Entrepreneurship is contagious. Read about the suppers in the press and get the virus!


You know the drill.

Nubelo is writing at FayerWayer about the “War on Talent” and what has the web 3.0 to offer as solutions. Read the piece, here! They are also advocating for new ways to work, read about it at Entorno Inteligente

This week, FormaFina announced via TechCrunch that they got an investment of a 1.4 MM. This Argentinean startup sells exclusive decor products online, and you can get great designs for a much cheaper price than what your wallet would suffer if buying in a regular store. Check out what TechCrunch has to say!

As you know, Ignite is having its very first event in Chile! The effort for this event is lead by awesome suppers, don´t miss out! Make sure to attend; read more here.

We heard Peru is launching its very own version of Start-Up Chile. News can´t get any better! We wish all countries would commit to support their entrepreneurs. Keep it up, Peru! Gestión.pe is writing about Start-Up Chile, too.

Algramo.cl got featured by El Mercurio! Kuddos to an amazing startup ready to change the world, one family and small business at the time. Orangutrans keeps getting media attention, this time from Terra! Tabacus got some media love from El Mercurio as well, they are revolutionizing education with the usage of tablets! Read about it, here.

Appetite+  was distinguished as  “Hot Company of the Year” at the third  Media Accelerator Programme (M.A.P)! Also, KidBox  and Kienve get mentioned in the same story by Pulso Social because they got last year’s  Media Accelerator Programme (M.A.P) Its great to hear suppers have such an amazing performance!

El Mundo.com is publishing about our application process. Apply ASAP! We welcome applications until October 1st only. There are meetups in Uruguay, too, and we hope many entrepreneurs apply to Start-Up Chile.

El Economista is publishing, on their online version, about the “Valley of Death”. Start-Up Chile gets a mention among other accelerators. We are so much more than an accelerator, though: we are changing people’s minds. How about that?!

Efe Empresas.com is spreading the word about our application process. We really want EVERYONE to apply: it’s the last call of 2013! You’ll have to wait until March, 2014 if you don´t apply now: way too much time for a startup!

Starbull, our much loved Colombian startup from 2011, is about to launch in Chile after a very successful experience in Colombia

FayerWayer published about the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum that is taking place for the very first time in Santiago. We are so happy and proud of the teams organizing this conference! Its also shared at Oh My Geek.

Inclúyeme.com is making headlines at home, in Argentina, for their acceptance in the Start-Up Chile family. Kuddos!