Corfo selects 90 startups for their new generation of Start-Up Chile


  • With a budget of 2.500 millions of chilean pesos, the public accelerator announced the winners of its programs Build, Ignite and Growth, which support startups in different stages of scaling. 59% of the entrepreneurs are chilean.

Santiago, July 2021.- Corfo selected today 90 new ventures for Start-Up Chile’s Build, Ignite and Growth programs, which provide support to the different stages of scaling. This is the second generation of the three instruments and will begin its process on August 17.

Although these programs support both national and international companies, 59% of those selected are Chilean and 63% identify Chile as their headquarters.

“Start-Up Chile has been a trigger for technological entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile, and has put our country on the map of international entrepreneurs and investment funds. Today, with more than 2,000 startups supported in total, we will continue working and adding investors and entrepreneurs so that many more ideas and businesses are born from Chile to the world”, said Corfo’s executive vice-president, Pablo Terrazas.

The Build program, which seeks to support the pre-acceleration of businesses in an early stage, selected 40 startups that will get a subsidy of 10 million pesos. Ignite will support 32 enterprises that have an MVP and at least three years of development, and will receive 25 million pesos. As for Growth, selected 18 technology-based companies that are in the process of scaling up to new markets and will obtain a subsidy of 75 million pesos.

Aligned with the gender strategy launched by Corfo last year, 40% of the startups selected in this new generation are led by women. Among the prominent industries Financial Services (17%); Health & Biotechnology (16%); and Sales (16%) stand out. The 90 winning companies will be able to obtain the following benefits: access to corporate, mentor, investor and international networks for the optimal development of their businesses, as well as softlanding in the country, in addition to the equity-free fund.


Profejobs: First portal that accompanies teachers in their teaching career development, through a 360º solution that allows them to find their next job; train continuously; and generate additional income.

Simplideco: SaaS platform focused on furniture and decoration ecommerce. Customers will be able to see your store’s products in their homes instantly, plus it provides a tool for in-store salespeople.

Digital Commerce: Startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to give dynamic prices depending on customer behavior and demand.

Bhauss: Uses Artificial Intelligence to discover the needs and taste of people to find design solutions that really improve their quality of life, through a participatory process with LATAM architects.

Rellow Inc: They design state-of-the-art high-energy healthy superfoods, use high-tech neural networks and an artificial intelligence engine to generate healthy alternatives.

Coherence Bio: Produces a cartridge-based automation platform that enables true sample entry through exit, for on-site sample preparation and diagnostic applications, eliminating the need for expensive lab equipment or trained operators.

XpertFlow: Is a high-tech startup whose goal is to reduce mortality from infections (HAIs) that eventually lead to sepsis, therefore it reduces the length of stay and the cost in hospitals, improving the patient experience and operational efficiency.

GLIBER: Is a technological solution that helps independent workers in relation to occupational safety, health protection and the formalization of their income.

Rit: Is a startup that allows food establishments to make all aspects of their business profitable in an integral way, through the app they will be able to sell their surpluses at a lower price and offer discounts at off-peak hours to attract customers.

Sitio de Tiendas: Marketplace for the purchase and sale of digital businesses. It shows you a quote based on algorithms that calculate the value of the business depending on its type, be it E-commerce, App, YouTube Channel, Web Content or Influencer.

Witby: Helps discover all your insurance policies, and thus find duplicated insurance, overlapping coverage, or unnecessary exposures. Clients will be able to plan their insurance with a service that makes them profitable at all times.

Perk: They offer the option of buying insurance with a good price and coverage, grouping users according to their characteristics, thus mitigating the risk for insurance companies.

NeoSensing: It is a biotechnology startup focused on an easy-to-use, highly sensitive, on-site and rapid biosensor kit to detect Salmonella sp in less than 15 minutes. This solution targets the poultry and turkey industry, avoiding economic losses in exports and production.

Philippo: It’s a real estate technology company with a mission to change home ownership. The app gives homeowners money, time, and flexibility to move to the next stage in their life.

BLOOZ: Technological solution that supports the operation of own fleet deliveries (SaaS) and offers companies alternative collaborative fleet to meet seasonal demands in less than 24 hours.

ePerk: Gives employees of a company benefits such as Netflix or Duolingo, through a virtual prepaid card. Companies improve culture in a very simple and transparent way.

TRATAMIENTO DE DESECHOS DE CRUSTÁCEOS EN PUERTO WILLIAMS: Research and development company for new products focused on the reuse of fishing waste to obtain new raw materials for different industries such as food, agriculture, fertilizers and forestry.

CityLink: Through IoT, they optimize the use of water and fertilizers in agribusiness, reducing costs and pollution levels. Virtual community and marketplace of educational resources for Spanish-speaking teachers where they can share experiences and educational resources, as well as give and receive feedback, and earn money.

Conergie: Allows companies to buy power instantly, directly from power generation companies, replacing the costly and lengthy tenders that are the norm in today’s market. As a buyer, all you have to do is fill in your details, get a quote, and choose a power plan.

Smatter: Promotes circular economy practices in the agricultural industry through innovation. They aim to improve efficiency, productivity and impact with agricultural production solutions made from versatile, biodegradable and sustainable materials.

Treid: Buy and sell shares without commissions from your mobile application in a few clicks. Sell ​​your shares and receive the money in your bank account the same day and for the exact amount.

TribuMaker: It is an online education platform focused on the humanization of education.

Retina: It is an artificial intelligence solution based on an algorithm capable of recognizing harmful microalgae in samples captured automatically by a robotic team deployed in the field without human intervention.

Nife Labs: It is a platform for the deployment and orchestration of business applications that transforms the user experience on the Internet. With access to infrastructure in the closest locations to users, they move applications to a better Internet experience location.

Clinic Match: Compare prices and locations of health exams, allows you to schedule and pay online.

Playroom: Seeks to help the community of e-sport players to generate an additional income. They have a tournament platform that connects organizers, brands, players, and streamers in one place.

Sweeeet: They send small redeemable gifts through instant messaging, it allows you to surprise your loved ones, combining digital with a real experience, instantly.

E-Analytics: It is a web application that facilitates the automated generation of high-level and low-cost content, for various actors of the E-Sports ecosystem, through Machine Learning techniques, to better captivate the audience.

Diagnóstico de equipos de rotación: It is a diagnosis and monitoring system developed for mining shovels by analyzing vibrations in constant and variable speed conditions, in real time and from any device.

Keracycle: It is a project that values ​​the residual feathers of the poultry industry, extracting the keratin present in them to generate bioplastic. Keratin gives the material properties such as resistance, stability and lightness.

TiendaDa: They help traditional micro-entrepreneurs start selling online with our cloud-based digital platform, creating their own web store in less than 5 minutes. Our solution integrates logistics, payments, billing, marketing and much more.

INSUREPRO: It is a type of car insurance system that telematically monitors driving behaviors and works with telecommunications devices in vehicles and mobile applications.

Salesco: An app that connects companies with the best sellers. Businesses list products and services to sell, sellers choose what to sell, and both have access to a pipeline and specialized metrics.

Wempo: Transforms the teaching and learning experience of teachers by providing them with a new disruptive educational approach, as well as training in digital and soft skills.

Mi Examen SpA: It is a global online search and quote platform for medical exams. Its mission is “to be the first independent source of information to find the highest quality exam at the best price.”

Zumma: Democratizes investment and creating wealth in Spanish-speaking Latin America through a digital app that simplifies saving and investing, also creates a community of trust and provides financial education to members

Sindicalizapp: is an all-in-one platform to manage partners, 360° communications, memberships, projects and payments, among others. Software to grow your community, to manage and communicate with its members in an optimal way.

Marca Arte: WebApp for the dissemination and commercialization of Chilean and Latin American art through the creation and sale of NFTs in a blockchain ecosystem.

Proyecto RAN: Recycling auction Marketplace where you will also find help from consultants and make donations.


Done Properly: Collaborate with the world’s largest CPGs, fighting food-related illnesses, using innovative technologies to create new and healthier food ingredients.

Instacash: Credit technology based on a loan market that uses pre authorized lines of credit cards as collateral. By minimizing risk and ensuring profitability, this system solves the lack of trust in loans between individuals and financial institutions.

Aula Digital: An online math exercise software that uses artificial intelligence to generate adaptive learning. Thus students learn at their own pace and teachers can save time developing material.

BRAVO HEROES: They reinvent Chile’s distribution to the world: we shorten the chain leveraged on technology. They democratize market access by creating a disruptive distribution network. They generate opportunities, redistributing profits equitably.

Koobai: It is a new model that allows mass consumer companies to know, attract and generate loyalty to their consumers. It is materialized in a mobile app where brands give money to consumers for buying their products and staying loyal to it.

OWO: It is a single multimodal delivery system. It allows you to deliver the products on the same day, based on its collaborative distribution system that is 100% sustainable with the environmental, social and urban areas.

CUÉNTAME: Provides appropriate mental health care for Spanish-speaking companies and their employees. Through a comprehensive personalized platform, based on evidence and accessible to all; while organizations make strategic decisions with data.

MAP TAG: is an intelligent logistics assistance software for PYMEs that helps companies optimize and streamline their delivery routes to reduce last-mile logistics costs. We provide a SAAS solution to control, optimize and monitor your routes.

B-CYCLE: Based on the circular economy and eco-design, B-Cycle presents a disruptive solution for secondary beer packaging, which consists of a biodegradable and compostable material made from barley pomace from the brewing industry.

Vidlogs: AI-powered collaboration and video conferencing platform for remote teams, helping to remember and participate in conversations asynchronously after meetings, with searchable transcripts, NLP-driven highlights, and action points.

Wannalisn: Educational entertainment app designed to gain confidence in languages ​​with gamified exercises based on short clips from movies, TV shows and pop culture.

Peelon: It is the first 100% vegetable packaging that is applied to food products using food residues and microproteins, so that moisture is preserved, freshness and flavor are intact, and increased shelf life.

Liber Health: It is a pioneering “health-as-a-service” company in secure, end-to-end contactless biometrics powered by blockchain. They prevent death and suffering caused by medical errors and help flatten the COVID curve.

Meki: It is a service for chronic patients that monthly delivers all their medications at lower prices than pharmacy chains.

ITAA FRMS: It is a digital platform that allows to quantify, monitor and manage human fatigue in companies, using four controls, which are fed with existing company data, and are executed with artificial intelligence models.

Godtier: is a matchmaking platform for e-sports that brings together gamers from all over the world, allowing them to compete and win money through fully automated online tournaments.

Cicla: is the first Chilean company to manufacture advanced composite materials for printing, with developments in antimicrobial, recycled and wood composite materials.

Limay Biosciences: Develops synthetic biology-based platforms to create DNA and RNA-targeted diagnostic tools that provide instant and accurate results outside the labs, right at the point where they are needed, without the need for expensive equipment or technical expertise.

Career Vault – Provides comprehensive and up-to-date job data to organizations via API and white label software. The jobs are customized for each company in order to show better opportunities.

Banca.Me: Offers digital credits at better rates through an AI-based risk engine. On the other hand, the financial community obtains profitability while having access to cheaper credits to others.

Liquidando: It is a simple and automated platform that provides inclusion and tax benefits to freelancers.

Alquilá Tu Cancha: It is a platform that is digitizing amateur sports, through a management software connected to a Marketplace, it allows to manage clubs and increase their turnover and allows athletes to find answers to their sports needs.

TuCuota: Online platform to manage recurring payments.

Gomoving: Online quotation, scheduling and payment platform, which connects people and companies that need residential and corporate moving services, with transport SMEs (Moving partners), recycling (Recycling partners) and foundations.

Listatienda: App that digitizes and systematizes microentrepreneurs, thanks to the rapid creation of a web page with a shopping cart, digital means of payment, dispatch solutions and links with marketplaces.

Mis Finanzas Personales: From the financial information of the users, they grant access to the financial products of the market that adjust to their objectives and their budget. They also optimize the products they already have, saving time and money in the process.

Bioproc Biofiltro: It is a biological filtration system capable of reducing and monitoring greenhouse gases (GHG) generated by the livestock industry, reducing the bad odors emitted in the animal rearing stage.

Santibu Tech: Interactive platform that connects suppliers and demanders of technologies protected by intellectual property (invention patents) to generate real technology transfer through Data Mining.

Krypto Ledgers: Web application in which you can add your cryptocurrency operations automatically, and as a result you obtain the calculation of your earnings ready to be included in the income statement. is a marketplace of legal services with fixed prices and with a strong guardianship of its lawyers. They help lawyers use their underutilized free time and help clients easily and reliably access high-quality specialist attorneys.

ControlProp: Company that creates technological solutions for property brokers, with the aim of being the first company in Latam to develop a centralized tool that takes charge of all property broker operations.

Growth It is a 100% free site that allows people to get quotes and compare health insurance, offering them complete information regarding the diversity of insurance and making personalized recommendations based on algorithms.

Datamart: Allows financial and commercial institutions to intelligently and instantly consolidate, process and analyze information not publicly available (for example, tax, financial, identity), speeding up the processes of request and approval of credits and services.

The Live Green Company: Live Green’s recommendation engine, Charaka, combines the ancient wisdom of plant nutrition with biotechnology and AI-ML to replace highly processed, synthetic and animal ingredients in our foods with 100% natural plant-based alternatives, functional and sustainable.

Scriptation: is a PDF annotation application for film, television and video production that intelligently transfers your annotations, notes and marks to new script reviews. Platform that evaluates the traits of the candidates by integrating 13 psychometric games, a personality test and a launch video in an algorithm powered by AI. Recruitment transformation through gamification and data science.

GoBots: Helps online commerce to sell more through the use of Artificial Intelligence and advanced dashboards that help the customer service team and also provide the most relevant indicators to management.

SPOT: It is an artificial intelligence company focused on innovative computer vision technologies. Creating an intelligent analytics platform that transforms video into actionable intelligence for the retail and warehouse industries

Yapp: It is an application that allows users to buy their medications at the best cost, helping patients adhere to their treatments. Additionally, it is the first pull channel of information for doctors in Chile.

Kilimo Agtech: It is a big data and machine learning tool for irrigation management in agriculture. It uses satellite, climatic and soil data and provides precise recommendations (when and how much to irrigate) to make water use more efficient.

Academia Filadd: It is a platform that sells online courses to support university students, with a focus on admission exams and throughout the university career.

Espacios Digitales ioT: Network of smart lockers, placed in public places, to be used as click and collect, vending or reverse logistics for any company. Companies can reduce delivery costs by up to 50%, delivering up to 90 orders in one place. They automate accounting so you can manage business easily.

Wheel the World: It is the one-stop-shop for disabled travelers to find and book accessible travel experiences, such as places to stay, excursions and things to do, guaranteeing accurate information and a 100% accessible user experience.

Yu-Track: They help people solve their financial problems and regain confidence. They connect companies with their customers in a humane, empathetic and compassionate way through a behavioral analytics platform

TransaTuAuto: It is the payment platform that eliminates fraud in the sale of vehicles between strangers, providing a money custody service with all means of payment and that performs all purchase and sale procedures digitally.

Myhotel: Platform that automates the measurement and management of guest satisfaction in multiple channels and instances: before, during and after the stay. They help hotels provide unique travel experiences by putting the customer at the center.

Key2enable: offers the possibility of writing and browsing on any computer or smartphone. They offer an educational platform, with audiovisual activities at any cognitive level, promoting communication, autonomy, inclusion and rehabilitationJelou: It is a low-code platform that helps companies create intelligent agents and bots that use AI to deploy digital services or automate and scale their operations, allowing developers to publish and monetize AI solutions in bots.