Chilean Start-Up to Construct World’s Largest Pool

Chilean Scene

Crystal Lagoons, one of Chile’s most successful startups, will soon begin construction on what will be the world’s largest swimming pool in Egypt, located within the Sharm El Sheikh Real Estate development complex.  The Chilean company already boasts the record-breaking title for having constructed the largest pool in the world (in Algarrobo, Chile) merely an hour from Santiago, the headquarters of Start-Up Chile.

As first reported by Arabian Business, the massive project that will be inaugurated in 2011 will be nearly 100 hectares large, comprised of 10 different lagoons.  This undertaking will go hand-in-hand with several similar projects in the Middle East region, 50 in total, such as those in Downtown Dubai, and another in Hurghada, Egypt– both pools costing approximately $1.2 billion dollars each.

Fernando Fischmann, creator and owner of Crystal Lagoons, states that creating the pools “is a very challenging process and a unique concept adaptable to rain forests, marshes, deserts or urban sprawls. They can also be created on overcrowded or eroded coastlines and breathe new life into previously contaminated rivers.”  His grand idea, having sprung to life here in Chile, is ingeniously strategic due to the lagoons’ ability to “form an impressive artificial paradise, even in the most inhospitable climates”– especially those such as the Middle Eastern Desert.

Mr. Fischmann, like many entrepreneurs and startup successes, comes from a diverse background comprised of experience as a Real Estate Developer and in biochemistry, which, combined, provided him the perfect professional catalyst in creating Crystal Lagoons.  His first project, and long-standing world record holder for the world’s largest pool, is located in Algarrobo, Chile, where the idyllic sandy beaches are bordered by the icy Pacific.  For that exact reason he made the proactive decision to create his own tepid “ocean” and thus Crystal Lagoons was born.

Currently, the firm maintains approximately 50 ongoing and planned developments and, with no end in sight, is a prime example for budding entrepreneurs and a gem in Chile’s jewel-box of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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