Don´t miss out: “Santiago NEXT”


What is NEXT?

If you are building a startup, NEXT can save you thousands of dollars and months of your life. Most startups fail because they lack customers and a profitable business model.

The NEXT curriculum is based on the methodology “Customer Development” by Steve Blankenrolled on five weeks. Each week participants will have access to videos of Steve Blank, as well as supplementary readings on methodology. In addition, everyone will meet for a 3-hour weeklyworkshop in which participants are going to present their insights and findings and receive feedback from mentors, instructor and other participants. The curriculum is based on direct contact with key customer segment for the startup.

The NEXT program helps startup founders build successful startups. Attend NEXT to test and improve your startup idea and to prepare yourself for an accelerator, investor or early-product launch by:

  • Building customer development skills to test your business model assumptions
  • Learning tactical hacks on how to get insightful & actionable customer feedback
  • Getting valuable feedback from our kick-ass local mentors
  • Becoming a more fundable entrepreneur

Where ?

NEXT Santiago will be hosted at Universidad Mayor (Américo Vespucio Sur 357, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile).

When ?

NEXT Santiago is going to take place every friday between November 8th and December 6th.

Click here for the Full Program Schedule and FAQ’s

Even though individuals can attend NEXT, the program has been developed and is strongly recommended for startup teams and co-founders.