Chilean women take Start-Up Chile: 40% of those accepted in the program are from our country


The current generation of women entrepreneurs of the program for founding women (The S Factory) had an increase in compatriots among those accepted. The last generation had 28% of Chileans and the current one broke that record. The 25 startups will begin their process at the public accelerator on March 16.

Santiago, January 2020.- The S Factory program looks for the best early-stage projects (since the idea to the one year of development), led by women so that, in 4 months, they acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to develop their first prototypes and exits to the market. For this, Start-up Chile delivers workshops and expert mentoring, in addition to 10 million Chilean pesos to start your business. The best startup will be able to access an extra 5 million pesos, depending on the development they have during the program.

This generation (number 11) will feature founders from around the world, specifically from 12 countries, including Chile, which leads the group with 10 business ideas, followed by India, Venezuela and Argentina. “Diversity in terms of nationalities gives the program an unique identity in the world. This condition is key to increasing the innovation capabilities of our ecosystem, ”says Sebastián Díaz, Executive Director of Start-Up Chile.

According to the type of business industry, they are mostly focused on technological development and software, as well as health and biotechnology; education and culture; agriculture and natural resources, being the most prominent trends in the current generation of the program. “Our role, from Start-Up Chile, is to connect these technological developments with industries and the market so that they leverage our economy and grow from Chile to the world, creating value in our country, generating sales and employment,” Diaz says.

The next application process for this fund begins on May 12. To know the requirements, deadlines, etc., you can visit for more information or contact directly to the email

The selected startups are:

BuildingWorlds is a digital platform that makes use of the smartphone’s capabilities to entertain children’s exercise and psychomotor development in an entertaining way. We generate dynamics that are part of a game where children will complete missions. Parents will be participants in their development by seeing statistics and evolution.

Caravan: Knowledge workers often waste more time on conference calls and in meetings than they spend doing actual work. We plan to fix that with automated collaboration that eliminates most conference calls and meetings with press of a button.

Fitverz: aims to quantify corporate wellness programs ROI, by tracking wellness behaviors and health risk prevention activities. This allows organizations to measure their impact, reduce costs and develop better healthcare strategies. We work with different wellness programs and healthcare providers, bringing actionable insights to help people stay active and engaged.

FoodStock: is the platform that facilitates the integral control of the restaurant chain management, including the real vs theoretical cost up to personnel control, by automating a large part of processes that are normally done manually, occupying personnel and time, thus considerably reducing the possibility of human error.

Future Food Living Labs: is a distributed network of food providers where Food & Beverage companies can globally test and validate new products, decreasing new products failure rate and increasing their knowledge and interaction on different markets. 

GoodAt: A social networking platform providing affinity-based chat rooms with limited number of participants.

Hybridon It is a venture whose objective is to develop products and technologies to prevent infections and pollution. It has developed a new concept of microbiostatic products with a wide spectrum of residual action, which could be incorporated into the development of new products, mainly in the health sector. is an artificial intelligence tool that helps any seller to find their potential leads. It parses the data from social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc and discovers hidden customers. It further refines a lead into a new, impulsive, loyal or a potential customer based on complex analytics.

Liv: When someone passes away, the beneficiaries are not always fully aware of the existence or location of some of their assets, insurance, investments…which often get lost through the succession process. Managing inheritance taxes, creating wills, valuing patrimony are complex and expensive processes. LiV is a web-platform addressing these issues.

Meditivity: For people who want to achieve goals and improve themselves, we are building a digital AI coach. It’s a science-based app which includes whole life and mind management system, guidance and content on goals and habits. These tools help not just plan things but get them done and reduce stress.

Mentomaestras: Virtual educational methodology in construction trades with a gender focus. It is a set of virtual learning modules with augmented reality and a practical stage at work. This allows the labor insertion and mobilization of women working in the area of ​​construction services, towards roles in trades improving their remuneration.

Milla: is a B2B platform that allows SME´s to book and manage their corporate trips and travelers. Through a seamless booking experience of high-quality inventory, corporate travelers are able to save time, manage travel budgets and teams, report expenses and reduce travel hassle through an AI powered assistant.

Nutrix: is a high tech nanosenosor that placed on the tooth detects level of glucose in saliva and sends the Information to an external app.

OmegaPet: Start up dedicated to the design of innovative and sustainable food that combines the biotechnology and properties of microalgae. Omegapet, is a snack that is enriched with omega 3 and 6 microalgae, free of animal protein, gluten and 100% organic that improves the cardiovascular health of dogs.

Pagadespués It is the first form of payment in Peru that provides loans to users at the time of purchase. It allows them to take their purchase today to pay it later in installments. The entire process is online and automatic and allows unbanked people to pay their fees in cash.

Positive Carbon: Platform enables businesses to reduce waste costs, lower their environmental impact & help those in their community by intelligently routing their edible food surplus to those experiencing food insecurity with any inedible food waste being converted into renewable green energy.

Smart Tissues: We focus on the development of affordable bioprinting tools that will allow researchers to have access to the top-notch 3D printing technologies for fabricating realistic human-like tissues. Especially, we are formulating innovative bioinks that will enable human cells to grow and proliferate as they would in the human body environment.

Tissé, free skins for the world: We are inspired by the dream of changing the quality of life of people with skin disorders, through a new proposal for healthy, humanized cosmetics and at a fair price, offering products free of petroleum, parabens, gluten and animal testing.

Ubindi: provides easy-to-use tools for freelance teachers to handle everything they need to operate their teaching business. They can manage student information, track reservations and attendance, send emails, accept payments for classes and passes, and understand their revenue and earnings.

UrbanaGrow It is creating an automated system integrating hardware and software into an online platform for modular agronomy, using vertical hydroponics for urban production on a commercial scale of vegetables. It does not require fertile cultivation land, it does not depend on the weather or the sun and with minimal water consumption.

Valerte: An online artist community focused professional social media platform, which enables to search, connect, tip, hire and sponsor artists & creatives via one simple multi-faceted application. It enables artists and stakeholders to discover and employ, based on criteria such as rate, specialization, location, age, experience, reference, live performance, among others.

Voy Contigo App: Mobile application for women that seeks to empower them against gender violence. Its SOS button notifies trusted contacts and connects geographically close users for real-time support. They can report facts to prevent other users and share locations in real-time with their contacts.

Whataform: is an online software platform that allows users to create interactive online forms and surveys that can be shared through instant messaging (ex: Whatsapp). Users can create dynamic forms based on the needs of the user.

YupTable: encompasses operational improvement and marketing needs of Foodcourts, Cinema Halls, Events and Standalone Restaurants. Our team envisions a reduction of manual efforts to increase the number of orders and table rotations. Customer analytics will hence drive sales for companies operating near these food services hyper-locally.

ZurAnalytics EdTech: Educational SaaS that helps High School students to assess, develop & predict Basic Math Abilities, not achieved in primary education, to improve math understanding. In just 12 min per day -3 times per week- trains the weakest abilities (spatial sense, classification, estimation…) in a personalized way powered by Machine Learning.