Bitcoin Meetup!


Brickflow, OuiShare and are happy to invite you to our first co-organized event, the Bitcoin Meetup!

BitCoin, the open source P2P online currency is revolutionazing online payments.
But have you ever wondered where those bitcoin come from, how you can use them and what global impacts their use could have on the economy?
No matter if you are a geek, a business guy, a designer or a simple customer, it’s time to ask all your questions that you have in mind. Our experts will be there to guide you.

– Introduction to the Sharing Economy, how BitCoin fits in? – Dalma Berkovics, OuiShare Connector Chile

– What is Bitcoin, and what can you use it for? – Adam Stradling, Former Co-Founder and COO of TradeHill

– What is the technology behind Bitcoin? – Philippe Camacho, PhD student in cryptology

– What are the greater financial implications of Bitcoin from a currency perspective? – Uday Bansal- Founder SkyBulls

– Q&A moderated by Darren Camas, Formerly Head of Business Development for TradeHill, Founder of

And the show goes on… After the meetup at CMI, let’s grab a beer in a bar at Providencia!

Hope to see you all!