Cruising Past the Milestones: Amit + Nicolas’ Recent Advancements

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In the dreary hours of the morning, you would be hard-pressed to find two people working so fervently; but awake and advancing they are.  It could be excitement or pressure (or both), but Amit and Nicolas, who were the first team to be accepted to the Start-Up Chile program, have been logging hour-upon-hour of hard work developing various essential aspects of their project, CruiseWise.

One of the most significant milestones they have recently passed is the completion of the building of their first part of technology that covers the website’s cabin selection feature within the particular ship/cruise itinerary the site is offering.  The second part of the technology they have been working on has been the “aggregation of information regarding ports of call” which Amit and Nicolas describe as “one of the most influential aspects in booking a cruise and something specific and relevant for all cruisers.”  Not using any outside help in the complex coding, it was constructed meticulously in those sleepless hours and is, as the team describes, “the most exciting part” because they have achieved the creation of something that “has not been seen before in the industry.”

For that exact reason, they have begun the process of filing a provisional patent application for the unique technology that they can proudly call all their own.  Securing the invention is of utmost importance and they look to have the formalities completed in the coming weeks.

To compliment the technological side of their project, they have begun developing the marketing and design aspects of CruiseWise by purchasing the new name and, as Amit says, they “have been busy designing branding which will include a new logo and website.”  The creation of the site will be augmented by extensive “customer interviews and insights about their cruise experiences” which they, again, conducted all themselves.  Facilitating cruise shopping is their expertise and they are coming closer each day to launching their product.

Their next step is to “continue building the second module of the site which contains the itinerary comparison and selection”—ultimately assisting them in their overall short-term goal of “pitching to investors in the next few weeks.”

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