Dare to be square!


This is a guest blog post from Peter Langmar, founder at Brickflow


The web is becoming more and more visual and square. Recent social media trends are deeply affecting how we communicate our personal experiences, how we showcase brands, and how we access and curate content. Squares and hashtags are reshaping everything, and at Brickflow we are taking full advantage of this movement.

Being a square in social media is not an insult anymore- just look at the recent trends. After the 140-character messages of Twitter, Instagram delivered a fast and simple “square” photo experience. When Facebook acquired Instagram it didn’t stop at that simple integration. Facebook proceeded to reshape its UI: square thumbnails and photo previews are now all around the place.

The last six months of social media have been about squares and hashtags. Vine, purchased by Twitter before its launch in January, is an app for making short, square videos. In response to its widespread success, Instagram (owned by Facebook) integrated their own video feature in June. The direct competition is obvious: both Twitter and Facebook offer simple image and video tools, all of which are square. It’s a battle over the squares!

Hashtags have been widely spread by Twitter and Instagram. More recently Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Flickr have introduced them as well. Hashtags are key. They have made it possible to aggregate content from all major social media platforms. This allows for new ways of cross-platform social media content aggregation and curation. In other words, a new, square, and simple era of social media storytelling has arrived.

To effectively communicate your startup and to get exposure for your brand, you need to be responsive to the most recent social media trends. Be more visual and square!

We are surfing this wave of change by daring to design “square.” Brickflow is an app to aggregate and curate your favorite media from Instagram, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr and more. By using our tool you can build memorable stories and collections in a truly visual and playful way. Have an experience you want to share? A holiday? A conference? A party? A world event? A brand? We have a solution!

Brickflow public beta launched on the 20th of July. Hashtags are becoming ever more popular, Instagram video has just been announced, and Brickflow is a step ahead of the market. Sign up now to make stories like this one: