Aumenta la participación de extranjeras en la nueva generación TSF de Start-Up Chile


  • The S Factory, programa de pre aceleración para personas desarrollando startups y que se identifiquen con el género femenino, tendrán una nueva generación de emprendedoras globales.
  • Las ganadoras podrán recibir fondos de hasta 18 millones de pesos (USD 25,000 aprox.) y apoyo para llevar sus proyectos al siguiente nivel.

Santiago, junio 2019. Startups de 12 países formarán parte de la nueva generación de emprendimientos tecnológicos liderados por personas que se identifiquen con el género femenino. Los seleccionados son 25 proyectos en fase de idea o con menos de 12 meses de desarrollo, que fueron elegidos entre 210 postulantes.

A cada una de las startups se les otorgarán 10 millones de pesos (USD 15,000 aprox.), una visa de trabajo por un año y un proceso completo de 4 meses de pre aceleración para desarrollar sus ideas de negocio.  Además, las mejores startups podrán postular a extensiones de 5 millones para seguir trabajando en nuestro país, y aquellas que tengan impacto social y/o medioambiental, a otros 3 millones más.

Las startups seleccionadas son en su mayoría chilenas (28%), pero esta vez hay más participación de otros países, considerando que, en los dos programas anteriores, las chilenas ocuparon cerca del 50%. Con respecto a la industria, las startups escogidas se centran principalmente en IT & Software, seguido por Health & Biotech y Retail, Wholesales, Consumer products. En relación a las etapas, el 40% ya está pivoteando su producto con usuarios y/o clientes, y el 28% ya tiene un producto funcional.  

La evaluación de los jueces se hizo en base al producto que presentaron las postulantes, el impacto que la startup busca generar en Chile y la calidad de las fundadoras y sus equipos.

Las próximas postulaciones para TSF11 se abrirán el 3 de diciembre de 2019 en

Las seleccionadas para la Gen 10 son:

Probióticos en un snack: Bioshelter is the simplest known process to incorporate probiotics in food. We adapt an agricultural technology to loaded edible seeds with probiotics in an attractive format as a crunchy and versatile seed snack, made of pumpkin.seed or chickpeas, it delivers the good bacterias that everyone needs for a healthy microbiota.

ADD SHOP: ADD Shop is social commerce that combines a social network with e-commerce. ADD Shop has a focus in m-commerce and your purchases will be in your home in 90 minutes or less.

AprendeHoy: AprendeHoy is a SAAS platform for small and mid-sized companies to collaborate with professional communities through Bootcamps based on real challenges while creating collaborative environments where users can engage in project-based learning and infuse innovation in the core of the organization.

ARKIDZOO PRIVATE LIMITED: we develop tech products for pre school that merge the latest technology known as Augmented reality with traditional educational tools so as to make education more effective and entertaining. With the aim of creating an AR library, our products are easy to carry as they are of pocket size.

Artificial Intelligence based drug-drug interaction prediction Solution: NatureAI aims to enhance medical care by accelerating the discovery of new drugs and treatment possibilities by applying artificial intelligence to predict interactions between drugs. With multi-drug therapy being a mainstay, we hope to benefit pharmaceutical companies, patients, and society at large with scalable and cost-effective solutions.

Banquetéalo: Banquetealo is catering made simple. We connect companies with the best local catering services. You can find, schedule and pay online your quality catering.

CanIEat Health: LIVEON combines scientific evidence, medical expertise, and data computing to help clinicians improve early detection and treatment of cancer malnutrition in a simple, personalized and actionable way. A proprietary algorithm connects Patients Biomarkers, Cancer Nutrition Evidence, Food Database. The solution dynamically adapts to the patient´s nutritional needs to sustain anticancer treatment.

CaoPack: 100% biodegradable, compostable, soluble in water, safe and even edible primary packaging made from the main by-product of the chocolate industry and other food grade ingredients. These are suitable for wrapping chocolates and other dry products, moreover, promote a circular economy in the cocoa industry.

DrugLab: Our software suite DrugLab is an integrative toolset that catalyzes an iterative drug development cycle including data curation of preliminary knowledge, identification of druggable targets, modeling and simulation of the target-ligand complexes, and in silico validation all by means of computer technologies.

Kubey Machine: Our solution is to help companies to has a self-managed and customize WebSite for their business and their mobile apps in the Play Store and Apps Store. Also, the data in their Website is automatically synchronizing for mobile apps. And there are more, we give our clients Augmented Reality.

Life Drop: Women’s intelligent pad that diagnoses vaginal infections. It has pH-reactive microspheres that change their color when they are in contact with the vaginal discharge. The color it changes will depend on the state of the patient’s intimate health, so they can know if they need to visit the doctor.

Minuta: Minuta is an employment platform 100% focused on the gastronomy sector. We have developed a software that connects the needs of restaurants seeking personal and preferences of job-seekers. We developed software which matches both parties thanks to the API technology, making “professional gastronomic match”.

NeeKids: NeeKids is a tool that performs psycho-pedagogical, neurocognitive and neuropsychological tests, using the data to select the best hospital educational program based on the special educational needs of the child, powered by artificial intelligence.

Ortherapy: Ortherapy is a medical device that decreases pain and halts the development of diseases. Thanks to the application of biomechanical principles of a well-made orthosis and a wireless system that allows the application of therapy almost anywhere.

red_: Half of the world isn’t connected to the internet, meaning any online education, jobs, or financial services. Simply put, these people have no access to the world economy and the upward mobility that it provides. We’re building a system to provide extremely affordable, ubiquitous internet connectivity in dense urban environments.

Sami Beauty: AI-based skincare and beauty platform that analyses user reviews and navigation data to facilitate decision-making regarding the Latin American market. It extracts information by text mining, NLP and aspect-based sentiment analysis onto a user-friendly dashboard, while also conducting analysis to assist consumers to select the optimal product for their needs.

Seteasy: Seteasy is a Software-as-a-Service specifically designed for the Movie & Television Art Department professionals. It was created to help them scheduling their crew, managing their budget, quickly creating accounting documents, storing all their sets pictures in one place to allow them to get more time for creativity.

Sextant: Sextant Travel makes it easy to discover amazing destinations, save them, plan trips, build itineraries, and then take someone’s “trip” or itinerary – automatically. Powering the app are accurately geo-tagged and categorized photos. Using AI, we’re able to learn and make recommendations accordingly.

Sharp Shark: Sharp Shark project helps journalists and photographers to protect their authorship in just a few clicks using Blockchain technology. Digital content problem: easy to steal, costly to protect.Solution: storing content both in Blockchain and distributed database IPFS, we´ll have proofs of form, timestamp, and immutability. Authorship is protected!

SmartLab: MySmartLab is a presentation software which combines videos with synchronized trees of multimedia documents. These documents are organized and dispatched in smart boxes represented by colored icons; each smart box stands for a different subject/theme/categories and switches-on each time it “receives” clickable documents. They can lead to further documents (trees).

Timplus: TimPlus is a gamified tool to create and validate inclusion programs innovating into the education models using technologies like Artificial Intelligence. We want to revolution the education with the technology helping the teacher so that he only worries about teaching. Students with Intellectual Disabilities only have to play!

UnCart: UnCart provides e-commerce merchants the tools (check out page templates, AB testing tool, performance tracking) to reduce abandoned carts and increase sales conversion during the checkout process.

Valnux: Valnux develop an innovative health and environmentally friend material from walnut shells – an industrial organic waste – for the manufacture of kitchen supplies naturally antibacterial and biodegradable, properties give by the shells, avoiding foodborne diseases, a growing public health problem worldwide according to World Health Organization

Wibo: Modular platform built to connect the traditional retail with its modern consumer.

Winely: Winely automates the wine sampling process and provides the information in real time to winemakers via our dashboard. This saves winemakers time, gets them the data they need to make decisions, faster and gets them off the tanks and onto more important work.