Congrats! Welcome to Start-Up Chile’s 9th Gen!


Today we happily announce the startups that will join our family as members of Gen 9th! We are so excited!

With arrival dates in February and March of 2014, the chosen startups call more than 28 different countries home and represent a myriad of industries.

The most frequently represented countries are: USA and Chile (19% each), India and Argentina (9% each) and Spain and Brazil (5% each). We are happy to welcome entrepreneurs coming from countries as diverse as Bosnia Herzegovina, Ukraine, and Ghana!

E-commerce and IT & Enterprise Software are the most strongly identified industries among the selected startups (19% each), followed by Education (14%) and Healthcare & Biotechnology (12%).


AdBPick – A/B test your ad copy : AdBPick provides a lower-end solution for small businesses looking to optimize their ads online through our self service ad optimization platform. Thinking about searcher psychology and trying to improve ad copy but can only go so far. Our crowdsourced network of writers submit creative ad copy for your ad group which you approve or reject. We then constantly split test approved ads in each of your ads groups with small tweaks until we are able find the best performing ads yielding the highest click through rates (CTR) and quality scores.
We are able to create and test ads at lower cost than ad agencies because we use a network of crowdsourced workers to write and test ad copy instead of an in house team. Our self service platform offers a simple path for small businesses to optimize their ads and understand the factors that contribute to ad performance. Furthermore, we offer tips and suggestions to optimize their ads by changing the time of day or day of the week they are displayed, filtering keywords, and target by location.

Agronometrics : Agronometrics offers the agricultural industry a web based platform with which they can use to explore information about markets, volumes, exchanges or other information relevant to their industry. This is information that the industry already knows and works with on a daily basis. Our platform not only summarizes familiar market that the industry is used to working with, we work with all international markets that report daily prices and volumes through internet portals, allowing our users to quickly understand what is happening in the world, giving access to international markets which would otherwise be hard to gain an understanding of.

Our platform is a tool to easily understand agricultural information saving analysts hundreds of hours working with excel to know how a price, currency exchange rate, or transport costs will affect their business. Our platform is updated daily, making thousands of calculations so that our customers can use our near real time analysis to easily explore the world, bringing users back to our site regularly and making sure they are making the best decisions they can with the information that is available.

Apix : The technologic improvement of this beehive is that adjust to the user and the different climate scenarios in a fast and efficient way, allows configurations in a modular system producing 50% more of bees as well as honey, also collapses during the winter optimizing in much less storage space

ARCHON : Archon software is a multi-drone mission planner used for to design the automatic flights of the drones between recharging stations in a fixed geographical area. It also aggregates the acquired images/video to produce the data that the customer wants.
It will be the development framework of choice for the service providers (SP) that aim to deploy drones for surveillance, precision agriculture and infrastructure inspection. Ideally, the SP will have access to a proprietary set of hardware (drones, recharging stations, navigation ground stations) and will be able to use our software as a development framework to use the hardware and organize the data collected by the drones in a format useful for the customer.
Archon works integrating existing hardware, navigation and data processing software, in a similar way as system-design platforms are used to engineer processes in industrial automation.
Archon will be proprietary, and its use will be licenced to SP depending on the service.
While we expect that the existence of such a facilitator will provide great value to all companies that are now building imaging services with drones, in a few years time we will ourselves start to provide services in partnership with other hardware/software companies.

Babytuto : Babytuto solves the 3 important problems by integrating information with products and services sales according to each stage of the baby´s development.
The product works like this:
Parents subscribe to a weekly newsletter with complete information about the stage and their specific week. We include in each article a variety of relevant products and services for that time. Also they have access to useful tools and community interaction through the blog, forums and the Baby’s profile, where you can record information such as doctor visits, scheduled dates, reminders, photos and product wish lists. You can share this information with other family members or close friends.
This way,
– Babytuto provides information and access to our community to learn, ask and be answered about conception, pregnancy and parenting, all validated by our team of over 12 specialists.
– Along with that information we provide a variety of imported and innovative products/services for each week of the three stages: conception, pregnancy and parenting until the baby is 3 years old.
– We deliver the products to their home in less than 48 hours.

BASTION Digital : First, we filter and curate the best available journalistic content from around the Spanish-language web, so that people do not have to read more, just better. Second, we provide an outlet for the many clever and knowledgeable minds who want to communicate deeper analysis, counter-intuitive views, beautifully-written material, to come and do so at BASTION.
As one of our YouNoodle judges pointed out, this type of “premium content” is more easily conceived than produced. By successfully leveraging our team’s rich and diverse social capital (Jimena has traveled around the world, studied at Harvard and Columbia and worked in Washington and Wall Street- Sebastián knows a tons of writers and artists in Argentina) we think we have struck the bull’s eye in terms of producing outstanding content, comparable at times with that of The New Yorker, with a fraction of the cost. This has made BASTION a cool place to write for, and as we keep nurturing and promoting our community of contributors, more and more approach us and premium content keeps rolling in. As the judge points out, the community-generated content business model is easy when content is good – our feedback indicates that our content is terrific.

Belleza Interior : We are an online store featuring hundreds of bras and clothes for full busted woman.
We offer them privacy so they don’t have to fill judged again,
and convenience. In this way, whether you’re a woman or man, you can buy what you want in the convenience and privacy of your home. We help them during the buying process, teaching them how to measured themselves and accompanying them, through e-mail, phone, skype, and live chat.
We give them the facility to reach a variety of lingerie, so they can choose freely, without having to go from one place to another or remain unattended. We also created and online forum so they can share with others their experiences and reviews of products, so they can find the products that suit them better. These is a key point, if you consider that using the wrong bra size can affect your health, your posture, and of course your self-esteem.
We capture value, acting as an online retailer that brings up together the different brands and products that our consumer would want.

Camaloon : We are not merely connecting offer and demand but we englobe the whole value creation chain from the web experience, to the production and distribution.
Camaloon is a highly technological project: Our website permits the user to easily design his/her product, we connect to different production centers (through modeling our processes and applying them anywhere else) and we deliver fast through different distribution channels.
This is what sets us apart. We don’t innovate on product but on experience, technology, service and quality.

Our product lines are buttons, stickers, decals, magnets, skins and very soon textile, prints and phone covers.
These products can be created on the spot with our mobile application, through our web-platform with the fun, addictive and easy ‘Atelier’-interface or bought and sold on our Marketplace.

With our background in Graphic Arts we know how to produce quality. Being Internet-passionates and professionals we know how to deliver a great experience. These two factors make Camaloon such a great brand and are the reason for our success in Europe.

Central Mayoreo : B2B business directory and e-commerce marketplace, focusing on within-country wholesale, with initial launch in Mexico, but replicable into other Latin American countries. It allows distributors to offer their products for sale in bulk, and to list different prices according to volume, as well as for specific buyers or class of buyers. Buyers include retailers and end consumers looking to buy in bulk.

CLIPPATE : Service-designers
Nowadays designers have online solutions to create their shop but when they realize they do not get traffic or sales they have to invest in marketing or close.
We provide a niche marketplace (women apparel) where designers are able to create their shop, sell their products and create a community around them. We provide online payments, traffic and social networks marketing. Another options like agrupators cannibalize designers profits and take advantage of all the traffic. In CLIPPATE publishing is free and dealing with the customer is direct, without intermediaries.
We also provide shipment solutions.

Users who want to shop must enter site-by-site to see each brands products. In CLIPPATE users are able to buy from every brand in the country in one place, get discounts, and shipment solutions. The innovative factor is the inclusion of social shopping: users can create wishlists, share with friends, post on social networks the products they love and follow their favorite brands, creating a community.

We create value from the social shopping experience. Users stay more time in the site, save products to buy them later, have a direct communication with brands and the widest range of products to choose from.

Comunidad Oficios : Comunidad oficios offers an online platform for trade workers to publish their profiles in a simple way. This profile will be validated by former employers. Besides, workers will become part of a large community of potential employers where they can generate a large address book of contacts and work near their place of residence.
For employers, Comunidad Oficios will be a great tool to find workers sorted by place of residence and score other employers granted them, generating a ranking among the candidates. Therefore, they can form a team of workers they can trust, validated by themselves and former employers. They will be able to publish their work offers.

CoupeSuite : CoupeSuite is marketing and customer relationship management software for the automotive repair industry, built from the ground up for mobile devices. We make automotive repair shops more money by maximizing customer retention and return visits while minimizing time spent on administration and data entry.

Our product creates value in several ways.

First, we simplify client and automobile data collection. There’s no longer a need for paper forms when technicians can quickly capture client information via text message, using the phones they’ve already got in their pockets.

Second, we combine an extensive database of automobile maintenance schedules and our proprietary automobile usage models to accurately predict when every client’s car requires maintenance.

Third, we automatically contact the client using the method of their choice – text, phone, email, and eventually postal mail – and schedule an appointment for maintenance. Repeat visits go up, repair technicians stay busy, and revenue increases.

Finally, because automotive specialists can pay monthly, because they can cancel at any time, and because CoupeSuite works perfectly with the cellphones they already have, our product is the first program of its kind accessible to all automotive repair specialists, from major repair chains to the solitary mechanic.

CrowdCurity : CrowdCurity is providing an easy to use platform for crowdsourced security testing of web applications. Many of the big companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft do public vulnerability reward programs to test the security of their web applications. CrowdCurity delivers a service that enables all companies to publish and manage their own vulnerability reward programs in few easy steps and in a controlled environment. For the security testers CrowdCurity offers a one-stop-shop for vulnerability reward programs from multiple companies. We started on the project July 10th 2013, now we have a platform up and running, and two weeks ago we ran our first vulnerability reward program. We have a handful of customer already lined up for testing. We are a team of 4 danish guys. We have been working from Buenos Aires in the last couple of months, but are now ready to move to Santiago to continue working on this exciting project.

Cryoocyte : During natural spawning seasons, far more fish eggs are produced than can be used. Cryoocyte provides services freezing excess eggs that fish farms produce, so farms can later thaw them to spawn new fish whenever needed during times of egg shortage.
Fish farms decide how many of their excess eggs they would like to pay to have frozen, and transport those eggs to one of our regional cryopreservation facilities for freezing and storage. Once spawning seasons end and fish farms are in need of high quality eggs that are not otherwise available through other mechanisms, they can request that a quantity of their eggs be returned. We ship our customers the eggs; the farms can then subsequently thaw, fertilize the eggs and spawn fish. This gives farms full-year access to their highest quality eggs and the ability to keep their farms fully stocked.

DeltaBid : All companies from big to small buy products and services from other companies, but before a company is going to buy anything they ask quotations from different suppliers to find the best one. This process is similar in all companies, the only difference is the amount of tenders a company has.

Most companies today use email and Excel to conduct tenders and ask quotations – the process is inefficient, hard to manage and not transparent. DeltaBid brings the entire process online, making it transparent and helping buyers to save time and companies to cut costs.

Our customers have said:
“DeltaBid has considerably enhanced the efficiency of our procurement processes on gas line construction and renovation works by making it more transparent and creating bigger competition between suppliers,” said Roman Bogdanovits, CEO, Gaasivõrgud, Estonian Gas distribution network operator.

“The transparency, uniformity and reliability that Deltabid delivers to our global team of buyers has led to very significant time and efficiency savings in our dynamic environment. We’ve been so impressed with their product we’ve become a strategic partner and investor in addition to being satisfied users,” said Arnold Engel, CEO, Vox Supply Chain.

See the case studies:

Derecho24 : Derecho24 simplifies the contact between lawyers and individuals seeking legal advice.
We provide individuals seeking legal advice comprehensive profiles of lawyers that can be found by an advanced search function that filter results by diverse criteria e.g. legal issue, location, etc. Articles about legal issues help users better understand the law and identify high quality legal representation. Ratings by other clients simplify the decision for a lawyer. They also can describe a legal question and send it to several lawyers at the same time.
Derecho24 allows lawyers to be visible online by a comprehensive profile and to demonstrate their expertise by publishing legal articles to grow their client base.
Furthermore Derecho24 helps lawyers to make profit by selling their books, legal forms and documents in an e-shop. Our online career center gives lawyers the opportunity both to publish job advertisements and to find adequate announcements.
Articles can be written in different languages to be also found by foreigners, who are seeking legal advice in their mother tongue.
Lawyer profiles are optimized to search engines to be listed at or near the top of the page. Furthermore we support networking between lawyers in a separate login area. : Disenia wants to be the place where design lovers can discover and buy the best selection of design products with a very visual, intuitive, and fun experience. Disenia is an e commerce platform focused on design with the differentiation of having a curated selection of products, i.e. our “curators” (experts on art & design) select the best designers and their products for every category offered on the site. In that way, we aim to cater the taste of the most demanding design lovers.
We give the best designers a no cost, minimum-effort online sales channel with international visibility and we become an ally on marketing efforts.
On what’s new, we have developed our own referrals engine to keep track and reward every recommendation that goes through our site. We have developed our own flash sale module to drive sales based on impulse. We have worked hard to design a very intuitive and visual UX to provide a friendly and fun experience from the moment you enter Disenia

Dodo – Biotech Crowdfunding : Dodo is a novel solution for biotechnology exploration and science outreach. It is the first crowdfunding platform exclusively for biotech projects. Our goal is to promote the scientific knowledge, funding low and high-risk but promising biotech projects, approximating ordinary people to the development of science. It is a powerful new incentive for scientists to engage the public with science: the potential for raising money for research directly from the public. Ordinary people is excited with science! Now they have the opporunity to be part of an important research by making direct donations, receiving or not a pledge for its donation. Those pledges can be even a participation as a object of study. Kind of nerd? Maybe, but we believe it’s cool to have your gene sequenced or to have your name in a new gene discovered. : Droidbuddy offers a revolutionary approach to the “parent control” market. It is composed of 2 apps and an SDK, one designed for the parents and one for the kids. The kids oriented application is developed around a character DroidBuddy that acts as a companion to whatever the kids do on their tablets. Time spent on educational apps or content is awarded using a well developed gameification process while “improper” use of the tablet ( improper apps / pages ) is disliked by DroidBuddy. In the background the app creates value for the parents by collecting data regarding usage, behavior and information accessed by kids and sent in real time to the parents application where they will have precise insights on how their child is using the device and how this influences them. Value is captured by allowing parents to approach misbehavior in a constructive manner without forcefully blocking access to apps but instead having DroidBuddy influence the kids with rewards in a pleasant manner. Instant blocking options are available for improper content, if needed.DroidBuddy is actually a virtual parent that is keeping an eye out on children whenever real parents are not around.

Epicrisis – Historia Clínica Electrónica y Agenda de Turnos Online : Epicrisis offers as a Web Service and mobile a Master Patients Index, a fully of features Electronic Medical Record for the ambulatory care and a Scheduling Service for Health profesionals in their private practices or medium size Healthcare Networks. And for their patients, Epicrisis offers an online appointment service.

We created Epicrisis with the knowledge and understanding of what doctors need and taking care of the best practices to create an accessible, compliant with the standars and over all affordable product.

Epicrisis has unique features like pre-coded diagnoses and medicines with SNOMED and with an extensive base of comercial products, a canvas arrange like Facebook with an easy to read of past events, pediatric percentiles charts and templates for evaluation, and many other features.

As specialists in Medical Informatics we constantly are searching for and investigating the latest functionalities to improve the service.

eTriage : Triage in an international system of classifying patient severity. Nurses perform triage by asking a sequence of questions. We have developed a proprietary algorithm that gathers the same information quickly and efficiently via an eTriage kiosk.

eTriage is an automated triage and registration system for hospital emergency departments. Patients entering the hospital begin by registering required information. After registration, patients choose their issue from a list of complaints. Their selection gives them a sub-screen with a list of the symptoms associated with their complaint. Upon completion of reporting their issue, the system will assign patients a severity classification that determines when they are seen by the triage nurse to confirm their symptoms and see the physician.

This is an entirely new concept in healthcare and is getting incredible reviews and feedback from the two sites where we have it installed. Emergency department surveys are used by hospitals to judge services provided to patients. eTriage increases overall satisfaction and hospital ratings. This increases hospital funding.

The main items of Intellectual Property are 1) the algorithm used to determine the patient severity and 2) the ability to interface with the hospital’s existing systems.

Etyacol Technologies Private Limited : At present Sappota is a cloud based android application manager to remotely distribute and manage custom developed enterprise applications. Some of the other key features include restricting applications/settings, white listing of applications (kiosk mode), managing multiple devices simultaneously, pushing and deleting files, file manager for SD Card and locking/unlocking a device.
Phase two (currently under development) will be a unified platform for enterprise developers to showcase their products to potential customers. The applications could be either web or mobile based to cater to different enterprise needs. Categorical segregation of applications, detailed information listing, free trails, online purchase option and customer feedback on applications will ensure that Sappota is a one stop shop for service providers and customers.
This platform will help software development companies get visibility to a large client base and also help clients make an informed decision to cater to their needs. Buying/usage behaviour of clients will help in predictive lead generation for instance a customer buying a retail point of sale application might be an ideal customer for a customer feedback platform in the future.
In summary Sappota will be market place for easy discovery, distribution and management of applications.

Everypost : Our tool helps automate the use of social media, which in turn will distribute content more widely in the long run and help to reach a broader audience.

Field Assist : Field Assist in an end-to-end on-field sales management tool that authenticates and assists a sales visit and smartly captures day to day sales activity to provided insights to increase the same.
The concept is putting physical tags (containing unique QR codes for the shops) and empowering the salesmen with an Android based mobile application. This application, which makes him scan these tags, thus capturing his attendances, allows him to prepare well by viewing last 5 sales made and today’s key targets, to enter today’s sales and to conduct on demand surveys. Collected data syncs with cloud in real time and provides live radar of the area to respective sales managers. This largely addresses the most common secondary sales problems faced by FMCG companies like authenticity, quality and productivity of visit, credit history of outlets, SKU wise and outlet wise weekly-monthly trends of sales, identify stores with slower sales and how to effectively up-sell or cross- sell different products. In addition, it also helps clients to check the prevalent brand presence and transport the entire information in a schematic manner to the DMS and ERP layer.
We have developed state-of-art algorithms (patents pending) for placing the tags and authenticating the visits.

Flyotech : Flyotech’s novel, patent-pending systems harness the ability of an insect native to North and South America, the Black Soldier Fly, to recycle organic waste into valuable feed, fuel, and industrial commodities.

Reared on organic waste in pollution-free, zero-emission containers, Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) can be immediately sold, live or dead, as feed for reptiles, chickens, and fish. We can also produce value-added products from BSFL: biodiesel, chitin, and high-protein feed. The fuel properties of biodiesel made from BSFL, i.e. density, viscosity, and cetane number, are comparable to those of canola oil-based biodiesel and meet the European Standard for Biodiesel, EN14214. Chitin and its derivative, chitosan, are versatile polymers used in medicine, biomedical research, cosmetics, and natural pesticides. Our patent-pending, high-protein Flymeal formula has an amino acid profile comparable to that of fishmeal and is high in all ten essential amino acids required by fish, thereby providing a less expensive, environmentally friendly alternative.

Our biorecycling process provides an exceedingly cost-effective service for treating organic waste. As BSFL ingest waste they sanitize and reduce it to an odorless residue. This residue will be further reduced by African Nightcrawler worms to castings, known as vermicast. Vermicast is a high-quality, fertile, fully-organic soil-amendment.

Fototea : Fototea’s platform allows clients to describe and publish their audiovisual project needs directly to our registered photographer database. Once the customer has accessed the platform, he or she might post a Request for Proposal (RFP) by specifying type of event or product need, date, time and location for two major services: Production of photography and video, and Editing of photography and video.
Photographers will access a job board and get mailed updates of these published projects, allowing them to provide a private quotation (closed envelope) on those of their individual interest. Finally, customers will select among the bidders for a photographer to fulfill the project by considering past reviews, quotation received and public portfolio, among others.
Our business model creates value for both sides of the platform. Photographers get the chance to acquire more clients with significantly less effort, giving them access to job opportunities that will allow them to develop as professionals. Our clients save time and effort by easily comparing and choosing artists while getting a lower cost solution for their photography, video production or editing needs. By pooling sale and marketing efforts, Fototea is able to capture value otherwise lost to market inefficiencies.

Garden Gnome Limited : The patent pending innovation provides the information and tools necessary to fine tune your grow system by collecting environmental and hydroponic data that can be securely visualized on a smart phone. The gG’s automated data logging, analysis and custom alerts provides remote access to vital information, which helps avoiding mistakes, maximizes yields, saving resources and freeing up time.

gG is app driven and uses a wifi for communication between its base unit, and its external sensor and actuator modules. The base unit comes with a sensor bundle to which one can add additional wireless sensors for relative humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration, nutrient temperature, ppm, pH and motion detection. The app tracks and displays data that can drive wifi actuators and control any existing hydroponic accessory that plugs in, such as fans and pumps.

It will revolutionize the interaction with your grow system and your plants through its software driven modular design approach allowing it to fit any level of hydroponic grow system complexity from hobbyist to industrial scale.

There is currently no system on the market today that meets the expectations of the modern hydroponic grower it will uniquely position itself as the only real option.

Go Enrol – Making Enrolment Easy : Go Enrol is a platform to streamline the fragmented process of students going from discovery of courses to enrolling. This creates value for academic institutions and students.

For students we will provide a free service which enables them to discover, compare and enrol on courses all in one place throughout their life. This saves time and makes for a cleaner, clearer experience.

Use case: A student in Santiago wants to study in the UK. They have no idea about the universities or what is required to study there. Using Go Enrol they will find out the information they need, tools to compare options and are recommended preparation courses. They can find and enrol on all of these courses on Go Enrol.

For institutions, value is created by 1) access to Go Enrol’s database of students; and 2) we are globally facing so enable them to attract students from around the world.

Use case: A school in the UK wants to diversify its student cohort. They have heard that Chile’s government is encouraging students to study overseas, but the school has no presence there. Through Go Enrol they can find, explain, and enrol students from Chile directly through the site. : GroupRaise Meals are fundraisers where groups of 20-200+ dinners eat at a local restaurant who is donating a percentage of their meal sales to a charitable cause. These meals are organized, found, and marketed online. The organization process, which could take weeks before or in some cases was not even possible, now takes minutes on was created to help restaurants build enchanting relationships with local customers through meal fundraisers that support causes their communities care about. We focus on enabling our charitable organizers to create meaningful experiences over the dinner table, while driving sales and creating repeat business for our restaurant partners without the pitfalls of other marketing approaches like coupons.

Henlight : Henlight is a light that boosts annual egg production in laying hens housed “off-the-grid” or on low-budget, small-scale farms. It is energy efficient (using light emitting diode as the lighting element) and sustainably powered by a solar panel. It is intended to be affordable, accessible, and of high utility to rural smallholder farmers in emerging egg markets as well as backyard chicken keepers in the suburbs of developed countries.

HESIODO : At HESIODO, authors can layout their books, design their cover and control sales and revenues from its personal panel. In addition, authors are not obliged to print several copies of their books in order to be published and they only pay for the services they need, like text editing, cover design and high quality printing.
The revolutionary of HESIODO is the chance to publish books and ebooks at no cost with a full list of editorial services to native Spanish speaker authors. And to have the chance to sell thier work on some of the best known book retailers as Amazon, IBooksStore and Amabook, amog others.
Also, HESIODO creates value for its authors providing the possibility to publish and manage their work in a huge number of online and offline bookstores from a single personal account.

Heyu : Heyu lets language teachers and students make YouTube videos into language study tools. Right now, when language teachers and students use a YouTube video to study another language, they generally flip between many different tabs in the browser and store their work to their own computer, not to the web.

The Heyu web app makes the entire process of language-learning through YouTube more convenient. Users curate the songs and videos they find most effective to practice and learn with. Heyu connects with Twitter, letting users ask Spanish-speakers, for example, for help translating or understanding a difficult line in a Spanish-language song. Heyu provides an interface for users to create timed translations of their favorite YouTube videos, and the next feature build will add integration with the Google Translate API to make it a snap to add vocabulary lists to videos.

Heyu creates value in four ways: by aggregating useful language-learning content for students; by providing teachers with new platforms and tools to teach; by aggregating translations of song lyrics; and by making it less painful to translate a YouTube video. Each of these value streams has a path to monetization, described below in the revenue section.

HMSolution : HMSolution will provide a water filtration system for removing arsenic and other heavy metals from water. Our team has built and tested an initial small-scale prototype, which has shown efficiency 40 times better than current residential filtration systems. The founders plan on applying their technology platform for industrial remediation as well.
Our proprietary technology is an elegant innovation of the iron-based adsorption technology. Our novel design provides constant, in-situ generation of iron oxide particles, using zero-valent iron (Fe) spheres. These particles adsorb both arsenite and arsenate, and allow for high removal efficiency.
Based upon our interviews with water treatment system contractors and homeowners, there is a general sensitivity to product price. We also know households do not follow the suggested filter replacement schedule. HMSolution has designed a system that will require minimal maintenance while assuring safe drinking water at all times. We project that our filtration products will be competitively priced while providing attractive margins to all points of the supply chain.
A provisional patent has been filed by Brown University. HMSolution has initiated negotiations with Brown for an exclusive option to license this and adjacent patents, with no royalty fee payable until the company generates a net profit.

Hoy Plan : Hoy Plan is a Mobile App, complemented by a Web Site, which offers a selection of last-minute deals in ticketed events, personalized according to user’s preferences and behaviors. The events are geolocated, according to the user location, and selected according to user’s preferences and social media integration, advising if any contact has attended or will be attending the proposed events, and allowing to quickly share events with friends on social medias.

Furthermore, the highly personalized offer of Hoy Plan (geolocation, user preferences and social media integration) makes it the perfect market place for events providers to increase tickets sales. Most events providers are willing to sell extra tickets on a last-minute basis at discounted prices, and Hoy Plan provides the perfect solution to market last-minute deals to a very specific target of potential buyers.

Hoy Plan is WillCall & YPlan for Latin American Cities. The Hotel Tonight of entertainment events. The market potential, in our Target Market of 5 LatAm cities (Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador-Bahia) is US$ 5.5BN revenues/year according to eMarketer and market leaders Ticketek and Ticketmaster.

IKUNA : IKUNA is a project that aims to connect artisans with national/international markets. The project includes an online marketplace for artisans products where each artisan has a self-manage web-store were they can upload/download their crafts. When a sale is done in our webpage, a mail or sms message (if he/she does not have internet access) is send automatically to the artisan, this allows the artisan to know when and where to pack and deliver the product from their local community.

IKUNA is also an open innovation platform were designers, artisans and customers create new products in a collaborative way. Is a “Social-Quirky” where ideas of new products are uploaded, products are co-created -between designers, artisans and customers- and voted, and items are produced by artisans in a fair and green way. After this, the products are delivered to the final customer. Products will be also created through open contests with a defined challenge and reward. Example: “New Image of Chile-Clay 2.0”.

Customers will have the chance of accessing not only an artisan´s marketplace but will also be able to co-create items and choose which products will be produced, making this a unique experience that will end in a personalized product.

inch : Inch is a mobile-first CRM layer that makes using CRMs loveable and salespeople productive. It’s deeply integrated into the mobile device, connects to all the must have apps (phone, contacts, calendar and task list) and performs on-the-fly synchronisation with the biggest CRMs (currently we’re focusing on SalesForce).

It is not another app that wants to define a new super effective way to work, it’s an app that aims to complete salespeople’s current workflow in the most natural, seamless and productive way. Inch is triggered by the way salespeople work and gives back and asks for information right when they need it.

(1) Automatic and transparent synchronization of every business-related event with connected CRMs without requiring any effort from the user
(2) Inch recognises the caller and instantly updates the sales rep with relevant contact information
(3) Inch automatically offers on screen essential CRM functions right after every phone call, making data input a quick habit
(4) Inch provides an intuitive overview of salespeople’s tasks, while contacts, calendar events, deals, companies and related data are always up to date on the phone
(5) Use your preferred CRM.
(6) Perfectly timed notifications help you know what to do next.

Inhesy (Integrated Health Systems) : We just built a website to help patients find their doctors. We have a roadmap designed to further develop our project step by step into the most powerful and flexible platform for medical professionals who need data, news and analytics to make better decisions through an integrated health platform. It integrated all health related stuff into one place, i.e. doctors, clinics, hospitals, medicine journalism, universities medical schools, research departments, pharmaceutical industry.

InstaRespuesta : InstaRespuesta is a local, online platform that connects people who need answers with experts who can provide a quality answer. The platform houses a network of experts, each with a profile that displays a per-minute rate for consultation. A client can select experts online or receive a recommendation by the InstaRespuesta team (over the phone, via email or on the platform). The platform coordinates phone consultations (via conference call bridge) or in-person meetings and processes the billing and payment after the consultation.

InstaRespuesta is the first service of its kind in the world because it facilitates a conversation with local experts at a per-minute rate. We will target large metropolitan areas throughout Latin America (similar to Craigslist). Our network of experts will have the local know-how and experience to provide a high-quality answer. The local focus allows for face-to-face interactions, which is highly valued in the Latin American culture.

SMB’s get an answer quickly by local, verified experts, and at a great value. Our field test shows that with a per-minute fee, customers will spend 50-70% less than if they hire a professional at their hourly rate.

For experts, it is a powerful lead generation tool with no billing hassle.

Intermesa : This is SAAS – solution, that allows the manager operate all processes and information flows with high efficiency, using one system. Revolutionary feature is that Intermesa based on Work Flow, that makes possible the creation of dissimilar processes, allowing employees to execute them and managers to control. And Intermesa will proceed the information integration of the processes by itself. The employee does not devise tasks, but accomplish only ones, that the system gives to him.Each client pays a month fee for access to the exact functionality that he needs.

Izgő Therapies : Our base product is a portable, multichannel, programmable signal generator, designed to meet electrical demands of human tissue stimulation. A device for personal use, a general device that is easily transformable by expansion kits to execute specific programs. Kits comprise sensors, controls and software, the complexity of which can vary on a wide range, but all of them built around and compatible with the solid core unit. Some of them make possible simple exercise movements, others complex actions, such as cycling or walking on paralyzed limbs. Complex kits will be implemented while others on sale already.
The project, in the first place, will grant the patients autonomy to complete everyday tasks and to practice sports alone, and allow them to do electrotherapy treatment in their homes or outdoors. It will ease their lives by not having to depend on the availability of physiotherapy centers, most of which are not equipped for functional stimulation and by not having to deal with daily transport to the centers.
The device will also be able to produce conventional electrotherapy waveforms, making possible for family members to profit from it, for acute pain treatment, muscle relaxation after sport, helping local metabolism, nerve stimulation, etc.

Kuona : Kuona is a mobile app (in iOS & Android) where users can search for products inside the stores. Users can write their shopping list in our app or pull their list from their email or notes app. Kuona then automatically sorts your shopping list by aisle, In this way, users can save time and get relevant deals on each of the aisles. Users of Kuona can also compare prices among stores and improve their overall shopping experience.

Likeeds : We are an ecommerce, thus we make money by selling goods and services.
Since we’re specialized on a very specific segment we optimize the customer and database acquisition process and leverage relationship with supplying partners and brands.
We help parents to get what they need easily and conveniently. We present to them the most extensive offering for their babies&kids in a convenient, trustworthy, and professional look&fell. creates the right environment to show any kind of brand, from small creations to classy fashion designs. That’s why the biggest brands accept sell through us while banning out their presence from marketplaces (ie.Mercadolibre).

Selling online efficiently is a tricky and very technical business. A deep know-how is needed in many different disciplines (catalog management, traffic and conversion, technology, SEM, SEO, Social Marketing, etc., etc,) This kind of knowledge is not affordable for medium or small players. So their only option for selling online is relaying on marketplaces, where they can’t control the way their products are shown. Worst of all they compete against any kind of offering, even used products.

At we are Brands’ partners because we help them in reaching their target and selling online, efficiently and conveniently.

LilyMedia : Kids will learn in a fun environment through technology and parents will check what they are learning and what skills are developing thanks to a psychological report that is created meanwhile his child is playing.

Linknovate : We cannot imagine the world without a website which finds the relevant experts and technologies for a set of keywords. Twenty years ago breakthroughs happened twice a year; today they happen almost every week. Companies need to know about them… since they cannot do all their research and product innovation in-house anymore (e.g. Apple, the paranoia of in-house development acquiring a core technology: Siri!).

Today this search works mainly off-line and manually. Engineers in companies read through too many documents (numerous non-relevant ones), create their own databases, or reach bilateral agreements with universities. Still, they miss much of the available data. And researchers spend up to 30% of their time writing proposals, need to constantly update their personal websites (which they don’t do), or research things which they aren’t fully passionate about.

What we are building is a professional network where these people can meet, interact, and come up with new ideas and products that can change the world.

There are many potential applications for this data. The one we know companies are more willing to try (and pay for!) is technology scouting and expert search. Why? Because they can reduce time-to-market cycles.

liveTrust : It’s a system that allows people to measure their health signs. There are six separate sensors that connect to a core device that wirelessly send data to a gateway: sphygmomanometer, glucometer, thermometer, hearth rate sensor, breath rate sensor and oxymeter.
It is an online platform that orders and presents user’s data (either streaming or historically). In Chile there is not a system in telemedicine that reaches as many patients as we want to achieve.

· Stores a profile of users and suggests and promotes healthy habits.
· Warns users or healthcare agents about anomalies and allows video calls between them.
·Allows an accurate, simple, sleek, portable, low cost and constant monitoring for users.
·Detects problems sooner, thus protecting users and reducing costs.
·Improves the communication with healthcare providers through video conferences, allowing patient control after consultation.
·Users will have files with their personal health data, both recent and hitorical.
· Doctors will have access to it and make more informed decisions.
·Users will get news about healthy habits through the platform.

We sell the device and sensors. We use the Freemium model and ads for the platform. We plan to patent the brand and the industrial design.

Lotebox : Lotebox is a online system that helps small and medium trade business to share cargo containers with others companies that has similar shipping requirements. The system analyses the shipping data to find the best match based on origin, destination, cargo measure and category.

LYSIS : We deliver the information safely and automatically to the patient, presented in a way that the patient can understand and act upon it, even before consulting their doctor. This way, we propose a system of collaborative medicine where the patients are informed and involved in their treatment from the beginning, and we encourage institutions to be on top of their patients’ health, preventing illness or stopping it in its tracks by detecting it early thanks to quicker, more accurate laboratory processes.

MedaIno : Our product aims at measuring different vital signs of body using various electronic components in addition to diagnose cardiovascular diseases by analyzing the data being measured.
It consists of measuring and analyzing:
1. Electro-Cardio Graph (ECG)
2. Pulse Oximetry
3. Body Temperature
We aim at designing a Low cost, highly portable and readily available in every household device so that a patient can monitor his body at any time whenever he feels something abnormal with himself without a requirement of visiting the doctor or without even waiting for the family doctor to visit in person.
A TFT LCD would be placed at the top of the modem size box which would display the instruction to user and graph of ECG, SpO2 content (percentage of oxygen content/hemoglobin in blood) and Body Temperature. Also, the readings are recorded with the time stamp.
Our device would also display possible disease to the patient by analyzing the data recorded and recommend the medicines. In case of a serious situation it would trigger an alarm to consult to a doctor immediately. We further expand it to test all major problems of the body.
We want to give a HOSPITAL IN A BOX.

MedHQ : MedHQ is a platform for turning protocols into point-of-care systems (POCS). It acts as a framework for accelerating development and for handling cross-platform implementation. It is backbone technology that makes creating medical treatment software really easy.
Our vision is to democratise this technology and give healthcare professionals the ability to create their own support tools. Health professionals think in terms of discipline specific management algorithms, not in technical requirements. By combining easy authoring with conventions, we want to let health professionals create their own apps. MedHQ hopes to incorporate standardised terminologies like SNOMED CT. In this way, MedHQ apps can plug-and-play with one another and interact with third-party systems through an API. This object-oriented design will let MedHQ apps eventually handle complex management scenarios never previously imagined.
Our first step, is to create an engine that turns management algorithms into smart checklists. Instead of coding, users can capture clinical algorithm with simple rules in an online editor. MedHQ determines the clinical information required, and generates the necessary forms for data entry. It then processes the inputs through the user-defined algorithms to generate a patient-specific management plan. We are currently enhancing rule functionality and exploring effective UX design for our product.

Media Diplomat : PR professionals/experts – After signing up they receive email notifications with requests from reporters in various categories. When they want to respond a link takes them to a unique response page. Currently the service is free but paid members will be able to view and respond faster than normal members. For PR professionals this is important because a quicker response can mean a higher success rate. The paid product is for PR freelancers, PR agencies and university in-house press teams. However many of our members are also general experts who have an interest in placing themselves in the media. PR professionals find our service useful because it helps them get press coverage/show value to their clients. Reporters – On our home page there is a free-to-use ‘Find Expert’ page where reporters make requests. In a fully automated process, when they get a response a HTML email is sent to them with the profile of the source, the response and contact details. The majority of sources use LinkedIn to register meaning the reporter can see the LinkedIn profile also. This makes life a lot easier for them in terms of verifying if the source is suitable.

MiCuento : Micuento produce interactive children´s personalized book apps.
Our value proposition has the unique features of:
• high quality artistic literacy proposal;
• high degree of interactivity among the reader and the different elements of the story;
• great emotive impact on kids once they become they main characters of the story.

User Experience:
1) The user choose the book app to be personalized according to the kid age (e.g.: “The Dragon of the Stars”).
2) Some kids parameters are asked: name, gender, place where he/she lives, hair color, friends ‘and relatives ‘names, wish, etc.
3) With all this data, Micuento transform texts and illustrations on a personalized and interactive story where the kid become the main character.
4) The user enjoy the story playing with “touch screens” like “voice overs” & “animated overs”. This story can also be played in different modes: “auto play” or “read it myself”. Moreover, the user can make in-app purchases in order to add characters to the story.
5) Once the story is over, users can share its experience on Facebook and Twitter, or YouTube.

The intellectual property of our content belongs to Micuento, which represent an important asset and entry barrier. : complete BCI learning course, incorporating audio/visual feedback.We are introducing competitive/collobarative learning/controlling techniques that allow us to increse degree of freedom to any desired number (1 person 2 degree of freedom, 10 people 2power10). And as a result allowing people to get full control of aggregate indexes of attention and meditation (provided by neurosky headset), which will allow you to control almost anything around you.
We already have developed full-cycle brain fitness course including:
– Android OS games: Save Opportunity, Voice of Spirit (was developed in cooperation with;
– Brain Fitness Tollkit: Arduino-EEG based RoboSmart, lightSmart, EEG-hat and EEG-vibrator;

MobileX Labs : MobileX Labs allows anyone to create their own highly customized native mobile apps. Current app builders make the process complex and clunky, and create apps that users open once and then forget. Our platform is simple to use and provides apps that actually add value to the customer’s mobile presence.

We think our service solves ‘today’s’ problem of not being able to create quality apps on a budget. But, we built it with just that in mind. What will tomorrow’s problem be? We think we have the right set of tools to create a really unique set of mobile solutions that will shake the mobile environment for years to come. In 2014, we plan to create the world first mobile game creator (where you can truly build awesome engagement based games in minutes that integrate with our apps). We also built our platform so that it could create a native mobile media based social network. Think of a media based Flipboard meets Facebook with a fully native app experience. We have a variety of synergies and one of the main reasons we have been able to draw interest from the likes of Mark Cuban and other well known investors.

NightlifeGraph : Nightlifegraph is a cloud based platform that allows nightclubs and promoters to manage their events with the following features.

– Ticketing: Nightclubs can allow their customers to easily buy tickets through web and mobile devices.

– Guest list management: Every RSVP goes to our platform so they can track their loyal customers

– Bottle service reservation: Users are able to book their VIP tables through web or mobile (Nixter). All this information is shown in NG so the promoter can call the customer and close the transaction.

– Analytics: NG allows nightclubs to access big Data like ratios of attendance, gender, social influence of their customers, demographics as well as average spend and more.
This tool also allows them to know estimated attendance even before the party starts.

Nightlifegraph is fully connected to an iPhone app called Nixter that allows party-goers to interact with the nightclub accessing the guest lists, buying tickets or booking bottle service reservations.

Taking over the B2B and B2C of the nightlife industry allows us to pull big data out of our users in order to offer deep targeting options when it comes to publishing a party or delivering the right advertising through mobile devices.

Paganza : We built an app for that.

Our app (1) reads the barcode included in the invoice, (2) takes the money from a bank account and (3) process the payments using different networks already in the market.

1. The app:
Paganza can read very long barcodes (we built a custom library for that), as the ones in invoices, with middle-range cell phones.

2. The debit:
We get the money connecting to bank accounts (or any other electric funding source as debit cards). Users need to approve one time with their banks first typically through their home banking.

3. The payment:
Coverage is key. We try to avoid direct agreements in order to process through other networks and get more coverage from day #1. The processor might be the bank where the money comes from, but we also generate our own agreements with other networks in order to have full coverage.

PeoplePledge : PeoplePledge offers a medical crowdfunding website. This website product is accessible for Australians to create online fundraising pages to raise funds for loved ones with an illness or disability. We have 2 major target groups, including creators of the fundraising pages and also the supporters who donate to the fundraising pages. For now, only Australians can create fundraising pages but anyone from around the world can donate. In future, we will expand to allow other countries to create fundraising pages. This is new and revolutionary because we are the first medical crowdfunding platform to provide this kind of website in Australia. We create value for customers because the cost to sign up and set up a crowdfunding pledge page is free, and we only charge 5% if and only if page creators actually raise any funds. We capture value from the admin fee we charge as a percentage of the total funds raised. The relevant intellectual property that we have is the website and the business processes and systems of acquiring, converting and serving customers both offline and online. We already have a network of pledge page creators, as well as donors, and some of those donors are repeat donors.

Personaling : Personaling is the evolution of a fashion magazine and an eCommerce service, that brings together, designers, personal shoppers and the most remarkable brands with their target audience: Women Buyers.

It’s a web platform where brands will be able to showcase their collections and inventories while fashion experts as fashion bloggers, editors, photographers, models and artists, use those items to create looks in a professional way and according to the latest trends and the different women profile.

These experts (Personal Shoppers) will also define the corporal profile and style which fits perfect for those composed looks.

On the other hand, a client when register must complete a personal profile that includes her height, contexture, body type, eye and hair color, as well as her favorite styles.

So when a campaign is enabled the system automatically generates a match and every client will see curated and recommended looks with the opportunity of buying it completely or partially from the comfort of her house.

In the past, women admired celebrities and influencers on how they look, having only the opportunity to dream whearing the same, but with Personaling that becomes a reality.

Based on our technology we’re also democratizing Personal Shoppers services

pik’d : pik’d is a tool that automatically detects highlights of action sports videos, empowering our users to easily find, save and share their finest.

After the session, users simply connect pik’d to a computer and upload the data along with the recorded video material. Based on sophisticated algorithms, our software “pik’d out” will immediately detect and mark all sequence highlights. Our customers will have the opportunity to choose and review the suggested highlights and change beginning and end points, if they wish. They can save the chosen sequences as video files and store them to compile a full movie anytime later or share single sequences on social platforms like Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook with a single click. The upcoming app will make this a mobile service and further contribute to our portfolio.

Pneumo Project : We propose the creation of a handy and robust spirometer that operates attached to the user’s smartphone, enabling free respiratory function tests anywhere. Users will blow in a tube to perform the spirometry and assess the condition of their respiratory function in seconds, something currently available only at the physician’s office. It will utilize the device magnetomerer, resulting in battery free device and will be compatible with available mouthpieces and germ filters.
With often spirometries, users:
a. may accurately regulate their medication dosage, thus minimizing drug intake; supported by algorithms in the native mobile app, matching asthma treatment protocols
b. keep detailed statistics to accurately evaluate evolution of their condition and medication schemas effectiveness
c. evaluate how external factors affect lungs temporarily, such as occupational asthma triggers, aerobic training and smoking
The device will also transfer data to attending phycisians online, eliciting immediate advice, at minimal hassle and cost.
Costwise, the device is expected to be in the range of $80, when average adult medication costs $100 for 30 days and current non-smartphone devices cost $350 and above. Economy is achieved by utilizing the processing capability and the HD screen of the smartphone, instead of a poor feature standalone device.

Positive School Climate – Alfombra Mágica : Studies show it is more effective to prevent bullying before it starts. Preventing violence and risk behavior involves a commitment to creating a safe environment where children can thrive, socially and academically. Experts also recommend families to get involved on the task.
Peaceful Coexistence school programs should be entertaining and in sync with children´s age, interests and needs.
Social-emotional learning is a process, that’s why programs should last enough time to let children experience what they are learning.

Our program promotes a respectful, empathic and cooperative relationship between peers, teachers and their families, which works on preventing risk behaviors, violence, depression, stress and more.

Through cooperative games children from 1st to 4th grade develop emotional skills and learn how to achieve common goals.
The program is ready to implement, no planning time or extra materials are needed, includes measurement tests.

The program contents are based on the concepts of a Positive school Climate established by Neva Milicic and Ana María Aron, which are: Identity, Self-esteem, Self-care, Respect, Empathy and Peaceful conflict management.

Contains student´s personal color Activity notebook with stickers for classes and family activities, which needs to be renovated yearly. A teacher´s manual and an online brief training.

Povio : Povio is a communication utility that mimics the natural flow of communication between people. Usually when you call up a friend you ask how he is and then he tells you. Current broadcasting services are like calling your friends and just talking, not listening.

In Povio you just “ping” your friends and they respond in a few seconds using a patent-pending quick response feature. Their response is simply a photo of their point of view (POV).

In a world where more and more moments are captured by smart devices and any stranger can “follow” you, there’s a need for a more casual space to stay in touch with friends.

We are not trying to be a photo sharing app. There are great apps to create and share or send good looking or casual photos. Povio is the fastest way to answer a friend and let them know what you’re doing. Because it’s so easy people actually use it a lot and instead of worrying about content, the focus is on context

Process Street : We provide a simple and effective process documentation SaaS tool. We create value by providing businesses with a simple and intuitive experience to create and execute critical business processes. Using Process Street, businesses can rapidly create process documents, and have employees complete jobs as necessary. Users can track the performance of employees and processes, optimizing along the way. We also allow rapid process iteration reducing the inertia generally associated with documenting business processes.

Rachei : Rachei is an online platform that allows people with excess workspace or coworking spaces to list their space online and seamlessly rent it by the hour, day, month or longer and allows people who need secure, shared workspaces to discover great workspaces in their neighborhoods and reserve, pay and use these spaces frictionlessly.

Once an office, coworking space, hackerspace or warehouse lists their workspace on Rachei, anyone of our members can reserve space and pay via our platform. Both sides can communicate to make sure that they are a good fit for each other.

We are the AirBnB for shared workspaces. We give landlords all the tools they need to make the most of their excess capacity while giving the workers the platform to find the best shared workspaces in their cities.

Additionally, people who book workspaces via rachei have the opportunity to build their networks and connect with other like minded professionals who are using the workspaces as well.

Rah Rah 4 Good : RahRah4Good designs, sources and distributes socially-responsible jewelry in team colors for sports fans around the world. We spotted these beautiful beads during our travels in East and West Africa. The women sell them in villages to tourists, but lack a broader distribution network. We created RahRah4Good as a way to support these women by broadening the appeal of their jewelry and opening up new markets. We will sell this new jewelry to sports fans on college campuses around the US.
Also, we will offer an online platform where customers can order jewelry in their team’s colors. With about 20 core colors, we can cover over 80% of team colors and offer almost unlimited possibilities. The online platform will allow ordering of custom-made jewelry for any team. Also, fans can become sales agents on their own college campuses or among fellow fans of the same team. Or, they can earn commissions or discounts for spreading the word on social media, and distributing on game days. There will also be programs for cheerleading squads, sororities, and other spirited groups who want to raise money while doing something that is socially beneficial. The online platform will make the brand scalable and global.

Rankmi : Rankmi is the first platform to evaluate and develop leadership skills. Managers obtain an overall rating of their skills level and updated feedback on how they run their teams. To use Rankmi, managers create a profile and ask their team members to conduct an evaluation of their competency in different domains. We then analyse this information and provide leaders with a customised dashboard about their skill level and a personalized development plan, allowing them to boost their team’s performance and engagement, and their own careers.

Rankmi provides an independent, reliable and comparable evaluation. Managers can use this to rank and compare themselves to other leaders globally. Our product is innovative as it gives ownership of the information to users, so they can use it to show their skill within and across organisations, post it on their social media, share it with recruiters, etc.

We can provide Companies with an affordable, scalable and easy to use system for internal evaluations, helping them detect and nurture internal talent, enhance the quality of their leaders, and create high-performance teams. We will create a company leadership rating, allowing them to benchmark their human capital, and brand themselves according to the quality of their leaders.

Reportgarden : Our product helps online ad agencies create analysis and performance reports for their clients. We do this by linking with their adwords, analytics, bing ads accounts using APIs and loading data into their reports. Our customers can now slice and segment the data on the fly to show analysis in the form visualizations.

Our product offers deep segmentation and filtration of the data from all the ad services(Adwords, Analytics, Bing ads, etc). We stitch together the data from these services automatically to make it easy for account managers to create complex analysis reports.

For example, we can stitch together information from adwords and analytics to show keyword level bounce rate this week compared with the previous week. If you try to do this using excel, you will need to download sheets from google analytics and adwords. Then you have to combine the two sheets followed by trying to split data by week. Using that split data you prepare visualizations.

Our product is already out in the market and we have several paying customers. A typical report which used to take 2-3 hours to prepare, takes 5 mins to prepare with reportgarden.

RIHT : We match patients in the developed world with doctors and clinics in the developing world — and hold both parties hands during the entire process. We:

-Create a network of doctors and medical clinics in Latin America, who speak English and are prepared to treat clients who don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese

-Provide an English-language search engine and platform through which potential customers in the USA (and later, other developed countries) can find the procedure they need, and its cost.

-We do the sales work: we work with the potential customer, to turn them into a customer

-We organize and manage the customer’s experience during the trip, from helping them book the trip, to finding a hotel, to picking them up at the airport if needed.

In other words, we are the “AirBnB of Medical Tourism” — except, unlike AirBnB, which does nothing once you make the purchase, we help both the doctor and patient alike through every step of the experience, ensuring a smooth operation in all directions.

Scouter : A video chat app for smartphones and tablets that requires less data, gives a more consistent connection, and allows users to multitask at the same time. We constrain the video chat to the top third of the device’s screen, allowing us to compress the video transmission without noticeably losing picture quality. The rest of the screen is a panel that changes based on what the user chooses. For example if a user wants to surf Reddit while chatting, he can select our web browser. If he wants to play a game with his chat buddy, they can both select chess and play together. Our application also supports screen sharing during video chat by allowing users to share web sites, documents, and videos that appear on the bottom screen while chatting — something entirely new to mobile video chat applications.

Sirias Salud : We provide an easy to use, hassle-free web app (Software as a Service or SaaS) for reporting, logging and evaluating AEs, creating an instance to successfully apply countermeasures to avoid future related AEs.

Standardizes the process of reporting, logging and evaluatiang AEs across medical facilities (public and private) Country-wide.

Revamps the current process of AE reporting (underused,undermanaged)
User oriented plataform to increase report engagement.

SkyBerry : SkyBerry is a platform for crowd-sourced flight deals. Our flights are always more than 50% cheaper than the regular fares and often even 90% cheaper! Peru from Europe for 150€ roundtrip after taxes? Yes, we have such flights!

Just tell us where and when you want to go, set the maximum price and relax. When our fare hackers have a flight that matches your preferences you’ll get a push notification via our mobile app, Facebook app or email and you can book it instantly.

How many tickets do we have?
We sell only the best deals, the ones that are more than 50% cheaper that the avarage price on a certain route. There are hundreds of thousands of such tickets available every day.
The thing is that the deals are usually around for only a few hours, so flexibility and being quick are key!

Snapp : We fully take advantage of the mobile device capabilities in order to make the experience of creating a mobile app as easy as building legos.

SokoText : SokoText creates a virtual buyer co-operative using mobile phones to group demand and unlock wholesale prices in the slums. Our platform aggregates individual kiosk owners and places a daily collective order, without them actually having to work together. By sourcing in bulk directly from farmer co-operatives, we reduce the end price of fresh produce by 20% while making a 10% margin to cover our costs and fuel our growth.

SokoText’s innovative system leverages the simplicity and ubiquity of mobile phones with the power of micro-wholesaling. We reduce supply chain inefficiencies and locate our SokoText outlets on the edge of the slums, saving time and money on daily trips for kiosk owners to the faraway markets. Because of the high density in slums, SokoText capitalizes on the multiplier effect from our network of existing kiosk owners. With just one SokoText outlet supplying 150 kiosks, and each kiosk supplying 15 families, we can easily reach over 11,000 end consumers with a single outlet.
Additionally, we provide business education (through our partnership with the Equity Bank Foundation) and nutritional information to kiosk owners using our proprietary SMS-based education platform.

SokoText is an accessible, scalable and profitable 21st century solution to food insecurity.

Splitplay : We market and sell games for game developers who have great games but are too limited to self marketing, so they aren’t able to make money. We host their games at splitplay and market and sell them.
Nobody here in Latin America does what we are doing, and our developers really need this. Specialist Jason Della Rocca says that what our market needs to grow stronger is to give an option to smaller game developers, and not necessarily big companies. Maria das Graças Chagas made a study that shows we have a lot of production that doesn’t have where to be sold, and many people that studies Game Design end up working in another area because of the lack of options.
We are offering great value for both consumers that can’t find this anywhere else and for developers that have trouble distributing their games. : has developed a machine learning technology to aggregate and visualize hundreds of thousands of statistical datasets onto a single portal.

In total, is aggregating data from 300+ data sources at all levels of government (international, national, regional, local) that use different data formats and different database architectures and mapping it on a single intuitive map. Through this ambitious process, we are reducing the pain of researching and working with open data, allowing for seamless navigation and comparisons across geography and level of government. is relevant as an information provider to large professional users such as government agencies, international organisations and media groups, under a subscription service.

A short demo video of the product can be seen on and a demo of the prototype is available at

Storyberry : Storyberry is a digital publishing and distribution platform for interactive story books for kids. For a typical consumer, Storyberry provides a library of fun, interactive books which allow cultural and language specific customizations along with associated in-app and print activities for kids.

The primary differentiation for the platform is in the level of consumer engagement and contribution. Every user on storyberry platform is also potentially a story teller, an illustrator, a translator and a voiceover artist. Individual contributions made on the platform can be pushed back to a ‘Social library’ for discovery and consumption by other users. This enables interesting scenarios such as allowing a user to edit text and voiceover for a story in say ‘Portugese’ and upload it for general access and consumption by the entire community.

Storyberry provides in-app editing tools and artwork for the novice creators. Storyberry also includes professional design tools and workflows to allow designers to transform their imaginative artwork into interactive stories without need of any programming skills. The primary objective is to reduce the time associated in transition of a design concept to digital content ready for consumption.

Storyberry aspires to be the ‘Youtube’ and ‘Netflix’ of digital interactive stories for kids.

Stylend : The Solution: RENT the perfect dress at 1/10th the retail price from another stylish woman in your city.

Stylend is a location based app that connects women who have dresses FOR rent with women who need dresses TO rent instantaneously. It’s like Aribnb for your closet. Or Rent the Runway but peer to peer.

Stylend monetizes your wardrobe while providing access to infinite, affordable fashion.

SWITCH 2 : Switch is a global educational program based on artistic techniques that transforms student behaviour and improves school academic performance.

Throughout the year students learn through music, dance and theatre how to channel their energy by enhancing creativity, respect and fellowship. Every week kids have to participate in different challenges that encourage student’s awareness behaviour and bullying.

With the support of an expert Switch-Tutor, students have to come up with creative ideas and initiatives in order to create their own “cool” artistic videos promoting ways of improving their school environment. This makes students to develop a huge sense of belonging and commitment to the message of the videos because they are “the creators”.

To go global, we have designed a scalable model in which Switch-tutors develop local networks in every school. Then each school is connected through an online platform, resulting in the first anti-bullying educational social network. This works in a similar way to the Wayra’s project Poliglotas (first language social network) or the Ted Prize musical project of Jose Antonio Abreu (El sistema).

Switch is a fun interactive way of improving schools environment, where the “cool-ones” are the “good-ones”.

Syme : Syme is a secure social network for groups. Syme aims at helping people and organizations overcome problems of privacy and surveillance when communicating online. It is the only social network that can offer its users complete security in knowing that their communications can only be viewed by the people they choose – not by ad agencies, not by third parties, not even by us. Because of its innovative security architecture, which encrypts data before it leaves the user’s computer (commonly referred to “end-to-end encryption”), Syme is able to guarantee an unparalleled level of privacy to its users. End-to- end encryption has previously been used to increase privacy on the Web, but it has yet to emerge in social media because of technical barriers. By exploiting the latest advances in browser technology, and combining these with cryptographic primitives used by banks and the military, Syme is the first company to bring client-side encryption to something as simple and easy to use as a social network. Encryption remains the best way to protect what you share online, but it’s notoriously hard to use. Syme make it as easy as using Facebook or Gmail — that’s where it’s innovation and novelty lies.

Tagstory : The product is a game that teaches kids HTML, offering knowledge in a noninvasive and yet focused manner. What makes us unique is the combination of tools used to transfer knowledge: visual language of the game, making it usable by 5 year olds; interaction enhancing kinaesthetic learning; interesting and appealing character; carefully selected HTML tags to be collected and implemented practically within the game; and giving our learners sense of accomplishment. Our customers—the parents who wish to teach their kids programming through a game—will receive an email report on their child’s progress and level accomplishments every time a child completes a level and acquires a new skill. To capture the value we would offer the game with few levels for free on relevant application stores (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play) while charging for the rest of the game and potential customization features.

TAO : TAO is a personalized learning solution, that intelligently understands students learning pattern and creates a personalized courseware in real time for every child.

The ‘Dissection Engine’ helps to identify the learning-gaps present in the student’s understanding of the concept. These learning-gaps are then remediated using high-quality open-source or third-party learning materials, in the form of videos and interactive content. TAO completes the learning cycle by providing teachers with deep insights on the students progress and learning gaps.

Example on math students getting personalized intervention: two students struggling to learn concept ‘compare fraction’: TAO can offer one student visual content (video) on LCM (which is a pre-requisite for compare fraction), while offer textbook excerpt to clear the misconception called ‘Fraction with greater denominator is not greater’ to another student.

Access our product at:
(userid: password: password)

Taste Space : Taste Space is an ecommerce platform where restaurants can sell online from four different channels: Web, Mobile App, Facebook and integration with online food delivery marketplaces.
The product works as follows: the restaurant’s owner enters in and logs in. There he uploads the menu and images of the dishes. Then, in less than 24 hours, the web is “cooked” by the Robot Chef and handcrafted by real people to make it beautiful.
The restaurant gets a website with the menu uploaded and the pictures of the dishes. He can manually change the background with more than 20 different templates. Also he can modify the menu, upload more pictures or change valuable information like opening hours, delivery costs, discount coupons and Social Media.
He can also manage all this information from a mobile app.
Moreover, he can easily install the Facebook application to sell from his fanpage. And the sexiest feature is that his website is Web Responsive, so it looks awesome trough a smartphone.
If he wants to have the App in the AppStore or Google Play, it is possible. He just has to inform to Taste Space and we will make it real in less than a week.

Teamscope : Teamscope is an app that lets medical professionals team-up and gather research data right on their mobile device.

Using our online form builder they can create and deploy comprehensive data surveys on to iPhone or iPad in seconds. Then researchers can start collecting data, in multiple hospitals, in multiple cities, or even in multiple countries. When enough data points are collected, the entire set can be easily exported to other software for analysis.

We are revolutionizing the way medical researchers interact and collaborate with each other. Our app has distinct features that encourage collaboration, like rankings of top contributors and user profiles where researchers can share online the different medical studies that they have contributed in.

By using Teamscope researchers can gather the needed sample data in less time, expand their study conclusions with richer data, and connect with other data driven health specialist world wide.

TechChamp : TechChamp is a two sided marketplace where users come to discover new startups by categories (such as travel, reading etc) or by specific problems being solved (for example travel planning, finding accomodation etc). Upon discovering a startup the user has the option of joining the “inner circle” of the startup where he can contribute to the startup in various ways including feedback, help on specific aspects, becoming a champion etc. These would be the set of go to users for a startup.
The user would be incentivized in terms of early access, sneak previews and other in kind rewards (no money). Also this would be further promoted through gamified engagement of the user with the portal.
This kind of a platform is unique where in users come on the portal to search for solutions to their problems, which they find in terms of various products and services and at the same time they are made to be active consumers. This results in a win win situation for both the user and the startup.

TeliportMe : Our app 360 lets you take panoramas on over 300+ Android phones. We use proprietary image processing technology to be able to circumvent the hardware dependencies.

Panoramas are the first step – we envision using geotagged visual and contextual information to create, share and experience places through your mobile device.

The Design Gym Global : We’re building a community of creative problem solvers by educating them in a powerful set of tools and design thinking processes through workshops, classes and events. Our workshops and events feature real organizations with real problems in order to revolutionize the impact learning can have. These events are paid for by both students and organizations.

We’ve brought a diverse student community into partnerships with a variety of organizations such as the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Mozilla, and NY Department of Health. This curated pairing of a community of problem solvers and organizations in need of fresh thinking is our unique offering. We create value by facilitating powerful and productive creative experiences in this intersection.

This education platform scales through a train-the-trainer model and university partnerships. The community is supported with sales of both physical and digital tools, many of which have already been developed.

Our model has proven wildly successful in New York, and we think Chile will be an ideal starting place for expansion in the Americas. The emerging interest in design thinking and innovation complements our focus on education and empowerment of local communities.

The MUSE : The MUSE is a high quality snowboarding accessory that creates a hassle free connection to your music while improving safety and increasing fun on the slopes!

The Wildlands Collective : While the prototype is an online, curated marketplace of properties and a booking/discovery platform for adventurous travelers in the market for remote properties/lodges that fit their ideal outdoor adventure and travel needs, the longer-term vision is the creation of a membership-based, destination club and traveling community akin to Inspirato, ClubMed, or Ruele Chateaux, offering a consistent, hospitality experience for a specific market segment. We plan to do this by first developing Wildlands’ brand identity (wild nature, adventure, community) around a curated portfolio of remote properties/lodges and effectively being an intermediary that connects distributed supply with targeted demand. After the brand identity and experience has been strongly defined, and a nascent initial community exists, we plan to raise capital to enter into long-term leases with targeted remote property owners (similar to Inspirato) and effectively take on the inventory/marketing risk (as well as the higher margins that would come with such activities) and develop back-end support to make the portfolio of properties within Wildlands unique. By doing so, we seek to become the world’s leading remote hospitality brand within the fragmented global eco-lodge and remote hospitality landscape – all while being capital-efficient given that we won’t need to own the underlying asset.

themidgame : themidgame will revolutionize digital marketing by allowing advertisers to reach any niche audience in every industry through influence marketing. themidgame acts as a marketplace where advertisers can search, filter, find and contact influencers of any size and in any location and do business with them through tailor-made sponsored content. Finding influencers in any niche industry will be as easy as doing a search query, and sponsoring them as simple as clicking a button.

For influencers, they receive exposure to global and local advertisers that they never had before. It allows them to personally engage with advertisers and negotiate the value of their service; something they cannot do today with programs such as Google Adsense and others which do not leverage their potential as content creators. Any influencer will be able to convert their online and social media presence into an online business by leveraging their influence in long tail niches.

themidgame is the LinkedIn for Influencers. It is the next evolution in digital marketing and will disrupt the industry by connecting advertisers and influencers on a personal, yet massive scale, completely changing the way marketing reaches long tail niche audiences.

Think Lattice : We are designing and implementing an online platform to create a universal characterization and data analysis software for scientists. For this, we are making use of the newest developments in molecular modeling and data prediction algorithms. The final product will be an elegant and fast software through a back-end architecture created in Ruby on Rails and front-end in Javascript. Our usage of a single editing area will employ a wide assortment of data formats, allowing researchers to handle data from virtually any piece of analysis equipment. It’s online status will also make it cross-platform, unlike most software available today. Rather than fragmenting characterization tools amongst several programs, we plan to consolidate a wide assortment of analytical data into a single framework. The usual overcrowded windows of similar programs such as Mnova will be eliminated in favor of a fluid and logical layout. In addition, the reaction prediction algorithms we plan to employ will have the computational power to simulate many reactions virtually, saving research labs time and effort. In this way, our product will be able to have the functionality of a wide variety of single-application programs, capturing the value of a wider market.

Ticketul : Ticketul aimed at delivering innovative ticketing technology products and services to clients and fans worldwide and maximize the profitability for show’s producers.

Our goal is to offer these services in a way that makes fun starts already with the purchase process, not just when you arrive at the venue. will be a state-of-the-art technology platform that provides robust ticket inventory and customer service management tools along with the ability to handle a high volume demand. At the same time, the advanced architecture of “Auction theory“ gives maximum benefit and control for the show’s producers .

We combine the traditional system of online sailing tickets with an innovative auction process by mixing two types of auctions: the Dutch and the English. will do a best price auction for the tickets with a minimum bid (English auction) and every day this minimum will decrease (Dutch auction). Those buyers more interested on the show will pay more money and purchase the best locations; while those who wait till the last minute will pay less and purchase worst seats. However, these last groups will take the risk of getting sold out of tickets.

TommyJams : TommyJams builds and supports a flexible yet credible community of artists, venues and fans, where booking and attending performances across cities/countries is made as easy as possible, through a user-friendly web/mobile technology. Using this platform, venues launch their events on-line and book interested artists to perform, in just a few seconds, and fans stay tuned with all the events happening in their city and get closer to their favourite artists and venues.

The availability of such a credible platform helps artists to discover events beyond their limited personal contacts and helps venues to invite a much more diverse set of artists from different cities/countries to perform live at their events. Fans get to stay updated with all the events happening in their city and engage themselves in these events through our web/mobile technology. The money transactions are made transparent between the artists and venues, without any engagement of middlemen (event agencies/promoters). The credibility of our artists, venues and events is tracked well with the information (feedback, ratings etc.) we collect on our systems and the analysis we do with that information. This leads to fine quality events handled in an organized and structured manner. : Is a marketplace called where the creators can built a store and sells his handmades products, and for the other hand allows buyers to buy products of creative line from creative industry. This marketplace generates community and create strong relationship between buyers and sellers, also integrates online payment methods and home delivery all over Chile. The creators can share his products, write in a personal blog, upload high quality photos , learn, share and discuss with experts and other creators.

Usound : Usound is an application that allows using the smartphones processing capability to work like a digitally programmed hearing aid, this dynamically adjusts the volume of the smartphone using data from an audiometric test made by a doctor, allowing people with hearing impairment to optimize their smartphone output sound to their hearing level in phone calls, media playing, etc.
This application also presents a preventive test meant show the hearing level of the user in a didactic and intuitive way thus generating conscience about potential hearing impairment preventing future hearing loss, which is an irreversible condition.

WE ARE KNITTERS : We sell cool knitting kits with everything one needs to knit the model chosen (wool+needles+pattern+other accessories) and high quality 100% wool yarn balls from Peru.
The wool is 100% natural. It is Peruvian sheep wool without a gram of acrylic fibers. This makes it a luxurious and respectful product with the environement. WE ARE KNITTERS wool comes from the Andes in Southamerica. Its quality, feeling, color and thickness are exceptional.

The wool softness is due to its origin: the Peruvian Andes. Sheep over there live in extraordinary conditions. Because our skeins are made of 100% wool, you will end up wearing a luxurious and long-lasting garment. If you take care of it, you will probably be able to wear it during your whole life.
We offer very easy online video-tutorials to learn how to knit/crochet and paid online patterns.
We also offer a platform where knitters can share their pictures and tips.
We are building a huge community of knitters in the social networks and our web.

WinAllSeason LLC : All Season offers expert, video-based courses to the sports community for free. We use quizzes and feedback to engage our customers who can re-take or re-wind courses at their convenience. Upon completing a course, users earn a badge of achievement that gets organized in their profile. All Season captures value by tracking athletes and coaches that have become proficient in the courses we offer, along with tracking future improvement tools. We also have an extensive library of articles and videos designed specifically for our target market.
What makes All Season special is that we deliver something new that’s not only high quality and free, but also instantly accessible. Our vision is to help develop well-rounded athletes and coaches with sports improvement tools. Sports instruction is no longer a one-time event, like at a camp or clinic, but an experience that can happen anywhere, anytime. Courses are composed of interactive short videos allowing users to learn at their own pace. Information is presented with real world examples allowing users to learn in context. Our future plans allow users to build customized plans, laying out a clear path to accomplish their individual sports goals.

WishBOX : Wishbox is a web platform on which the users will be guided through a variety of resources in a vocational discovery and orientation process. Registration will be followed by a talent profile built through a carefully designed questionnaire and short case studies. Next, the users will be directed to the video library with testimonials of successful people in the relevant fields for the abilities and talents revealed in the profiler. Here, they will see inspirational interviews with people who are happy with what they are doing. As in the entire orientation process the human interaction is key, the users will be able to connect to vocational orientation experts on one hand, the people who have inspired them through their testimonials on the other hand and of course their pears. Also, they will have a dedicated section of resources, from trainings to workshops and networking events at which they will be able to participate in order to capitalize on their talents. Along the way, the users will be guided through by an interest-oriented newsletter.
The revolutionary thing about the concept is that it aims to build an integrated orientation experience to tackle this stringent problem of the society.

Wivo : Wivo offers technology to make real time measurements that helps retailers determine their performance in stores, spaces and products. Using the web application Wivo Platform, retailers can detect where and why purchase abandonment happens and implement strategies that helps to improve conversion rates.
Some of our products are:
Wivo Store. Compares store performance based on conversion rates; measures the impact of your advertising campaigns and aligns staff resources with customer traffic to ensure high conversion.
Wivo Line. Manages lines effectively by determining the optimum number of registers necessary to create a quality buying experience and maximize transaction rates.
Wivo ProductSpace. Compares product performance inside the stores based on their visibility, customer interest and sales. Using this information prices and product distribution are adapted to their optimal levels.
The core of Wivo technology is a smart 3D camera called Vidu. Vidu is a stand-alone device based on the kinect technology that automatically detects and tracks people’s bodies. These devices are installed in store ceilings and send real time measurements to Wivo Servers which are then processed to trigger notifications to store employees or for future analysis. Furthermore, our clients can use information on their internal software using our open API.

Women Moving the World : We are an educational platform that empowers women to become successful entrepreneurs and positively impact the lives of more than 1 billion people in less than 10 years.

Zestbuds : Our app allows users to discover the best dishes according to a variety of filters, such as cost, ambience, location, cuisine, category, & friend recommendations. You’ll be able to find the top rated dishes in the city or your vicinity, find that lomito you’ve been craving for, see what friends eat at their favourite places, know what to order at a restaurant, and when you need inspiration, we tell you what you should go try out! And of course, you’ll be allowed to review, rate and share pictures of food with the people you love and gain points for doing so. Our goal is to build a repository of the world’s dishes; with rankings, ratings, photos, reviews and comparisons to help users have an amazing meal every single time.

Zished : We are creating a remittance based platform for residents abroad to send gifts to their family members back home. This platform can also be used by local residents in gifting each other. We are also leveraging our ecommerce capabilities to create a universal loyalty platform for mid to medium size business in order for them to acquire more clients and reward their existing ones via our loyalty store whiles gaining valuable analytic insights into their businesses.