gets selected among those who want to redefine business in the U.S


Update! is one of the 12 Startups pitching on the main stages at the International Startup Festival 2012. This competition offers $50,000 to the winner. The team will be pitching on Thursday July 12th, 2012. Best of luck to them! was selected to be one of 8 finalists for the upcoming CommonPitch event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this coming June 6-7-8.

Common Pitch is a non-traditional pitch event that has been occurring around the world, featuring live music, collaboration, creativity and a stage for some of the brightest new innovators in the U.S. CommonPitch seeks to find startups that redefine business in America and there is $30,000 in cash and inkind prizes.’s mission it to help couples have stronger happier marriages/committed relationships by tapping the best science on the predictors of long last happy relationships, the best practices of cognitive behavioral therapy, the best in UX design, and the wisdom of the wisest couples. CoupleWise is also for contented couples who want to make sure they stay that way, given the vicissitudes and challenges of committed relationships—“preventive maintenance” as Gary Krane, its psychologist cofounder puts it.

Since they just launched, they are hungry for critical feedback. They are offering a one year subscription FREE if you give 3 feedbacks. This makes an ideal anniversary gift to give yourself or another couple you know. CoupleWise has intern and 2 more cofounder openings as well, make sure to contact them!