde Chile al mundo, tendrá una nueva generación de startups globales. Estos proyectos obtienen un fondo de libre participación de CLP 25 millones de pesos, un espacio de trabajo gratuito y un proceso de aceleración de 6 meses para hacer crecer su negocio.

Startups de 22 países formarán parte de la nueva generación de startups de la aceleradora No. 1 en América Latina. Los 60 proyectos seleccionados tienen menos de 3 años de desarrollo y la tracción necesaria para desarrollar sus negocios a escala global.

Las nuevas empresas seleccionadas recibirán CLP 25 millones de pesos (USD $ 40,000 aprox.), un proceso completo de aceleración de 6 meses, que incluye boards, pitch trainings y workshops, entre otras actividades, y acceso completo a nuestra red de mentores, empresas, inversionistas, partners globales y alumnis. Los extranjeros también reciben una visa de trabajo por un año. Además, las mejores startups podrán postular a una extensión para acceder a otros 25 millones de pesos para permanecer en Chile haciendo negocios.

Las startups seleccionadas son en su mayoría chilenas (28%), seguidas por argentinas (15%) y el resto de Latam con un 18%, lo que ha mantenido la tendencia de los últimos procesos en los que los chilenos han ocupado el mayor porcentaje de slots.

En cuanto a las industrias, las empresas elegidas se enfocan principalmente en TI y software, seguidas de Retail, Wholesales y Consumer products. En relación con su modelo de negocio, el 48% tiene una estructura de Business to Business (B2B) y el 18% Business to Client + B2B.

Las próximas postulaciones para el programa Seed serán del 22 de enero al 19 de febrero de 2019.


Woolabs S.A: Woocar is an AI cloud-based data analytics platform to improve vehicle driving behavior. Our mission is to reduce road accidents and improve fuel consumption efficiency for insurance, logistics and smart cities. Woocar brings insights and keeps a record of the evolution of driving habits, performance, patterns, routes and fleet statistics.

Espacios Digitales IoT: We manufacture Vending machines to sell and collect items, with IoT, we accept any payment method or integrate any e-commerce to automate the click and collect process. Our patented system and platform sell any product including food in refrigerated vending machines. We also accept disruptive payment methods as posts.

Burn to Give: Inspiring people to become active & healthy by feeding those in need; exercising for a Hunger-Free World. Burn to Give is a platform that converts calories burned exercising into life-saving nutrition for children in need; for every tracked calorie burned, a calorie is given to an undernourished child.

Hero Play: HERO Play revolutionizes the way gamers connect, compete and share. Hero Play is the first social media platform designed for gamers that allows you to create clans with friends, follow pro teams, organize your own tournaments, get rewards and play like a pro, from any device, any game, anywhere.

buk: Buk is HR software for the entire company. It manages the payroll more effectively, provides powerful performance reports and offers the best talent management tools. Buk gives companies the tools and the time so Management and HR people work hand in hand working on operational and strategic challenges.

QUEMPIN® SpA: QUEMPIN®, a spin-off from the Federico Santa María Technical University, is an R&D company committed with the development of efficient and sustainable energy solutions. Our current developments are focused on helping the Chilean bakery industry to reduce their emissions along with their operational costs, through the use of our technology.

Gamiphy: Customer acquisition and engagement platform that equips brands with tools proven to increase customer reach and loyalty such as branded mini games, playable Ads and digital loyalty programs. The tools and techniques offered can be either integrated into existing websites and apps or can be used as independent solutions.

Central de Ofertas: Central de Ofertas is a startup that is changing the Consumer Goods Industry through a wholesale marketplace where currently thousands of grocery stores and small retailers buy the products to supply their stores daily.

Overture: Overture makes artificial intelligence accessible for non-experts. We develop a marketplace which centralizes the most powerful algorithms for computer vision and natural language processing and makes them easy to use by companies for their own use cases through a visual interface or integrable into existing software using our API.

GreenBTS: We develop high technology products and solutions to make farming more efficient, clean and smart.

Solven: Solven ( is a FinTech company, with focus on Latin America, providing borrowers with the best available loans, from regulated institutions, 100% online.

NETBITS LLC: Admin and Finance Software for Latinamerican SMEs.

Sumato-Id: Through our Smart Retail solution we allow you, using biometric technology and cognitive algorithms, to know and understand current consumption habits at the points of sale, generating indicators and commercial actions in real time.

Cuaderno Rojo: Cuaderno Rojo is bringing kindergartens and families connected through a web and mobile apps. We are already connecting more than 30.000 families with their K-12 centers. Kindergartens have less paperwork, fewer problems, and a better relationship with parents, who are more involved in their children’s growth.

WeavAir: One faulty HVAC system can cost the company over $6,500/employee/year. HVAC systems represent one of the largest components of building energy usage. Many of HVAC systems have undiagnosed issues, which can cause crippling failure. We use predictive algorithms to diagnose the failure, save energy and improve indoor air quality.

PayLock (registered under Intrinsic Technologies Ltd): PayLock is a blockchain-enabled escrow service tailored for the African import/export market. We are a trusted third party service that secures funds for exporters/importers and their clients. Our mission is to eliminate fraud and to enable exporters and importers to transact with each other in total confidence.

bNesis: bNesis switches banks to the “lifestyle banking” and tracks all important data of the banking clients from non-traditional sources. Our technology automates push/SMS/email marketing by tracking and making relevant sales offers of banks’ products to those who need them right now. Thus, we can improve cross-sales on up to 40%.

Nawi SpA: Nawi delivers information about the quality of the waters in rivers, lakes, and seas for the tranquility of the tourists, and to facilitate better environmental management of destinations. We integrate low-cost technologies – remote perception and internet of things- in an easy to understand the public platform.

Entelai: Entelai is a med-tech startup of doctors and computational vision experts that believe high-quality healthcare must be reliable, trained by the very best, and available 24/7. Our App combines human and AI knowledge to analyze medical images, allowing doctors to optimize their time and the quality of their work.

Frutter: Natural and nutritive fruit-based product that substitutes fats in bakery. We treat fruit with our innovative process to extract all flavors to create a neutral product that does not alter the properties of the baked product. Frutter possesses fewer calories than traditional fats, and no cholesterol or saturated fatty acids.

Chaty: Chaty specializes in the development of Artificial Intelligence systems with Natural Language Processing to empower businesses to sell products and services and receive orders and digital payments from customers via communication platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage, Google Hangouts, Telegram, SMS; including voice Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, etc.

andCards: andCards Spaces allows to find workspace you want — a coworking space around the world. Get discounts and special offers, and purchase membership plan instantly. andCards Suite allows coworking space owners and managers to automate routines: membership management, room booking system, membership plan payments, notices, and space access.

Preemar Soluciones Acuícolas: Pro-viden is a real-time monitoring system of water parameters for aquaculture ponds. It performs measurements of pH, temperature, salinity, oxygen, turbidity, and nitrate, which are stored in our database. The aquaculture farmer has access to them remotely and at all times through our mobile application and web platform.

Meetwork: We transform cities in a Coworking space taking advantage in empty spaces from coffees, restaurants, and bars mainly. We transform this spaces in offices where people can work in their projects, connect with others, create events, and receive continues capacitation from the community to community.

Neyün, Educación en Armonía: Neyün is a revolutionary, modern, simple, and friendly educational platform based on Mindfulness meditation. Our goal is to impact the well-being rates of Chilean and LatinAmericans teachers and students, improving their superior skills such as self-confidence, self-regulation, and social-awareness enhancing their academic performance, classroom environment, and concentration.

mov: Mobile app that connects people with local NGOs, providing an innovative and democratic way of donating: funding based on sustainable and healthy movement. Users will choose the NGO to support, and the app will automatically register their kilometers. Companies sponsoring will provide the resources if the goal is reached.

Wifers: Wifers helps physical stores gain value transforming Wi-Fi points into a marketing platform and a business investment with measurable ROI.

VoxEra: VoxEra is developing a hardware and software to help active roamers(businessman, expats, enterprise employees), who pay more than $100 monthly for voice roaming to use the same service but for free. We are using VOIP technologies to provide the best voice quality.

Travl Joint: TravlJoint is a web-based DaaS (Data-as-a-service) platform that delivers real-time traveler data and leads to travel companies. TravlJoint’s machine-learning algorithms find unfindable travelers from across the web, based on traveler’s destination, desire, and interests. Our next-generation tools & unmatched-data empowers travel companies to know, acquire and convert travelers into customers.

Binfluencer Colaboraciones S.L.: Binfluencer has developed a Search Engine to Influencer Marketing. The software is based on own algorithms, latest Artificial Intelligence tools, and Machine learning in order to identify influencers, analyze them and their audience, planification pre-execute the campaign, Contact influencers and Reporting/ KPI’s

Varkaiv: Varkaiv is a smart document repository tailored for ownership management. We help our clients access, look through, and share legal documents. We want to build one common language for sharing ownership information across the world.

Kuorum: Kuorum is a SaaS with powerful tools for community engagement. Our technology helps corporations and governments to innovate through online participation of their employees, customers, and citizens. And our easy-to-use contact management and analytics features reduce the workload for community engagement facilitators

Arvolution: Arvolution uses deep learning algorithms to accurately detect, count and identify products, broken or defective parts, trigger alerts or actions on activities’ start or end, and track the productivity of forklifts, people and trucks. With our solution, consumer goods companies reduce the probability of damaged, lost or stolen assets.

Yeast Propagator Bank: Yeast Propagator Bank (YPB) is an innovative project, which offers brewers the opportunity to improve their fermentation process and, therefore, the final quality of their beer, through the use of liquid yeasts. YPB offers varieties of activated liquid yeasts, of high quality and in the quantities required by the brewer.

PRACKR: is customer collaboration tool that enables businesses to complete workflow transactions faster by connecting customers & staff on single SaaS platform with a novel structure approach of completing workflow cycle with acknowledgment, real-time updates with validation & Feedback. we built this tool for B2C, C2B, C2G, C2C & more.

COMOQUIERO: COMOQUIERO is a meal planning platform, were in a few clicks users end with the daily question of “what´s for dinner?” and have a 2-week meal plan, with the grocery list, recipes and all the necessary ingredients in their front door. is a platform that evaluates applicant´s traits by integrating 10 psychometric games, personality tests and video pitch in our AI-Powered algorithm. identifies critical factors from current top employees and finds those variables in candidates, increasing the quality of hire, reducing time-to-hire and enhances candidate experience.

Sinitic: Sinitic automates customer support for businesses across the non-English world. Our vertically-integrated NLP engine and product suite owns 100% of the customer support automation pipeline and delivers high accuracy for languages including Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and more. Sinitic’s clients include a central bank, publicly-listed system integrator, and gaming firms.

Cáchate App: Cáchate es la red social mas innovadora del país, en donde podrás encontrar todos tus beneficios asociados tu rut, obteniendo de manera fácil, amigable todo lo que te pertenece, con ubicuidad e instantaneidad vivir la mejor experiencia de usuario, fomentando la cultura del ahorro. A talent screening platform helping employers manage their talent pool through task-based challenges to customize a plan on how to hire, coach, and develop top talent inside an organization. Our platform screens current employees, identifies top performers and extracts key characteristics to customize a talent development plan.

EXPRESSbase Systems: Private Limited Truly multi-tenant, low-code, open-source, cloud RAD platform for SMBs to build business apps 10x faster with drag-n-drop Forms, Views, Portable Reports, & internal Chatbots using their own database.

PEGASI INTERNATIONAL: Seeking to redefine Latin American citizens’ access to healthcare, we at PEGASI created 20/20, the first regional Electronic Health Records Platform. 20/20 is Big Data-ready and will reduce medical error by making information accessible and clear, preserve patient privacy and save time and money for patients and physicians.

Cryptocup: Cryptocup is a prediction game platform which runs in the Ethereum Blockchain. t started with the World Cup which was a great success and received positive feedback from our users. We are now launching an NFL game.

Wisekap International: Wisekap select properties for lease in cities of high real estate activity, which are able to start generating a constant income for our investors in less than 30 days and that, in addition, increase their value by an average of 6% per year.

GoAut App: GoAut App is a mobile app that supports people with autism plan and executes trips by overcoming the functional challenges of the autistic brain. It is a virtual companion to prepare for the unexpected when traveling from A to B. Phase 1 helps parents of autistic children (e.g. home-to-school-and-back-home).

barQode: Everyone knows that customers are demanding a better experience with personalized offers, but retailers are often left guessing what they want. barQode lets your customers tell you what they are willing to pay, and gives you an opportunity to convert shoppers to buyers!

Cosmic GO: Cosmic GO is a transportation and mobility company that places kiosk-less and affordable electric scooters across cities in Latin America. We have already achieved $100,000 in sales and are rolling out 500 e-scooters. Rentals happen directly through the app and paid through credit card.

AppointmentHero: Meet Andy, our AI personal-assistant hero, who automatically schedules patient-appointments for you and your practice-staff. So you can focus on what really matters – running your practice. Andy guides the patient through the appointment-booking-process, leveraging AI to match the patient to the appropriate provider and treatment option.

RESTOrun: Do you have little time to eat? RestoRun values your time and incorporates Just Walk Out technology into the service of restaurants to eliminate any waiting time. It allows to speed up the ordering, delivery and payment times. Get back 41.6% of your eating time and enjoy it!

Geomodelr, Inc.: Geomodelr is the first web geological modeling platform. It lets geologists create solid models that can be presented beautifully in the most natural way, using its proprietary algorithm. Geomodelr is used by environmental industries to manage and protect our groundwater, mining companies to understand their resources, and by academics.

Pandora Cine: Pandora Cine, is an innovative company created to improve the workflow of filmmakers. We are improving film quality and bringing new tools that facilitate filmmakers productions with portability and budget in mind.

e-Rent: e-Rent is the first peer-to-peer renting platform in Chile and South America that allows members to rent and lend an abundance of products. We connect users who want to save money by renting items instead of buying them with those who wish to make money by lending their items.

HOMETULS: Hometuls deliver game-changing financing and procurement services for SME’s through an easy to use a digital platform. Supporting SMEs to grow simultaneously.Hometuls connects the supply of industrial products with the demand, linking financing vehicles that allow instant generation of liquidity to suppliers, and payment terms to the buyer.

BeBlue: Based on sharing economy, BeBlue offers easy, trustable and secure access to an independent caregiver network without any subscription. Using a qualification system, the network refines itself leaving only the most capable professionals. An automated matching algorithm is also used, guaranteeing every customer finds the best caregiver for each situation.

Price Survey: The Retail and Industry disburse fortunes with researches of prices and placement of products in the market, with unsatisfactory results. Price changes that reality, delivering search results with intelligence, traceability and 70% reduction in the cost of the research process. Provide income opportunity as researchers for unemployed, students and immigrants.

Latentium: Latentium aims to automate cervical cancer screening by using artificial intelligence in Pap smear digital images.

Mercado de Capitales: We provide financial education to people from 14 years of age in a simple, intuitive and fun way, connecting them with the financial world, through educational and financial institutions. We have developed the first financial education software and app based on a financial market simulator using the serious game methodology.

Pecunio: Crypto Assets Angle and Venture Fund Crypto fund with a creative ecosystem for financing and investment of innovative Blockchain startups and we utilize extensive domain expertise, operational experience, and active trading strategies. The fund is active across the entire spectrum of crypto assets: seed investments, ICO’s and pre-sales, and active management of exchange-traded crypto assets.

SpinDrive Chile: SpinDrive provides drivetrains with a high-speed electrical machine and active magnetic bearings for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), which can allow reducing energy losses by half. SpinDrive’s solution is completely oil-free, which allows OEM customers to enter rapidly growing markets and ensure contaminant-free operation.

H.A.R.D.: H.A.R.D. is a complete disaster risk management software tool, which includes mapping, assessment and alert capabilities for cities, enterprises, and citizens to understand the risks they face and collaboratively develop and implement risk management plans.