Don´t miss out! Ignite Santiago has tons of inspiring speakers for you


By Ellen Dudley, from Peoplehunt.


The first ever Ignite Santiago kicks off at 7pm on Thursday 3rd October at Francisco Bilbao’s temporary community space, MM2, (beside La Jardín restaurant, Francisco Bilbao 511).

Speakers have to get their idea across in 5 minutes flat with only the help of twenty slides that auto advance on the screen behind them every 15 seconds. There’s no time for chitchat.

The fun Ignite formula – that has spread like wildfire across over 200 cities worldwide – is an event that showcases new thinking, inspiring stories, and some hilarious mishaps along the way. We’re bringing it from our hometown in Galway to Santiago with the help of Startup Chile, as part of our responsibility to bring awesomeness to Chile.

The range of speakers at this Ignite Santiago is guaranteed to fire your imagination and the night wouldn’t be complete with the art installations, performances and live music thrown in. Here’s just a few of the speakers lined up for Thursday, 3rd October:

Cristóbal Valenzuela will show how he hacks old school technology by hooking up his Nintendo to a Kinect, Carolina Pino will show us how she build recycled houses for the homeless, and Denis Barkats will entertain us with the story of ALMA and the search for our cosmical origins.

Jorge Baradit will entertain us with his science fiction imagination, Hannah McGrew, will be exploring how wine touches culture and society in chile and Nicole Andreu Cooper will be explaining the fight between artists and marketing.

Ignite Santiago is for anyone who wants to laugh, talk and be inspired. Whether you want to start your own business, discover local iconoclasts, have a wild and wonderful sense of curiosity, or simply fancy a stimulating Thursday night out; these talks are designed for you. Admission is a nominal 2.000CP – and the enlightenment is free!

In conjunction with Startup Chile. Want more info? Get in touch! Visit our website: