Entrepreneurs setting up the tone. Let me hear those drums in the press!


Nubelo got featured at El Mercurio: about a 40% of those who freelance are women, and Nubelo can be that extra hand they need to move forward. Check it out!

Balasundaram Lavan and his project Pace4Life got featured by El Mercurio! Chile’s most prominent newspaper highlights how Lavan’s project tries to reduce the gap between developed and undeveloped countries when it comes to access to pacemakers. Read the piece, here.

Cruisewise, one of the first startups supported by Start-Up Chile, got acquired by TripAdvisor! Read more about it on The Wall Street Journal and Pulso Social!

Admetricks keeps nurturing online press with great content! This time, Emol is publishing about Chile’s presidential candidates and their efforts to target the Chilean youth. More about it, here!

Antonio Savarese got curious about the startup scene in Chile, Argentina and Brazil, and he talked to different key players of each country . Horacio Melo shared what Start-Up Chile is and you can read about it, here! 

La Press, from Canada, visited Start-Up Chile over the summer. They reported extensively on Start-Up Chile, interviewing Canadian entrepreneurs as well. If you are needing Start-Up Chile coverage in French, this is your day! Read them here.

Nathan Lustig got featured on a local newspaper from Madison!

Americanflat got featured by Alan Weinkrantz on his blog! Low cost museum quality artwork for everyone!

The French press keeps and eye on Start-Up Chile. We hope all countries offer entrepreneurs opportunities that fit their needs!

Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs visited the Chilean Province of Bío-Bío to inspire others to follow the entrepreneurial route, and got local press attention. Read about their visit, here.

Luqit is getting a lot of press love lately. Read about them at EMOL, Diario Financiero, or watch their TV appearance on Canal 13 cable!

Pic by  prolix6x on Flickr (cc)