Chilean Startup Turns Heads in Silicon Valley



Mike Yorston and Olivier Paccot, the co-founders of Woodtech, one of the most prosperous Chilean startups in the market, accompanied the Start-Up Chile team, including the Chilean Minister of Economy, Juan Andres Fontaine, on their promotional tour through Silicon Valley during the last weeks of September.  There, they turned many a head with their business’ success which, according to their website, “generate[s] millions of dollars in yearly benefits via cost savings and improved yields” while they act as a major global player in the technological solutions for industrial applications sector.

As recently evidenced in Bloomberg (Woodtech interview and Start-Up Chile article, both published within the last week), Chile is gaining unprecedented headwind in entrepreneurial recognition, and quite possibly, could churn out the next Google.  Chilean startups are, clearly, not to be overlooked.  Click here for further information regarding Chilean entrepreneurial success stories.

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