Education Revolution: Digital Tools for Children, Parents, + Teachers

Projects & Participants

Founded in Porto, Portugal, is a platform created by Ademar Aguiar, João Gradim, and João Valente that focuses on empowering children, parents, and educators with new environments that support informal and social learning, where all can learn from each other by co-creating and sharing multimedia digital contents, in a safe, familiar and controlled environment.

Ademar, a professor at UPTEC (the technological park of the University of Porto), originally met João and João in a computer science class where they created a similar platform called Escolinhas, that is currently operating in 200 schools in Portugal. Now, they plan to implement with trilingual support, as part of Start-Up Chile.

Features that are included within‘s platform are many: private social networks/blogs/messages/chat, calendar, cartoons editor, Parents Association Portal, Teacher’s Dossier, LMS integration, among others.  The product is ideal for 6-12 year old children and, of course, their parents and teachers.

See their pitch here and, to contact the founding team, see their profile here.