Bitcoin Hackathon!


A hackathon is an event where we get together to hack, program, brainstorm, prototype and develop applications in 24 hours! This time we will be learning to program applications that interact with the Bitcoin’s network.

Meet other programmers, build a team, share ideas and execute your best plan to finish an application in a day. It is an excellent opportunity to learn the technical fundations of Bitcoin, a revolutionary technology!

Official Link:


Saturday April 5th

09:00 – Event opening

10:00 – Introduction to Bitcoin technology

13:00 – Lunch and groups formation

14:00 – Let there be hacking

20:00 – Closing the first day

Sunday April 6th

09:00 – The hacking continues

13:00 – Projects presentations

14:30 – Hackathon closing


To book your place you have to buy your ticket at the price of $5,000 (less than 10 usd), but do not worry we’ll refund the money in bitcoins at the event. There are limited places, so don’t be left behind!


Evento en inglés y español.