Do you know what’s happening in Chile… right now?


Pure awesomeness! That’s what is happening in Chile. We continue to build an incredible ecosystem in Latin America for talented entrepreneurs. We are making history with the help of hundreds of startups from around the globe. And it’s going to get even better! We are now looking for the next generation of hardcore hustling, big dreaming, change seeking, rockstar entrepreneurs. Sound like you? If it does, then Viva Chile, because we want you here. Oh..did we mention that we’ll give you 20 million pesos (about US$35,000) and one-year work visa?


Applications for the 11th Generation are open between June 3rd – June 24th. All details, terms and conditions can be found on the web: Each application will be reviewed by industry experts, investors and successful founders.


Over the next few weeks Start-Up Chile founders will be holding meetups in different parts of the world. These sessions are a perfect opportunity to learn first hand what we’re all about. Don’t miss the meetup near you. See below for a list of all the meetups. We will be updating this list as more meetups are organized. So keep checking if you don’t see one near you.


If you can’t make it to a meetup, don’t worry. You can always reach out to us with any questions at


To those dynamite entrepreneurs of Gen 11 we say: Start-Up Chile awaits you. Come build amazing products and services, and while you’re doing it, help transform Chile and Latin America.


The World Cup isn’t the only awesome thing happening in South America this year.





– 2014.05.23 > Oxford University, United Kingdom

– 2014.05.29 > Stanford University, United States

– 2014.06.02 > HEC Montreal, Canada

– 2014.06.03 > Accra, Ghana

– 2014.06.04 > Monterrey, Mexico

– 2014.06.04 > UCL, United Kingdom

– 2014.06.09 > Houston, United States

– 2014.06.10 > Valdivia, Chile

– 2014.06.10 > Ciudad de México, Mexico

– 2014.06.11 > Sao Paulo, Brazil

– 2014.06.11 > Santiago, Chile

– 2014.06.11 > Concepción, Chile

– 2014.06.12 > Córdoba, Argentina

– 2014.06.13 > Arequipa, Peru

-2014.06.13> Milán, Italy

-2014.06.13> MIT, United States

-2014.06.13> UCL, London GB

-2014.06.13> Kampala, Uganda

– 2014.06.16 > Purdue University, United States

– 2014.06.17 > Antofagasta, Chile

– 2014.06.17 > Talca, Chile

– 2014.06.18 > Milano Talent Garden, Italy

– 2014.06.19 > Valparaíso, Chile

– 2014.06.19 > Medellín, Colombia

– 2014.06.19 > Paris, France

– … and many more to come