By Clemens Raemy (@safertaxi): Why Start-Up Chile is the best option for you


Why Start-Up Chile is the best deal for you? We ask a few our our successful alumni why they will recommend Start-Up Chile and how it changed theirs startups. This is what they said.

Clemens RaemySaferTaxi

1. 40K USD without giving up equity: There is only one program in the world that gives you free money: Start-Up Chile. Will, the money is not entirely free, but all they ask is that you spend time with local entrepreneurs and spread the startup fever. Something you would be doing anyways. Hence, just apply!

2. Your startup can focus on any market in the world: Start-Up Chile does not require that your startup focuses on Chile or any other LatAm markets. Any company from anywhere in this world can apply. All they ask is that you and your founding time spend 6 months in Chile you develop the idea. Use the money to beta test anywhere in the world.

3. Meet the most global entrepreneurship group: Because anyone can apply, this is the only incubator that truly has entrepreneurs from any country you can think off. In this environment you will meet tons of people that bring ideas for your startup to you that you have never thought off. Ideas/solutions that might be popular in their region, but not yet heard off in your part of the world. Use this international group to improve on your startup idea and build the best possible company.

Stay tuned, more coming soon.. and remember next application round starts on Tuesday, March 4th.