CruiseWise: 20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups To Watch

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Business Insider published a list on July 26th naming the top 20 “hot Silicon Valley startups you need to watch.” They selected the list of up-and-coming startups by speaking with Silicon Valley-based accelerators, VCs, and local entrepreneurs and, included in their power selection, was CruiseWise– the first entrepreneurs to participate in Start-Up Chile.

The startup was founded by Amit Aharoni, Nicolas Meunier, and Steve Davis– all of whom spent ample time in Chile developing CruiseWise from an idea to a platform, coding from night to day for, essentially, five months straight.

In a nutshell, CruiseWise aggregates cruise trips and information, making the vacations easy to book online– a market that has yet to be explored. As Business Insider states, it’s clear that CruiseWise would be strong on the up-and-coming startup radar because “booking a cruise online is relatively difficult. Even when you use a site like Expedia, you have to call the cruise line at the end to confirm your reservation. For that reason, only 8% of cruises are booked online. It’s a travel sector that’s in need of disruption.”

And investor adds: “Cruisewise is going to be big; the booking process is very antiquated.” They are revolutionizing the entire industry and, in stride with the other Start-Up Chile startups experiencing budding succes, we couldn’t be more proud.