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Seed, programa de aceleración para startups que quieran expandirse de Chile al mundo, tendrá una nueva generación de emprendedoras globales.

Startups de 26 países formarán parte de la nueva generación de emprendimientos tecnológicos de la aceleradora N°1 de Latinoamérica. Los seleccionados son 73 proyectos que llevan menos de 3 años de desarrollo pero que cuentan con la tracción necesaria para transformar sus negocios a escala global.

Las startups seleccionadas recibirán 25 millones de pesos (USD $40,000 app) y un proceso completo de aceleración, que incluye mentorías, entrenamientos de pitch y workshops entre otras actividades. Todos los extranjeros además reciben una visa de trabajo por un año, para que puedan hacer crecer su negocio desde nuestro país.  Además, y como novedad, esta será la primera generación que podrá postular a una extensión para acceder a otros 25 millones de pesos una vez que finalice el programa inicial.

Las startups seleccionadas son en su mayoría chilenas (34%), seguidas de cerca por el resto de Latam con un 36%, lo que ha mantenido la tendencia de los últimos procesos donde los locales han ocupado el porcentaje más alto de los cupos. “Con estos números, podemos ver un cambio en la cultura emprendedora, no solo en Chile, sino que en Latam. Esto cumple con el que fue uno de los objetivos principales de Start-Up Chile al momento de su fundación, que era atraer talento mundial para inspirar a los chilenos y de esta forma cambiar su manera de hacer negocios: pasar de una mentalidad local y tradicional a una global e innovadora”, comenta Sebastián Díaz, CMO de Start-Up Chile.

Las próximas postulaciones para el programa Seed serán del 17 de Julio al 4 de septiembre de este año.


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DataCue: personalisation API for e-commerce. Our algorithm analyzes user behaviour such as clicks, views and purchases. The analysis is used to recommend products, banners and content for each user in real-time.

Wheel the World: one-stop shop for people with disabilities to find, list and book inclusive tours and experiences specially designed for their needs.

MIRAI 3D: patient specific 3D printed medical simulators for mininvasive surgery. We combine medical imaging with 3D printing and silicone based materials.

Burn to Give: Inspiring people to become active and healthy by making giving back simple, direct and fun. For every tracked calorie burned, a calorie is given to a child in need. Burn-one, Give-one.

AntLab: affordable, customizable, muiltipurpose, low cost microfluidics lab on a chip. Mix, sort and manipulate expensive chemicals and small samples in a controlled manner anywhere you need, reducing costs and allowing for the true promise of a “lab on a chip” to be true.

Actipulse International: Health & Technology startup specializing in the diagnostic and treatment of neurodegenerative and psychiatric pathologies such as Parkinson’s Disease, depression and autism.

Mesa: Mesa helps restaurants attract more customers and fill tables that are usually empty with time-based discounts on food.

Sonic Drops: Neurotechnia is a company devoted to the improvement of wellbeing using sound and light technologies. Our first product, Sonic Drops, is a rest acceleration pod which uses sound, vibration, and light technologies to deliver a full-body experience to help the user feel well rested in just 20 minutes.

Datawifi: DataWifi es la plataforma de alta capacidad para soluciones de Autenticación, Análisis y Marketing más usada en Colombia, nuestra tecnología utiliza las redes Wi-Fi para Atraer, retener y recompensar a sus consumidores. Tecnología especializada en Sostenibilidad & Monetización de redes WiFi.

ERPify: ERPify is cloud based work managment system. A complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for SMEs. From personal ToDos and simple tasks to complex projects ERPify helps delegate and coordinate, making sure the job is done properly and on time. You can also collect your payments online.

Sinergia Tech: Georeferenced information platform for managing variability fields through
layers of information based on the analysis of different indices (NDVI and NDWI) and satellite images. We provide real-time information for efficient use of resources and optimize crop production.

Alo Bodega: Aló Bodega is a B2B2C sales management tool in charge of connecting
clients with corner stores and corner stores with brands or distributors directly using mobile technology.   Aló Bodega also provides tools for distributors to understand market behavior and make better decisions based on real time data.

The Live Green Company: The Live Green Company is the most natural and honest consumer-products-brand ever… with Blockchain Tech transparency. Our products are so natural that you can eat them! Yet, they are 50% cheaper than other herbal/organic products and have 2-3yrs shelf-life… due to our proprietary plant-based nutrition-science and innovative manufacturing processes.

TiNC: TiNC is a web-based CMMS platform that offers clinical engineers a standardized work methodology and an automated KPI/Report engine, plus benchmarking information that can help key stakeholders make the right decisions about their medical equipment. With TiNC, you save time, money, human resources, and increase the productivity of your team.

UBICUO, El Inspector Digital: Ubicuo, the digital inspector, is a SaaS based on mobile and web platform that computarized the hole process of inspections for many induestries:
construction, producting or manufacturing and H&S mainly. It’s as simple as taking georeferenced photos and then process them to generate information for decision making.

BoxMed: BoxMed is an educational platform on mobile App for medical schools. BoxMed
simulates a medical visits to the doctor with a virtual patient, applying progressive clinical symptoms, examination and treatment, where profesor evaluate student’s results of simulations. BoxMed provides virtual mechanisms for information gathering, clinical reasoning and decisión making.

Triumf Gamification: mHealth platform that supports the goals of childhood chronic disease treatment. We combine game environment and validated psychological theories
for children to monitor and support mental well-being in a personalized manner through machine learning and offer a dashboard for doctors for better teamwork and integration.

Saint Startup: Saint Startup is the web application that guides startups from the idea to
the market, provides KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to the acceleration process and works as an action-based educational tool. Just login to to guide your project and visualize your effort with the help of a saint!

Buk: Buk is HR software for the entire company. It manages the payroll more effectively, provides powerful performance reports and offers the best talent management tools. Buk gives companies the tools and the time so Management and HR people work hand in hand working on operational and strategic challenges.

WhatElse: Hours are wasted per employee, every month in searching for information across various application during calls. WhatElse app provides relevant one page information about the caller, when you are getting a call, or on the call, helping you complete the call faster, thus saving hours of productivity month on month.

Smart Agroindustry: Team dedicated to developing IoT applications, accessible and low cost for variables that affect the productivity of agro-industrial processes and the quality and safety of their products, based on open hardware tools and free software supported by Internet communities.

Peergauge: Peergauge is a cloud-based people analytics platform which helps organizations to measure, analyse and improve employee engagement through short, automated feedback to increase employee happiness, delivering insights to build a better workplace.

Timberchain: Timberchain is an online trading platform powered by blockchain technology. Timberchain facilitates trade between plantation/forestry owners and saw mill’s, thereby reducing transport costs, reducing CO2 emissions, reducing document administration and proving the legal origin of timber.

KeyWork: Keywork allows teams to organize milestones, tasks and expenses in a breeze, and track their employees progress and performance in real-time. Everything stays synced in the cloud.

PopApp Resto: PopApp enhances customer service through technology at small and medium sized local restaurants from Latin America. It provides them with tools that helps them compete against big restaurant chains or franchises, so they have a better chance not only to survive but to thrive as a business.

SOFI.LA: It’s a money marketplace for microfinance services. In this digital platform, financial assets are traded in real time between investors and small and medium business in an agile, simple and fun way. People use purchasing recommendations among the network of users thus giving investors the confidence to make investment decisions.

The Greatest Me: At The Greatest Me we deliver to corporations, personalized health & wellness programs powered by a certified network of health coaches, using remote monitoring and analytics to reduce the risk for their employees to develop chronic diseases.

Monkey Jabber: Developing a kid, cellular-based, GPS walkie-talkie wearable that tracks kids, giving parents a peace of mind.

Atexto: Atexto is a Consumer to Business online platform that provide companies with transcriptions and voice utterances of customer call recordings to train their AI-based voice bots. Atexto allows to deploy voice bots 30% smarter 60% faster.

Rentu: Rentu is a property management software that allows lardlords to rent their properties easier. It allows to screen potential tenants by using predictive analytics and score-models giving them the opportunity to select the best tenant.

Rendy: At Rendy, we replace traditional product photography with digitally produced and infinitely manipulable visuals, to help furniture manufacturers broaden their market capabilities with the continual rise of online shopping and the advent augmented reality.

Enviopack: We provide a unified logistics platform for retailers that makes online selling simple, reduces costs and provides powerfull analytics to measure business performance. We achieve this by negotiating with courier companies and integrating with their platforms, providing a single point of entry for retailers.

BotBit: We help businesses build real relationships with their customers that have real impact. While the online world can provide an amazing volume of data about customer demographics and behavior, over 90% of all purchases still happen in brick-and-mortar businesses, who lose 50% of their new customers each day.

Urban Experiments: Urban Experiments, is the first urban victimization assessment software to help security manager in local, regional and national government to enhance the value for money of security investments. We perform an ex-ante and automated project impact assessment helping government to improve the effectiveness and monitor progress made by their investments.

Heimdall Technologies: Heimdall Technologies develops security systems based on the IoT, to prevent the theft of high-value species in the field. Through intercommunicated towers, our technology is able to detect intrusions, position them somewhere in the map and perform different actions to deter thieves.

EMERID SYSTEM: Emergency Identification System that provides the identification data of each user throughout a unique and personal wearable device that contains the most relevant information such as the medical history, contact data or current location, among others. Emerid system is not an accessory but is part of the clothing or object.

IntegerAI: In office environment we have observed many employees are performing mediocre and time consuming tasks on their desktops (Washington Post: 71% of employees are bored). Our product helps to remove the burden of these tasks and increase employee productivity by using Machine Learning algorithms to Seek, Learn and Automate tasks.

Object Information: O–I.IO is a platform for object information modeling throughout its life cycle. Starting at conceptualization and design, involving architects, designers and/or engineers with customers or other non technical stakeholders. During construction or manufacturing using the same model, ensuring information fidelity. Finishing in maintenance/operation where models are vinculated to sensors data.

2Transfair: 2Transfair is a global transactional network that connects local businesses with the rest of the world immediately. Imagine to send money abroad to their loved ones with a fair fee and real exchange rate or enjoy global services through a reliable local operator (The whole world locally).

Ventus: Cooling device that operates with electric energy, is directed to areas of high irrigation as the neck or joints as elbows (for athletes), and can be manufactured to meet different needs such as hot flashes or heat problems product of hypertension.

CityTech: Urban Insights is a smart public assistant that uses AI to capture data on the Internet of people expressing their opinions regarding urban issues. This data is transformed into insights that public managers can use to take better decisions and to understand citizens’ behavior, providing more participating urban governance. is a 100% online and automatized recruitment company. We developed an irreplicable job-related competences interview that allows the candidates to apply to multiple job offers with only one assessment. The companies can access the document with the assessment´s results prior to their first interview with the final candidates.

Pocket Health Lab: High-tech compact hardware devices combined with machine learning and cloud computing that improve the quality of life of diabetic patients, offering them a personalized solution that can optimize the patient’s treatment.

ShippingHost: ShippingHost is a trusted community marketplace for people to be able to shop from anywhere in the world. ShippingHost hosts help shoppers from all around the world to have a local address in every country and shop conveniently like there are no borders.

Chekku: Chekku is a strategic field force management solution for tracking and followup of tasks and field activities carried out by the employee of a company. It uses GPS geolocation, camera, and check-in system through mobile that can be validated by the supervisors and managers of the company.

IvY: Conscious Lighting: IvY is a Triple-Impact ecosystem for lighting in which our Smart Lights are driven by multiple sensors and Machine Learning providing autonomously the right kind of light at every moment of the day, improving substantially your health while reducing the consumption  up to 80%, with no Lights-witch involved.

Octopus Digital Distribution Spa: Octopus Digital Distribution SpA provides trading and settlement liquidity, granting institutional and personal counter-parties the ability to formally transact in the emerging digital asset market. Real-time fiduciary, legal and compliance connected services guarantees users of all capital levels assertiveness and assurance in all transactions.

DICO: DICO is a personalized Korean learning service for Spanish Korean culture fans. We use K-pop and K-drama as a teaching material to arouse learners’ interest. We provide an original pedagogy optimized for learning practical expressions and words which are commonly used in daily life.

INCENTIVE: Plataforma de gestión de inversiones en Mkt y Ventas,  extrae información
actualizada desde la BBDD de los distribuidores y los visualiza a los productores. Busca agilidad de información, permitiendo aumentar la participación de los vendedores eliminando en un 100% los concursos mal direccionados que no impactan en ventas.

R-MAS: Web based platform that uses game mechanics in order to incentivize community engagment in crime prevention. Citizens solve tasks, compete in entertaining missions and are being rewarded for performing crime preventing actions. We make the world a safer place.

Kiddy 3d: Kiddy3D it’s a lowcost 3dprinter technology with focus in educative process, wish provide access to digital manufactures to children between 5 and 8 years trough the intuitive interface and designed to be used with common input materials like school glue, paper or plasticine avoid risks of injuries for high temperatures.

WiseKap: Wisekap select properties for lease in cities of high real estate activity, which are able to start generating a constant income for our investors in less than 30 days and that, in addition, increase their value by an average of 6% per year.

Cocinalo: Cocínalo offers 10 recipes every week, including 3 vegetarians, where the client can choose the ones he wants and the quantity of servings. Then, in just 1 business day we prepare the ingredients, we pack them and ship the box free of charge with respective detailed recipes step by step. A SaaS that allows automating debt collection processes with machine learning for companies and independent professionals, reducing costs and simplifying the process easily and effectively, all through the internet.

Caos Tattoo: Existimos para que cada persona sea libre, única y pueda expresar sus ideas y sueños.  Desarrollamos un marketplace muy bien diseñado y orientado a la conversión. En el que se reúnen clientes con artistas del tatuaje profesionales y certificados.

TuPase: TuPase is a movie ticket subscription that allows you to enjoy the movies that you like, whenever and wherever you want, without any restriction. We want that everybody can go as much as they like to cinema and watch all the films they want.

SAMMU: SAMMU is a SaaS (Software as a service) that manages the shop floor control in production plants in real time through mobile devices. At the plant, each employee collects and visualizes all the production information, allowing staff to work as a team to optimize processes.

Anaka Agritech: we are breaking traditional stereotypes for increasing agricultural productivity by bringing tech & mechanization for the farming community on a Pay-for-Use basis. This approach greatly deepens the impact on farm viability. We are harnessing the power of information technology and mobile services etc. to integrate and strengthen the value proposition.

Grillo Chile SpA: Grillo has deployed its own infrastructure of seismic sensors. The sensors, also developed by Grillo, are sensitive and reliable. The sensors send real-time data using IoT, and are processed in the cloud using proprietary algorithms. This allows Grillo to send fast, accurate, geo-located alerts to vulnerable populations before earthquake arrives.

Compara Software: Free online software directory that advice and help users to find the right software for their needs. Software vendors listed on our site receive daily targeted web traffic and sales opportunities.Compara software help to link the right user with the right software.

Press & Say: Press & Say is an affordable, customizable and patient-oriented communication system for people with speech disabilities. Designed by language specialist for children and adults, the system adapts easily and quickly to the needs of each patient. Includes live support from language specialists.

Gleengo: Gleengo is a unique technology which connects children with their favorite toys, through a tiny device and an application based on text-to-voice. It allows the parents to chat with their children and choose from thousands of educational stories, written by psychologists to improve creativity, imagination and even daily routine activities.

imagiCase: imagiCase allows tangible and expressive coding, built by girls for girls. Our platform pairs with the imagiCase devices, our first product is a phone case with embedded LED matrix that can be programmed to display any text or pattern. This way users learn to code through customising their accessory.

Escena Marketplace: Escena Marketplace it’s an online platform that connects theatres and artists around the world. Offers productions already premiered to be commercialized; loose elements of productions to commercialized; available venue spaces to hire and provides artists profiles. Giving easy access to quality and updated information on classical repertoire, services and artists.

La Ducklife: La Ducklife allows e-commerce retailers to provide their custumerts with a 3D photo-realistic view of their products through Web/AR/VR. That may be possible thanks to a 3D scanning technique of objects for all the angles called photogrammetry. This service improves ROI and engagement.

Qactus: 3D printing is the future of manufacturing. As it growths, so does the plastic waste it produces. Our service lets every Digital Modeling & Fabrication Center (FabLab), company and university recycle their 3D prints, knowing that it will be transformed into new 3D filaments ready for them to reuse.

Cuantix: Cuantix is a cloud-based platform that allows organizations to measure social impact in an effective, simple and affordable way. Through different algorithms, it recommends the most relevant impact indicators for your project, surveys your beneficiaries and makes professional reports so you can communicate and benchmark your social impact.

Sign’n: Mobile app that improves communication between Deaf/Hard of Hearing who use Sign Language and Hearing People who don’t know how to Sign.  It works using a cartoon character that translate the spoken or written message into Mexican Sign Language in a natural and enjoyable way.

Invitta Sustainable Furniture: Transform plastic waste into a high-performance construction material for manufacturing sustainable urban furniture for space implementation adapted to the social environment by involving the community in the process, reconecting them with their common spaces and fomenting the recycle process. This same furniture with identity is available for the private market.

Nocofio: Nocofio helps promising, hardworking smallholder businesses that have no means of raising capital to grow their businesses.  We use the power of many (micro-lending) to help these businesses raise funds after they go through screening and a credit scoring system. We leverage on local popular peer-to-peer payment systems.

Urbaner: Urbaner is a solution that connects a logistic network of trained couriers with business/people to do fast, on-demand delivery within the city. We empower local commerce and to generate distributed employment in the city, by reducing cost, time and carbon footprint of shipping goods in the city.

MicroMundo: MicroMundo es una plataforma de microscopía distribuida que utiliza herramientas interactivas acompañadas de microscopios de bajo costo, permitiendo explorar la naturaleza de forma creativa y versátil. Proveemos herramientas multimedia para brindar mayor capacidad de indagación. Nuestro producto es la primera aplicación de microscopía virtual como herramienta educativa de amplia cobertura.

Fashion Kanvas: Fashion Kanvas a social networking platform for fashion creatives. We plan to revolutionize the fashion sector across the globe! Providing a platform that helps and engages fashion enthusiast to build upon their limited network.