Do you want to pitch like a boss? Learn how to do it with us!

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A perfect pitch will give you not only the attention of the audience, but the possibility of gaining contacts, growth and investment. Start-Up Chile will show you how to do it in our digital academy that Proversity has created for us.

The workshop shows the Pitch Training by Luke Ball, member of the SUP team, which will help you get prepared and pitch like a boss. With this course, you can learn the content that you need to show, the structure of the pitch, and even the design that you have to have for your presentation –Slides are the key here!



Also, Luke will teach you some tips of public speaking: how to become an incredible storyteller, the elements of the verbal delivery for your presentation, etc.



You only have to sign up in and subscribe to the course. Ah, and his Power Point presentation is available for download.