SUPalumni | CLIMATENZA joins hands with StorEnergy to develop a 1MW Power Plant in Chile

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CLIMATENZA, a solar thermal start-up that believes innovation in Solar CSP technology will revolutionize the solar thermal industry, joins hands with StorEnergy, a Serbia-based solar thermal company, to develop a 1MW power plant in Chile.

StorEnergy has built an innovative solar thermal technology ideal for power and steam generation for industrial application. The patented technology is a cost-effective solution, more efficient compared to current technologies. CLIMATENZA, a SeedG19 project started their journey in Chile in February 2018, believes their technology will disrupt solar solutions across Chile. “Chile is an ideal place for solar thermal applications. Earlier this year, I wrote an article about Chile being Gold reserve for solar thermal technology, and we feel this is the time when the technological disruption and scaling plants will bring the cost of CSP down, especially in Chile”, says Akshay Makar, Founder, and CEO, CLIMATENZA.

Akshay believes that creating this Joint venture with StorEnergy is the next step for CLIMATENZA to provide affordable and high-value energy to their clients. Their technology is well-proven in climates such as Serbia; imagine what will happen when their technology can expand to Chile. With their technology, power companies will be able to improve their baseload factor, mining companies will have reliable 24/7 supply, and scaling solutions will help reach the Chilean Government’s ambitious goal of 70% renewable energy by 2050.

CLIMATENZA has started to conduct pre-feasibility studies to build their first commercial-scale solar thermal power plant in Chile.


CLIMATENZA is a solar thermal company based in India and Chile. The company’s core value lies in bringing sustainable power to developing countries. Innovation is at the heart of CLIMATENZA’s mission to support Green Energy projects. CLIMATENZA commercializes advanced solar CSP technology with integrated energy storage in order to solve major issues in the Power industry and industrial applications.