California gets some SUP love: Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day goes to San Francisco!


The crowd asked for it, and Start-Up Chile delivers. Your voice was heard: a group of 21 suppers will visit San Francisco next week to host the very first Start-Up Chile Demo Day in California! That´s right: YOU said you wanted to get to know them, YOU said you wanted to know more about their projects, YOU said they should play in the big leagues, and that it was just really impossible for you to travel to Santiago to meet with suppers. Well, it´s finally happening: a group of 21 Start-Up Chile startups are traveling to San Francisco to Demo for US investors, and a meetup will take place afterwards so all those folks in the US who were curious about the magic going on at Start-Up Chile have a chance to have a drink with us.

On May 2012, Start-Up Chile hosted its very first Demo Day here is Chile. Last week, on August 30th specifically, we did it again: Start-Up Chile´s Second Demo Day gathered hundreds of people and dozens on Chilean and LatAm investors. But that was not enough for us, to be honest. We need fast and furious investors who love risk, who love trying out something new, who understand suppers #neverstop and need them to make decisions fast. This is why we are taking the Start-Up Chile crowd all the way to San Francisco for a round of meetings with investors (thank you ProChile!). As mentioned before, you can join the party as well by coming to our meetup after the pitch sessions, let´s celebrate suppers achievements together! (Details HERE)

Enough talking already, let us introduce those 21 rockstars spicing up San Francisco next week!