DemoBattles: Start-Up Chile v/s AngelHack!


Stop right there, this one is huge! Start-Up Chile and AngelHack are joining forces to bring you “DemoBattles”, with the very best national and international talent. Please feel welcome and join us for 3 amazing days which will for sure boost your creativity to welcome 2014 with the right foot. Start-Up Chile’s crème de la crème will compete against the very best projects of AngelHack: the winner gets to try luck in Miami!

So, how will this work? 1) On November 21st, Start-Up Chile’s Demo Day will take place. We’ll choose a winner. There will be, of course, great talks to inspire you to become a global entrepreneur! 2) Just two days later, on November 23rd, AngelHack’s hackathon will take place. A winner will be chosen, too. 3) Start-Up Chile’s DemoDay winner BATTLES against AngelHack’s Hackathon winer and BOOM, someone gets to try luck in Miami at the EMERGE Americas Conference in May, 2014. 

We have never, ever tried something like this before, but we believe is hardcore entrepreneurs who can take in some competiton! Will you be there to support them? Here is what you need to know:

1. Start-Up Chile’s DemoDay, November 21st: You know the drill. Startups from our newest generation get just 3 minutes to WOW the audience and the investors watching them. We’ll also have 7 awesome speakers and their goal is to make sure you get the virus and become a global entrepreneur. Make sure to sign up soon, here. It is, of course, free 😉 We’ll choose the winner of the DemoDay and close the event with an awesome party. Work hard, play harder!

2. AngelHack’s Hackathon: Saturday, November 23rd. A dream come true: 48 hours of non-stop work of your newest idea. Lots of pizza and lots of crazy coders just like you. If you win the hackathon, you get to present your project at the final, in Silicon Valley.

3. THE BATTLE: Sunday, November 24th. Start-Up Chile’s DemoDay winner and AngelHack’s Hackathon winner face each other and compete for a shot in Miami at EMERGE Americas Conference.  

We can´t wait for this, literally. Did you check out the judges? We hope to see you there, we want to close 2013 with ALL OUR FRIENDS!