Chilean venture capital fund invests US$750.000 on Taggify, from Start-Up Chile


Aurus Capital, a Chilean venture capital fund, confirmed to La Tercera that it will invest US$750.000 on Taggify. Said startup is part of the beneficiaries at Start-Up Chile and we are very happy to announce this great achievement of the team at Taggify.

Gustavo Bessone talked to the Chilean media about how he connected with Chilean-based business people who served Taggify as advisers, and how this led to being introduced to Raimundo Cerda, member of Aurus Capital who got excited about Bessone´s project, resulting in the above mentioned investment.  Gustavo also talked to La Tercera about Taggify being built by a globally-minded team of people, who won´t limit their company neither to the Chilean or Argentinean market.

Congrats to the team at Taggify!