Acquires Participants’ Startup, Actuable

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What are the chances your startup gets sold to one of the industry’s big fishes? One in a thousand, in a million, one might say. But for Fernando Blat, a member of Start-Up Chile’s first round of 2011, the dream became a reality this very week.

A native of Spain, Fernando is one  of Actuable’s co-founders alongside Francisco Polo and Álvaro Otriz. Actuable was sold, as was announced yesterday on Mashable, to, a U.S.-based activism platform that now, after the acquisition, can be considered the largest online activism platform in the world.

Now in Chile as part of Toldo, another startup he’s helmed, Fernando explains that selling a startup conjures a strong mix of emotions: “on one hand, you feel terribly happy because it means that someone who you really admire is telling you that your site is great, that you are doing things right and that they want to work together. On the other, it’s a little sad because it’s a project I really loved and was really proud of being part of.”

Post-acquisition, Fernando says that he’s looking forward to “focusing on developing other new projects” including Toldo with its co-founders Alberto Romero and Amalia Calvo, adding that his plans are to “make use of all the advantages that we are having here [in Chile] that I didn’t have in Spain when we started with Actuable.”

When asked about what kind of advice he has for entrepreneurs in the position to sell their company, he suggests “focusing on your work, on developing the idea in the way you think is correct. And work hard. And that’s the way good things happen. “