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Decurate is the product of two founders who eat, live, and breathe design. An online magazine that doubles as a sales site, Decurate offers limited quantities of select, curated products that it’s founders, Jordan Sitkin and Polo Valdovinos, hand pick themselves. Having been in Chile working arduously for the last three months to launch, today they are celebrating just that milestone.

The site which is live as of today, offers weekly interviews and stories of people in various design and creative fields, including furniture, art, music and jewelry along with sales of exclusive and new designs from emerging designers from around the world. Currently, they are featuring items ranging from California shaped tables made from sustainable domestic wood, to origami light fixtures, to skull-shaped porcelain busts– all available for a limited time only.

Having had three months to survey and delve into the Chilean design scene, Valdovinos comments that “the creativity we’re seeing here is impressive. We’re finding great design everywhere we go and sSantiago has a small but incredibly strong network of talented designers creating modern objects with traditional materials and techniques.”

Click here to see the items being offered this week… before time runs out!

Decurate Launches