Courage attracts sucess: go ask Nathan! Entrustet gets aquired by SecureSafe


Nathan Lustig, member of the first round of suppers and Entrustet co-founder, recently sold his business to SecureSafe and is back in Chile to join Welcu, also part of the Start-Up Chile family. Santiago is running fast to become Latin America´s hot spot for entrepreneurship, and Nathan didn´t think it twice before moving back here to explore new opportunities.

“After finishing Start-Up Chile’s program, we came back to the United States and sold our company. Months later I decided to return to Chile and join the successful  startup Welcu in charge of its marketing to help them expand to Argentina, Colombia and Brazil”, says Nathan.

We are happy to witness Entrustet´s success story, it gives us tons of energy to keep transforming Santiago into the greatest Latin American hub for entrepreneurship. Nathan´s words, “Not only our company went well, I’ve decided to stay in Chile” inspires us to keep moving. Suppers deciding to stay in Chile is a growing trend.

As a result of Nathan’s entrepreneurship adventures, Forbes Magazine interviewed him and his partner Jesse Davis. On the article they explain all the process they have been through the last year and a half becoming entrepreneurs. They got featured at The Economist, as well.

Local newspaper La Segunda highlights Entrustet and Nathan’s achievements, as well.