Can you turn a hobby into a company? Sure, you can!


There´s way too much people thinking that to that mix pleasure and business it´s impossible, and that it is even harder to turn our hobbies into a job. You must be kidding us! Luckily, here at Start-Up Chile today we can share a story showing that if you work hard and are passionate about what you do, there are no limits.

Simon Schuetz is from Germany and it´s part of our 5th generation of suppers. He came to Chile to start his business,, a company that sells maps where you can find the best places to practice surf and snowboarding. Simon is passionate about this sport and he thought it was a great idea to turn this love into a job.

For Simon, it was easy to make the decision to start his way as an entrepreneur. But his family was really worried about him: his choice to quit “a great job” turned to a serious issue in his family, but the story definitely has a happy ending even if you look at it from a traditional point of view:  he is making more money than what he would in the office, and he is working way harder towards broader horizons.

“It is always difficult to rely on something uncertain, but I figured I would never be so free in my life (imagine taking that risk with a wife and a kid!) And I would have to try it” says Simon. “The experience so far has been great with the maps so I kind of knew what I was getting myself into.”

It´s worth to give it a try, he says: “For me it’s the best feeling to create something new not knowing if it works and then actually make it work. I can only encourage everyone to try it if they have an idea they want to pursue,” says the founder.

In this crazy ride, Start-Up Chile it´s been some serious deal for Simon. He heard about the program and loved the idea right away: “Going to Chile, meeting other entrepreneurs, working on your business and receiving help to enter the Chilean market?! Too good to be true, but actually happening. It was a no-brainer to give it a shot” he says.

Simon proves that great ideas come from the heart. To work in what we love is something that everyone hopes for. So, if you have great ideas do not hesitate and make it work. As Simon shows, you have to “Focus, focus, focus. Creating a company is a lot of hard work. If you don’t focus on the things that really count it’ll be next to impossible to create a successful company” , Simon told us. This isn´t an easy game.