Start-Up Chile in FORBES


“…The minute you step onto Chilean soil there will be a mentor waiting. We’ll help you open bank accounts, connect you to all the engineers and the engineering schools…”

Under the title, “Chile Wants to Borrow US Entrepreneurs for $40,000,” Start-Up Chile was recently the subject of an article written by Maureen Farrell, a Forbes journalist and blogger who has been covering the most interesting and emerging topics in entrepreneurialism since 2006. She details the program as “too good to be true,” but, alas, it is not. Considering the never-ending amount of innovative ideas springing up at any given moment around the globe, there is no doubt the Start-Up Chile is a prime initiative for entrepreneurs in search of a push of seed capital, mentors providing support, and a fountain of resources within arms reach. And $40,000 never hurts…

One important point she hits is that this program is not solely in search of the next .com gem but rather transforming Chile into the entrepreneurial hub of South America by congregating the best and most innovative minds in one place. By creating an environment that encourages growth, new ideas, and, of course, success the participants are bound to emerge with major gains.

And, like Farrell, we are all looking forward to the arrival of our first sets of entrepreneurs. Soon to be unveiled…

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