CEO of Groupon Visits Start-Up Chile HQ


Andrew Mason, the worldwide CEO of Groupon, was in Chile for barely 12 hours on Monday, December 5th and spent two of them hanging with Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs, listening to their pitches, and talking about his experience creating, managing, and growing a global company.

His first time in Chile, Andrew came to visit Groupon’s local operations and team members– highlighting especially that the company recently acquired two Chilean startups, Needish and Zappedy. With his CFO and Director of Communications in tow, he arrived to the Start-Up Chile headquarters and spoke briefly about Groupon’s birth and rapid growth saying that “in 2008, we had only 7 employees which grew to 10,000 spanning 46 countries in only one year.” He added that his view as a founder is to “work harder than everyone else and be myself” and, in terms of obtaining funding, it’s ideal to have “liquidity once you’ve proven success in order to focus on the long-term vision.”

Four Start-Up Chile participants were selected, after a tooth-and-nail internal pitch competition, to give a seven minute presentation to Andrew, a panel, and other program participants. Of our nearly 150 startups, Propiedad Facil, GooseChase, Gym-Pact, and Kloof were chosen by their peers to pitch. As elected by Andrew and a panel comprised of Groupon Chile’s CEO and CTO, and Andres Barreto, the founder of Grooveshark, Gym-Pact was the winner among their peers.

Andrew, Geoff from Gym-Pact, and Oscar and Daniel from Groupon LatAm:
Gym-Pact and Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason and Start-Up Chile