Electric Cars, Racing and Education: Gen 7 Alumni Totus Power’s story


Generation 7 alumni, Totus Power has just launched a crowd funding campaign to tell their story. Over 200 million children in the developing world MISS OUT on learning! When the campaign succeeds they will be able to address the root cause of this problem – the lack of reliable electricity keeping children from learning.


Classrooms in developing nations like India are filled with low cost learning devices, and eager to learn children but lack the electricity to use them during their classroom hours. Imagine a portable battery the size of a small water bottle, quickly rechargeable yet powerful enough to run a classroom with 20 tablets and a projector, for 20 hours. Totus Power and it’s founder Shiv Rajendran have successfully prototyped such a battery, tested it in schools, and are now asking for financial help via this campaign to bring it to production. Each of the batteries we have developed, recycles Li-ion batteries from electric cars (EV) to replace 10 toxic and heavy lead acid batteries that are currently being used in schools in developing countries.


Not only are they powering education for millions, they also get to reinvent portable electricity, and maximize the value of used electric car batteries before they hit landfill.  All from an idea, that started on the back of a paper two years ago, which has reached reality with help from Startup Chile.

Siva (Shiv) Rajendran
Founder & CEO, Totus Power