Communicate Corporate Values Engagingly with Animation


Conveying the values and ethical actions of your business is fundamental in today’s society, and animated video is being widely adopted as a means of expressing these in a captivating way.


Nowadays, consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental and social impacts from companies, and they seek out those that make a minimal negative effect.

Including information on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental awareness in your marketing can secure a positive brand identity and strong customer base; but first you need to get consumers to listen.

Information on corporate values, although important, will not always draw a potential customer into your marketing message. Consumers are bombarded with tonnes of adverts each days, so they are selective about those they engage in. Therefore, your message needs to inspire them!

Inspiration can come in various means, and animated video can present many of these at once!

Let’s take a look at how you can use an engaging whiteboard video to boost your SEO.


Make Values Clear

Some companies propagate an ethical standing solely as a marketing tactic, but do not actively support this. To attain a truly positive brand image, ensure you are honest with your declarations. Perhaps even back them up in your video.

Once you are clear on the corporate values you wish to convey, you can begin to considering how to put this across in your marketing.



Your marketing campaign will present a comprehensive message – not based solely around ethics – so think about how this will all be incorporated together.

Your animated video could present an engaging story that tells viewers everything they need to know.


Time to Be Creative

As with most marketing challenges, if you want to get listened to, you need to grab and retain consumers’ often waning attention.

Online, this is particularly challenging. According to The Associated Press, 2012, eight seconds is the average attention span of a web user, indicating a four-second decrease from 2000.

To captivate their market, more and more businesses are now investing in the versatile and creative tool of animated video. I think we can all say we’ve been drawn in by an inspirational animation, and perhaps even learnt about a new brand through it. That’s the attraction – these videos provide entertainment while they explain.


Know Your Market

A concept that is well targeted to potential customers can effectively show the company’s understanding and consideration for consumers, society and the surrounding environment.

To convey this in the best possible way, you will of course need to know your target market well. You can then integrate knowledge of their lifestyles and characteristics into your animated video concept.

This will also help you to define your brand image in a way that is desirable to consumers. Corporate values are at the heart of a business, and these need to be communicated in a way that is appreciated and understood.

In doing so, you are telling consumers something meaningful about your brand personality, and for this they will be grateful.


Make Viewers Comfortable and Explain Clearly

Animation is not only eye-catching and innovative; but it is also great for putting viewers at ease, encouraging them to engage in your message.

We have all watched enjoyable animations at some point in our lives, and we associate them with relaxation and enjoyment. This is incredibly valuable for getting key information about your brand noticed.

You can get past any audience barrier if you present your business’s true social responsibility with an engaging animation.

A balance of attractive stimuli and key information is fundamental.


Show Consistent Corporate Values

Your company’s principles, standards and actions should not be expressed just briefly in your animated video, but throughout your communications. Retaining consistency throughout all channels and over time is also important.

Animation can be a starting point to express these values; then the animated characters and style you create will be associated with those principles.

Displaying consistent understanding of the viewer, respect for the wider society and consideration for the environment can significantly improve brand image and increase conversions. It can also convey your business as one of authority in the market and in the realm of CSR.



Boost SEO

By demonstrating concern for the wider world, your business could enjoy the bonus of higher ranking in search engine results. Fantastic news, huh?

Getting your business listed in the top search engine results is no longer about just keywords and the number of visits a website has attracted. It’s also about the quality of a site’s content and how long visitors are retained on it. Further engagement in the shape of comments and shares can also provide a boost.

Video content can improve a website’s ranking, and when it is of top quality, this is where the biggest returns come in.

Strong corporate principles can clearly bring many rewards, to consumers, the wider world and your business. The key is to communicate these effectively with potential customers. An animated explainer video can be a powerful tool for doing this and may well end up being the best investment you make!


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Guest post for Start-Up Chile

Written by: Marianna Keen

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