Can’t stop looking at them: great entrepreneurs are getting press attention


Jogabo is the dream app for those who love soccer. Don´t miss out! Read about it at and make sure to download it!

Peer is a Start-Up Chile project “that syncs with LinkedIn to offer professionals a more face-to-face way to communicate and connect using video chat, ” as described by TechCrunch. We love the title of their story: “Why Do You Need Peer? Because LinkedIn Clearly Lacks A Video Chat Service”. To the bone!

Start-Up Chile got a few mentions in an in-depth article about Chile and business by El Nuevo Herald

“Startup Camp – LatAm 2013” will be hosted in the midst of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. The event is for free and you can read more about it (in Spanish!) at La Nación.

Forbes Mexico is publishing about Start-Up Chile. Sometimes, folks still can´t believe there’s such a thing like SUP!

Maptia has finally launched! We love to see such a great project featured at WIRED.

TicketHoy, Babelverse, and Edoome get some attention at We hope that, just like them, many more awesome startups get a shot to join Start-Up Chile. Kuddos!

Floqq gets some press love from La Informació

Sprayable Energy is getting a lot of attention. Read about them at La Tercera and the BBC; and Lo+ Trendy is featured at the most prominent media outlet in Venezuela. Kuddos!

Gigabot got some press love at Diario Financiero. Kuddos to our favorite giant 3D printer!

Humberto Moreira is writing about his Start-Up Chile experience in Portuguese! If you are thinking of applying to SUP in March, start understanding what we do, right away! He founded

Alejandro Russo, founder at Kloof, published at FWD’s blog. FWD is Mark Zuckerberg’s NGO focusing on immigration and global talent. As a former SUP member, Alejandro sure has a lot to say about the issue. You can also read the text in Spanish, because La Nación is publishing.

El Mercurio heard about those 10k startups that have applied to Start-Up Chile, and published an infographic with the latest data about the program. Check it out, here. Diario Estrategia is also mentioning our program’s great mission and Innovació congratulates us about the new record!