Start-Up Chile´s 3rd Demo Day is around the corner. We have so many surprises this time!


Alright, buddies, its ON again! Start-Up Chile´s 3rd Demo Day is just a few days away, and both excitement and some nervousness can be felt in the air at the Start-Up Chile HQ. Everyone is working some extra hours and there is a considerable amount of nail biting among suppers from Generation #4. Said generation groups the entrepreneurs who joined out program in June and July, 2012, and who have now the opportunity to shine at the Start-Up Chile Demo Day stage (Learn who gets to be on stage on Demo Day!)

This blog post intends to be your one-stop shop for all the details about what´s gonna happen on November 29th, our big day. When planning your week next Monday, just come over here and check out what are we up to on the last Demo Day and SUPWeek of 2012!

We´ll kick off the SUPWeek on Wednesday, November 28th, with a workshop by Eduardo Mangarelli ( Director of Technology, Developers & Platform – Microsoft Latam) His workshop, titled “Lets talk about New Platforms” will be held at 11am at CMI (Providencia 229). Open and free!

Also on Wednesday, the amazing Paul Bragiel  ( Co-Founder I/O Ventures) will amuse us with his workshop “Are you talking to me? ( How to talk to investors).” Join us at noon, again at CMI (Providencia 299) Open & free, of course!

Start-Up Chile´s 3rd Demo Day will be hosted on November 29th, from 9.30 am to noon at GAM. It is, of course, for free! and you´ll be able to see 20 startups pitching to investors. Come and cheer them up! This Demo Day will be hosted in partnership with Common Pitch Chile, so make sure to check out all the awesome speakers they´ll be offering after Demo Day.

Same day, at 3pm, our legendary application results twitcam will take place! Join us online to learn who made it through our selection process and will be part of Start-Up Chile´s 6th funding round! These results are related to the application process that took place during September, 2012. We will post here links to the twitcam just before we go online, but its much easier if you just follow us on Twitter and get our announces and links right before 3pm.

SUPWeek comes to an end on Friday, November 30thAllan Jarry (Founder at NEOS) will host a workshop about “Intellectual Property. Protection for Startups.” Join us at 10.30 am at CMI (Providencia 229). Open & free!

Then we´ll have a new session with Paul Bragiel  ( Co-Founder I/O Ventures) and this is titled just “Bring Your Questions!” Its all or nothing, folks. See you at 12.30, at CMI (Providencia 229)
Last, but not least, we´ll welcome Boonsri Dickinson with her workshop “News and Entrepreneurs” to be held at 1.30pm at CMI (Providencia 229)