Entrepreneurship might be contagious: read the press, get the virus!


Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs are organizing Santiago Hackathon to be hosted on April 13th and 14th. Perfect opportunity to write about why are hackathons good for you. Read from Nathanael on FayerWayer!

Start-Up Chile´s application process is open until April 9th, and Terra encouraged Chileans to apply! Start-Up Chile´s application process is also being shared in cities outside of Santiago, like Temuco. Pulso Social is sharing with the readers some important changes we made to our application process. Don´t miss out, read them here!

3D printing will be massive, no one will be able to stop this revolution! Gigabot, the masterpiece of supper Samantha Snabes, keeps making headlines. This time, Gigabot captured attention from Chilean tech blog FayerWayer. 

EPig Games and Syrenaica got featured by Revista El Sábado, in Chile, with lots of great entrepreneurs in the local videogame industry.

Admetricks keeps being published by Emol. This time, about car sales and online advertising! Speedelo is also being featured at Emol! Floqq.com got featured by Diario Estrategia.

SUPBoat is making a stop in Indonesia and getting some local press attention! Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day in San Francisco is also being commented by Mateo Fowler.