Chop-Shop Workers and Bootstrappers: Chile Really Wants You

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Vivek Wadhwa, a visiting scholar at the School of Information at UC-Berkeley and Harvard Law Senior Researcher, promoted Start-Up Chile in an article written on August 21, 2010 published in TechCrunch that highlighted the underlying notions of the program and how Chile is striding ahead of other developed nations in terms of being Entrepreneur-friendly.

He makes various connections to Silicon Valley and the immigration policy of the United States stating that 52% or Silicon Valley startups from 1995 to 2005 were founded by foreigners and in 2006 26% of American global patents were invented by foreign nationals living in the US—despite America’s strict immigration policies.

Comparing Chile to the US, he highlights Chile’s open visa policy and the comparative ease foreigners have when working here and starting a business.  Along with Russia, Singapore, and Kenya, Chile is opening its doors so that foreigners come to the country and create “industry clusters” in order to jump start a Silicon Valley-like phenomenon—essentially, the technological hub of South America.

The reception of the article was impressive, with 615 Tweets, 286 Facebook “likes,” and over 100 reader comments such as “excellent guest article, keep this kind of thing coming,” “it’s encouraging to see what countries like Chile are doing,” and “good article, as a Chilean I congratulate this initiative!”

With press and noise like this, we will be prepared to be receiving the best, brightest, and most innovative projects and to be converted into the entrepreneurial hub of the continent.

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