Come to Chile? Numote says, “Just do it!”

Projects & Participants

Living, breathing, working in Chile for over a month, Vijay Kailas (far right), whose product, Numote, is a “social remote control for television,” has gained his bearings and is eager to welcome the new applicants.  Though some may be hesitant to leave their home and project development comfort zone, Vijay assures that “it’s a really great experience, an easy transition, and nothing that you should worry about– just do it!”

He is especially enthusiastic about the tech scene in Chile, that it is rapidly flourishing and ripe with potential.  Though still young, the community, from what Kailas has noted, is starting to form around tech startups with many “up-and-coming businesses and entrepreneurs basing themselves in Chile, who automatically arrive looking to create networks.”   One Chilean company, ArchDaily, the world’s most read architecture blog, has been especially accommodating with the Start-Up Chile participants.  Vijay met with them personally and was greatly encouraged by their persistence in relocating from Chile to the USA.  Seeing Chilean success stories such as that of ArchDaily, makes him “feel confident of going in the opposite direction– from the USA to Chile,” he says.

As a personally set milestone, Kailas has also met with and pitched to the two biggest TV networks in Chile, looking to license his technology as a mobile application framework for them to then build their own TV related social applications.  By using his product, TV networks will be able to create real time social applications at a lower cost.  His goal is to pitch to all major networks in South America before the culmination of his six months with Start-Up Chile.

While in Chile, Vijay, who obtained a MS of Product Design from Harvard, hopes to grow the Numote team by hiring a mobile application designer who is versed in user experience.  To contact Vijay, please email him at vijay[at]numote[dot]com.