Creative Coffees: building up a creative community in Santiago


Last Tuesday, December 11th, 24 creatives gathered for the first edition of Creative Coffee Santiago at the coffee shop of Centro Movistar Innova.

Creative Coffees are informal, open networking events for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and everyone interested in the business side of creativity. These events are usually held in public places such as cafés or bars, and everyone buys their own drinks.

Creative Coffees have been initiated in Iași, Romania by CIA—not that one, but the Creative Industries Association, an NGO founded by Adriana Ursache (of Worksurfers fame). In Iași, it recently reached the 10th edition and has had immense impact in the local creative community.

The format is simple. For the first hour there is a guest who shares his/her ideas, experience and answers your questions, the rest is for shoulder-rubbing and meeting new interesting peers (it’s called networking). And good things come to those who rub shoulders—Adriana met her Worksurfers co-founder, Vlad, at the third edition of Creative Coffee Iași. Many other people found clients, partners and a lot of new friends at these events.

The first edition of this event was very relaxed and great. For the first edition of Creative Coffee Santiago the guest-speaker was Marius Ursache, a Romanian entrepreneur and internationally-awarded designer. He shared stories about failure, career switching and about what he has learned during his 13 years of entrepreneurship.

There will be a new Creative Coffee in January. Just watch closely what’s going on on or email to get notified when it happens!