Entrepreneurs Commence “Entrepreneurship 101” Course in N. Chile

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A group of Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs from seven countries will be commencing a “Entrepreneurship 101” course for students at the Universidad Católica del Norte in Antofagasta in Chile’s second most Northern region, starting on Thursday, May 19th and lasting throughout the semester.

Weekly classes will be held for participants who were selected by the university and by local businesses, providing them a real and personal perspective on global entrepreneurship, fostering the confidence they need to develop their startup company.

The agenda of the course lasts 12 weeks and will cover such topics such: generating ideas and business plans, how to conquer fear, a course given by Steve Blank, an expert on entrepreneurship from Silicon Valley, networking, and types of funds/investments available to entrepreneurs. The program will end with a business plan competition.

Weekly Meetups Open to the Public

In addition, the Vice Presidency of Research and Technological Development of the Universidad Católica del Norte, together with the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs, will give lectures open to the public and those not participating in the courses scheduled for this semester. The lectures will be held every Thursday, starting from May 19th and on, from 7:15 to 8:30pm in the Faculty of Engineering and Geological Sciences Auditorium (Av. Angamos No. 0610, Hall Y-2, 2nd floor).

The activities will be attended by experts who will share their experiences with the public, including Steve Blank, one of the most well-known Silicon Valley proponents.

Those interested should confirm their attendance with Jadranka Rendic, jrendic@ucn.cl (phone 651-704), space is limited.