Edoome.com reaches the final stage at the Applícate contest organized by Fundación Un Techo Para Chile and Movistar Innova


Update! Friends at Edoome.com got featured by Emol! The article has plenty of comments and retweets, since Emol reaches a massive audience. Check it out here!

Yey for those who know how to embrace all the opportunities in Chile! Suppers at Edoome.com were selected as one of the finalists at the “Applícate” contest organized by “Fundación Un Techo Para Chile” and “Movistar Innova”. The best part of this is that Edoome.com has a social component that hits right on a sensitive spot in the Chilean society: education. You probably heard that Chileans have been discussing a whole lot about education since last year. It is great to see that Start-Up Chile has people who listen to what happens around them, and who work hard to improve things that are important for kids around the world.

The results of the contest will be out on June 1st. Lets cheer for our friends of Edoome.com so they can fulfill their dream to reduce the gap between public and private education by delivering a world class tool for everybody. Lets support our fiends with good vibes for them to make a great performance at the final stage of the contest. It is always worth to improve the quality of education and these guys are developing a great tool to do it. Check out their performance in the contest by clicking HERE