Today, Internet and new technologies generate tons of data about our urban life. Everyday more people express and convey their opinions and perceptions through online discussions, from the stress of people after a natural disaster, to the impacts of traffic and massive urban transportation. It may be a paradox then, to live in a data-rich society meanwhile the solutions to urban challenges are rarely based on the people’s emerging problems.

How to take the most out of new technologies to connect citizens with decision makers? What tools are available to monitor the performance of urban planning and our authorities in the city-making process? What is the role of ICT and its associated social data in the generation of more representative and valuable information for decision makers?

This meet-up invites to debate on how we can make good use of social data to guide and inform development process that can ultimately lead to improve people’s quality of life.  It also thought as an opportunity to get to know new tools to activate citizenship on governance, issues drawing on open government apps and digital tools for civic collaboration.

City 2.0 is the first of two meet-ups organized by CitiSent focusing on Cities and Technologies. Feel free to come and share a drink with us next Wednesday at the Centro Movistar Innova, Providencia 229. Santiago. See you soon!


 IVAN SALAZAR: AVINA – AVINA Foundation works on contributing to sustainable development in Latin America by encouraging productive alliances based on trust among social and business leaders and by brokering consensus around agendas for action. AVINA is member of the Consortium Santiago Como Vamos whose aim is that of  supporting the monitoring process of urban management performance through quality of life indicators.

 JUAN JOSE SOTO: Ciudadano Inteligente Foundation works to close the information gap between citizens and their government through the use of various web technologies and development of web applications. The organization creates web tools for gathering, organizing, illustrating and sharing information through the social web, striving to promote informed citizen actions and accountability.

– KRISTA CANELLAKIS: Crowdplaces.orgCrowdplaces is a crowd-funding platform where individuals and communities can pitch ideas and win funding for neighborhood improvement projects. Crowdplaces aims to connect local government resources and global crowd-sourced funding with the creativity of citizen placemakers by providing a tool for civic engagement and innovation.

 JACQUELINE GOW: – Localisto is an online townhall that enhances communication between government and community. Localisto creates a platform for governments to upload content about current projects or trending topics and receive public feedback. Community members get involved by annotating models, maps and renderings as well as contributing to interactive polls.  Localisto is free to all community members. Users can quickly login and use their location to find trending topics or search for public meetings and instantly start sharing their opinions directly with government agencies.

– ROBERTO BURGOS: CitiSent is an urban data platform that collects and analyzes in real-time people’s perceptions on cities over a set of topics integral for urban life. It delivers a concrete set of urban indicators by aggregating multiple social data available from the internet such as traditional and online media, blogs and social networks, together with data collected from mobile telephones. 

Meet-up convener:  Javier Vergara Petrescu – CitiSent

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 11, 2012 7:00 PM

WHERE: Start-Up Chile HQ – CMI, Providencia 229, Providencia, Santiago, Santiago