Los resultados han llegado… bienvenida generación Seed G19


Luego de varios meses de postulación, revisión y deliberación, las nuevas startups que formarán parte de la Generación 19 de Start-Up Chile ya han sido elegidas.

En su decimonovena generación del Programa Seed, la aceleradora financiará 91 nuevas startups tanto chilenas como extranjeras, que enfocan su negocio principalmente en productos o servicios para empresas.

Cada uno de los emprendimientos, que arribarán a Chile en febrero de 2018, recibirá un financiamiento de 20 millones de pesos chilenos (alrededor de USD $ 30,000), así como un intenso programa semanal para acelerar sus proyectos. Este plan incluye cursos, mentores y entrenamientos de pitch, entre otras actividades. Además, los extranjeros recibirán una visa de trabajo válida por un año.

“Chile es un centro de innovación tecnológica y una de las comunidades de startups más grandes y diversas del mundo. Queremos que estos emprendedores de alto potencial de la G19 aceleren sus startups y usen a Chile como base “, explica Rocío Fonseca, directora ejecutiva de Start-Up Chile.



Felicidades a la nueva generación Seed G19



9ineSports Network: The Ultimate Sports Network

AGRAPP: Agrapp is a field tool that helps small and medium farmers to manage their business. It is a “easy-use” virtual platform focused on simplifying the administrative and agricultural activities.

AnnMaria De Mars: 7 Generation Games develops educational video games that teach math, integrating social studies and language arts – in English and Spanish. Combining advanced game design, artificial intelligence and educational research, our games produce results. Kids who played our games improved 300% over the control group in 10 weeks.

Appttitude: Platform that consolidates in a common language, sport information needed by athletes around the world. Saving people time and helping to have a healthy lifestyle, creating a service e-commerce platform, integrated in one place: event information, inscriptions, stats and advertising.

Axend: We centralize all investment products on the market fintech in one place, it’s faster and easier to invest and it keeps our investors up to date about their performance. With Axend, users have achieved an average annual yield rate of 21.9%, outperforming all investment products available to the public.

AzaadHealth: AzaadHealth is the first global patient-owned health data exchange network which will fetch and aggregate your health information from different hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and even wearable fitness devices. This will create a complete health profile which you can easily share with doctors and family members.

BackBroker: Maritime brokerage houses are antiquated – brokers spend up to 70% of their time on inefficient calls, emails and paperwork. BrokerBack allows them to focus on high-value, competitor-differentiating activities by providing streamlined workflow solutions; ultimately providing increased service levels for their customers.

Booklick: A digital platform and mobile app academic e-book streaming service. Users pay 7 dollars a month in exchange of an unlimited access to each and every text in the platform, where they can also take notes, highlight, and carry their personalized libraries without cell phone data usage.

BOTANICAH: We use cutting-edge technology to develop nutrient dense snacks paired with Ayurvedic herbs that offer a holistic approach to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

BotCenter: BotCenter is a multichannel chatbot online construction tool. With BotCenter, everybody will be able to develop their own chatbots for Facebook, Twitter, Chats, Telegram, etc. All from one place, with native and transparent integration to the most used communication channels, in an easy, quick and economical way.

CargoBrain a End 2 End Group Company: CargoBrain is a platform created by End 2 End Group, which provides a Big Data-driven platform where the logistics ecosystem meets for better supply chain visibility, security & control. It will help reduce cost and minimize the risk using our Web and Mobile app.

CleanCloud: CleanCloud provides a wide range of billing and metrics information to better understand the costs and usage of your cloud, a unique 2D vision of your architecture to easily find optimization opportunities and securities issues, and 50+ daily insights with parameterized recommendations to improve security, performance and reduce costs.

Clickbox: Clickbox is a new sales channel for any wholesaler, synchronizing its complete inventory without technical integration, to sell hundreds of products in marketplaces like Mercadolibre using their API. We don’t need to keep our own warehouse. Our advantage is smart price management and high level of customer service.

CLIMATENZA: aims to promote technological development and construction, operation and maintenance of concentrated power plants. We bring new technologies in order to offer viable, economically competitive and ecological alternatives to traditional power. Northern Chile has the highest solar incidence in the world, our technology will boost Energy requirements in Chilean market.

Clinic Hub: HUBBY accompanies you during your pregnancy. It monitors the cardiac state of foetus and mother, just like common Hospitals exams, but it connects to an APP in real time, enabling a platform that uses classifiers with Machine Learning algorithms, detecting anomalies related to foetal suffering. No more unawareness during pregnancy!

CloQ: CloQ provides cheaper and easy to reach online formal credit to the poor and the unbanked while educating them to make better financial decisions. Everything in one app!

Code Nation: Stamp of approval platform to recommend high qualified software engineers to Startups. In our Platform, high qualified engineers refer great professionals looking for the next job opportunity and Startups can amplify their search field and get solid software engineers refers from outside their circle of contacts.

Copper3D Antibacterial Innovations: Development of a new kind of filaments for the 3d printing industry, with copper nanoparticles and antibacterial properties (eliminates fungus, virus and bacteria), ideal for the use in medical, rehabilitation  and prosthetics/orthotics industries, as well as other industries that would be interested in manufacturing antibacterial objects.

Cuencas Chile            : Cuencas Chile has developed an online platform called ‘Water Resource Planning’ (WRP), which integrates every aspect related to water management at the basin level, improving efficiency in information management, reducing response times and increasing water availability with a low price solution.

Customily (by Sur 3D)           : Customily bridges the gap between client’s ideas and brand’s personalization methods to streamline mass-customization. It integrates into e-commerces allowing customers to design and preview their own personalized products. It then uses their personalization to automatically generate files for production with any digital manufacturing method removing the need for manual intervention.

Data Shift: Our solution is a web application which automates maintenance of machine learning models. Similarly to a dashboard in a car, which alerts you when your car has a problem, our app constantly monitors the models and alerts the data scientist when the models require their attention.

Debmedia: Debmedia is a company that develops an end-to-end Customer Experience Management platform to improve the relationship between a company and their customers and to optimize the key metrics of the business. Debmedia’s platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn customers’ insights into actions that improve companies’ key metrics.

Digital fluid: Is a digital flow water measurement system that gives the user the option to administrate the consumption of the water,  it shows the storage and measurement in an electronic way. Using this system with the control of heat boiler, we can reduce the consumption of gas 20% al least.

Dingole LTD: Dingole is an award winning “small axe” digital studio that leverages the potential of augmented and virtual reality to craft compelling interactive experiences and engaging brand identities. We use immersive technologies to tell stories!

Easywater: We develop technological solutions for irrigation management in agriculture, allowing the management of water resources, in order to reduce costs associated with irrigation and increase production through proper management of the resource through a powerful WEB platform (ewCloud).

Eatout: Eatout leverages technology and community to connect, curate and produce uniquely personalized dining experiences for its audience of consumers who love food and socializing in new fun ways.

Elemétrica: Elemétrica is a SAAS solution that integrates to SMB’s point of sales enabling owners to identify problems and opportunities in real time through a web and mobile app, helping clients make insightful data driven decisions so they can grow their businesses.

Emojics: Emojics is a revolutionary tool that helps all kinds of websites and apps to collect feedback and leads, analyzing the sentiment reaction of users. Thanks to our technology customers can improve their product and service, collect new leads and increase the revenue.

eMonitech: Big companies spend millions each year on personnel to avoid faults in their electricity network. We developed an algorithm that automates human supervision by artificial intelligence, reducing the costs by 20%. We earn 40% of the utility.

ET Endurance Tool: We offer a wide range of software and training solutions, specifically designed for coaches and athletes of all levels of endurance sports (triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, etc.).

ExperienceBeacon.io: Teams no longer have to spend hours analyzing user interview audio or transcripts. Beacon replaces traditional user-research reports with an interactive library of first-hand user research; helping product managers and founders do user interviews faster and continue to reuse captured insights long after the lifetime of reports.

FazGame: FazGame is a simple to use tool where teachers and students can create, publish and play storytelling games without coding. When performing FazGame projects, students develop 21th century skills: planning, collaboration, persistence, creativity, logical reasoning and problem solving skills –that are tracked and measured by FazGame, generating analytics reports.

Feria Ganadera: Launch strategy starts with a B2B model, to eventually migrate to a B2C. Our short term goal is to consolidate our app in Argentina and expand into Latam.  We have an experienced team with a 28 years in the livestock business and 18 years’ experience in software implementation.

Fitco: Fitco software and point of sale allows gym business increase their sales and client retention by client tools, automation, KPI´s and reports. As a fitness user you can book online your favorite fitness classes, see your profile and fitness info such as your physical progress, assistance and more!

Flipmotion: Flipmotion, Inc is focused on developing world class motion detection devices for action sports starting with skateboards.
RideBlock  is an activity tracker to monitor the tricks and activities on a skateboard/longboard. Our hardware device fits to the truck of the skateboard and connected to smartphone via Bluetooth.

Foodture: Foodture uses science and plants to develop tasty and healthy high protein food, creating a sustainable future.

Fullonwedding: Fullonwedding is a curated marketplace that uses Artificial Intelligence tomatch couples with the wedding vendors. We partner with qualified vendors and handpick them only if they fulfill our selection criteria and once user books through us, we ensure a seamless execution of the wedding services making wedding planning convenient.

GoPool | Retail purchases wholesale prices: Cooperative buying-selling marketplace that automatically groups buyers and sellers with the same needs and location and make a price competition auction. This crowdpurchasing-crowdselling-crowdstocking marketplace allows
users to pool their products, services and financial needs and supplies. Its core consists in a futures contracts and debt bonds financial marketplace.

HUELLAS CON IMPACTO: Huellas is an information platform for expecting families and with children up to 5 years. We connect families with trustworthy and timely information about health issues and product choices during pregnancy and parenthood. Our vision is to become the digital hub of choice for Hispanic families.

Instoried: We believe that each one of us has a story to share but most people don’t know how to craft and narrate their stories. So, we at Instoried are building a smart tool that would train you to become an author and also translate your ideas into stories.

IPHawk: IPHawk provides an affordable first line of defense for enterprises to protect Intellectual Property (IP). Using Artificial Intelligence, we identify and classify infringement events online, and even provide autonomous legal response options to the IP infringement, to protect your trademarks, brands, content, and reputation.

isnotTV: A Content and Engagement SaaS for Newspapers helping them create and monetise a comprehensive entertainment section. Validated in Europe, we are already live in some of the most reputed newspapers in Germany including Spiegel, t-online or HuffingtonPost.

Julieta Cayre: Allowing strict traceability control, lower operating costs per kilogram of meat produced and accurate information useful for making commercial and productive decisions.

TuRodeo increases the profitability of livestock producers between 15% to 25% though implementing hardware and software on livestock production.

Kairos: A solution to unproductive meetings. The tool helps organizations by recording valuable information and understandings achieved in meetings to facilitate the process of decision making. Since it was developed as a SaaS it has the potential to help teams and executives worldwide to get results and increase their productivity.

KARZEN: At KARZEN, we’re building a system of record that will serve as the backbone of the aftermarket automotive service, maintenance and repair ecosystem. We’re providing actionable insights and decisions to automotive owners and professionals services facilities that transform and bring this industry to the 21st century.

Kénos: We are a company dedicated to developing and selling cosmetic products based on the Patagonian identity. The use of biotechnological techniques on natural resources of the Chilean Patagonia has allowed us obtaining new active compounds, which we have used to design cosmetic products with unique and novel properties.

Kokomo: Kokomo gives the opportunity to other entrepreneurs to have their own subscription box business. Our platform is integrated with Transbank and Chilexpress, so we take care of the payment and logistics. The company or entrepreneur should only worry of having available the product(s) the customer wants to receive every month.

Kura Minerals: Kura Minerals has streamlined a business model and developed an online marketplace for the commercialization of mineral assets in Latin America. Our cloud-based Mineral Portfolio App, provides access to essential data and in-depth review for each available project that includes: Advanced search options and filters; multi-layer GIS Maps; Online Brochure.

LaVaquinha: LaVaquinha is the fastest easiest, fairest way to collect money and split costs among friends. Users can use our technology in one of our products or on third party products.

Madison: Online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help SMEs make informed decisions. Through the use of the latest machine learning and data mining techniques, Madison leverages a client’s data to democratize insight.

Mapoteca: Mapoteca is a Startup aims to provide business intelligence for energy, mining, retail and commodity industries, analysing satellite images through advanced spatial data science techniques.

Marqt.cl: Marqt.cl is an innovative way to reduce retail companies profit losses due to their excess inventory low rotation while boosting buyers profit with low-cost products.

MioExo: MioExo develops orthopedic technology to help rehabilitation processes, democratizing access to this type of technology with affordable models, using biosignals and ergonomic design.

ModulusTech: ModulusTech is revolutionizing low-cost housing for displaced people through its innovative flat-packed design that can be assembled in as little as 3 hours using simple hand tools. The structures are relocatable with integrated utilities that provide proper living standards and energy efficiency. Helping build communities faster and safer.

NaHora.com: NaHora.com offers a booking system that goes from price-negotiation to ticket purchase and bookings control. Once they sign up, we help them to negotiate with airlines for better prices. For every search, the system compares prices at up to 7 different sources and simplifies the booking flow.

Neahtid: Neahtid offers wireless charger solutions to businesses seeking to provide their customers and guests with easy, quick and efficient charging solutions for mobile devices.

NewsReport: NewsReport is a tool for Journalists and anyone who needs to find news from specific countries and specific newspapers, organizing and creating News Reports. So far, indexing more than 60 digital newspapers in Latin America.

Observe Technologies: In a multi billion dollar industry where feeding accounts for 50% of a farm’s costs, the current feeding process is manual and slow, hindering farmers’ ability to expand and meet global demand. We use state-of-the-art AI on existing data streams in offshore fish farms to optimise the whole process.

Onlineresume.us: At onlineresume.us job hunters can create several resume variations to customize them to each position and company they are applying to. Our site turns regular resumes into the best resumes they’ve had, and then WorldClass Active HR experts give them feedback and advise on how can they improve their applications.

Pagonube: Pagonube is an online Debt collection platform powered by AI. We help our customers to increase the recovery rate and provide more transparency in how debt collection is made. Pagonube has integrations with accounting software, which allows users to set up  just with a few clicks.

PaseaPerros.com: PaseaPerros.com connects dog owners with dog walkers, dog sitters and canine service providers in general, who are verified and approved by the platform. It’s a safe, convenient and inexpensive way to make sure that your best friend is having a great time while you are at work or travelling.

PassForSales: PassForSales is your On-demand Remote Business-to-Business Sales Team. With P4S you have an instant access to a selected team of sales professionals on-ground ready to set campaigns, qualified leads, automate your funnel, meet the customer and get results for you company.

Paym.es: Paym.es is a secure payment chatbot that helps users sell or purchase items by asking them a series of questions like chatting with a friend on Messenger, Whatsapp or any social media tool.

PNX Labs UG: PNX Labs  UG is a German Technology company specialized in the development of VR-Labs for Universities. We have created a technology to create full educational VR-Labs  which improve the education quality of science and engineering programs by teaching students real-world applications, plus reduces laboratory cost to universities.

PortableJournalism: PortableJournalism is a platform that filters, selects and connects freelancers of texts, videos and photographs in Spanish language with media of Iberoamerica and the United States. A market with more than 600 million media consumers,where newsrooms are shrinking in size and staff, and the number of freelancers continues to grow.

PregBuddy Technologies Private Limited: PregBuddy provides doctors a smarter way to deliver antenatal care by remotely track their patient’s progress, intervene early, take necessary actions to improve clinical outcomes, provide healthy and stress-free pregnancy to their expecting patients.  Our curated B2C communities allows P2P reassurance and provide leads for hospitals and brands.

Processim Labs: We are the first company to develop process simulations that are designed specifically for mobile devices to be used as teaching tools. Our goal is to enhance the student’s learning experience by making our simulations as convenient and easy to use as possible.

Prolinguo: Educational-therapeutical platform to improves communication & learning that prevents and improves the problems in communication and learning through exercising with games and activities controlled with facial movements that strengthen the oral musculature and progressively improve speech and language of children of school age and preschool.

Recomiendo: Recomiendo is a socially engaged customer management platform for restaurants, which helps restaurant owners to solve the constant problem of needing more customers, happier customers and more revenue. Our socially driven software helps to manage, measure and improve their engagement with their customers so they can grow their business.

RESTAURANT.PE: Restaurant.pe is a SaaS, cloud-based restaurant management and point of sale system that offers all the tools you need to manage business operational processes in a simple and intuitive interface. All the same, decision making will improve with report-generated supporting information available online.

Revoilution: REVOILUTION combine cutting-edge technology and naturalness to produce fresh EVOO. REVOILUTION provides a countertop appliance, EVA the Fresh EVOO Machine. A completely automatic: in 20 minutes EVA produces EVOO.

SecSignal / Quantum: Quantum is a continuous scanning service that keeps a company informed about general security status from an attacker’s perspective, integrating the results with ticket systems and alert messages. In addition the application informs the company’s chances of being the victim of a cyber attack.

Silabuz.com: Silabuz.com is a startup that develops educational programs focused in programming and creation of technology for high schoolers.  We develop courses in conjunction with specialized professionals in their fields, in order to develop computational thinking and the digital abilities of our students.

Singular Banking: Singular makes digital banking a reality. We give banks a turnkey solution to bring the banking experience of the future to their customers.

SocialGest: SocialGest is an online platform to schedule and publish automatically on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn without mobile push notifications, which helps to optimize social media strategies. Includes tools to analyze metrics, monitor interactions, collaborate with other community managers, offers live chat support 7 days a week and more.

Sosmart Labs: Soymomo its a phone-watch-GPS specially designed for kids aimed to keep parents and children connected no matter where they are changing the way they communicate . Soymomo has specially thought features for kids as Phone calls, GPS, Safe zones, SOS button, alarms and more. Find full description in www.soymomo.com

SpotPlay: SpotPlay is an innovative technology solution to serve contents in situations where Internet access is non-existent or expensive. SpotPlay box creates local wifi hotspot and allows users to stream movies and other entertainment that is preloaded on the box. SpotPlay WiFi CDN technology and architecture is Patent pending in US.

Suplo: Predictive service for medium and big vendors. It feeds from information given by retailers such as stock, sales, product type and margin profit and public data like weather forecast, holidays, retail calendar. The strategic outcome is forecast the sales and suggest the optimum replenishment to every store.

TalkTravel App: TalkTravel is a voice chatting internet application that connects travellers (information seekers) with destination experts (information providers) who then answer seeker’s questions over a one-to-one VOIP call. Our matching algorithm detects profiles based on personal interests, previous experiences, language and location knowledge to direct calls to
the most appropriate person.

The Handoff Company: Almost 80% of medical errors involve clinician miscommunication, especially during handoff. Medical errors compromise patient safety and hospitals lose millions of dollars. We target medical errors due to handoff failures at nurse shift change. We will succeed because bedside nurses have developed our solution and optimized it for handoff workflow.

Thermo.AI: Power plants run at 33% efficiency, by integrating the latest in machine-learning technology and IoT sensors, we can optimize combustion to near perfect, saving millions in fuel, generating more energy, and reducing emissions. This applies to not only power plants, but also factories that need heat as part of production.

TransaTuAuto : Payment platform to buy and sell vehicles between individuals using credit and debit cards, taking advantage of the following benefits: payment in installments, preferential rates, accumulation of points, among others. In addition, with TransaTuAuto you must not transfer cash between strangers, avoiding potential fraud in the transaction.

Tuta-Me: Tuta-Me is a platform that connects students and tutors with each other, facilitates payments and manages schedules easily. Students can choose the tutor best suited to their needs and price range. Tutors have full control of their schedules and pricing. Tuta-Me puts education in your pocket.

U-ZAVE: Loyalty platform with a wide and different kinds of associated stores. Every time a user purchase in them is rewarded by the store with a percentage of that purchase through a direct deposit to a personal mutual fund, managed by Principal Financial Group. Accumulated fund is of users own property.

Visadb.io: Find visa in 3-clicks based on your citizenship and get human help to ease up the complicated process of visa & immigration around the world. Visadb brings design to the government information related to visa & immigration along with country-to-country comparison of crucial socioeconomic data.

Webi: We are a team of computer experts who develop systems with the most recent programming languages ​​to achieve the best results in our products. We love what we do and we seek excellence in our developments to create simple but revolutionary systems, highly scalable and with the best performance for our clients.

Weereel: Weereel is a platform designed to work with the best video professionals, in an easy and simple way, no matter where they are. Our goal is to break the frontiers of the audiovisual market, and impulse the creation of great videos.

Wisebot: Wisebot is a smart email assistant that lives inside your email client (like gmail, outlook etc.) and exponentially improves your productivity. Wisebot automatically follows up with your prospects, runs your email campaigns, helps you personalize your emails at scale, enrich leads, collate reports and much more.

WOOCAR: WOOCAR is a AI cloud data analytics platform to improve vehicle driving behavior. Our goal is to reduce road accidents and improve fuel consumption efficiency for insurance, logistics and smart cities. WOOCAR cloud database keeps a record of the evolution in driving habits, performance, patterns, routes and fleet statistics.

World IP Centre: World IP Center is a global one-stop intellectual property protection platform. We  aim to help multinational corporations to enter overseas markets with better protection of IP rights, lower down the costs and reduce information asymmetry in IP service market by integrating the world’s IP resources on the internet.

zomoz: Zomoz is a community-driven platform that connects people through their skills, hobbies and experiences, to create a new market of unique activities for locals and travelers. Zomoz encourages people to share their passions and live new experiences.