Biofiltro Wins Clean Tech Open in Silicon Valley, USD$100k

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“They announced that Biofiltro had classified among the top 5 applicants along with proyectos from Sweden, Denmark, France, and the UK– which was already a great achievement. The next day I had to return to present our project to the judges and, at the end of the day, they announced that the winner was from CHILE, I simply couldn’t believe it,” recounts Matias Sjogren, the founder of the startup that won the 2011 Clean Tech Open held in Silicon Valley.

The prize? USD$100k available to their disposition to begin the commercialization of Biofiltro in the USA.

Biofiltro is a Chilean company participating in the 2nd Generation of Start-Up Chile that seeks to revolutionize the water treatment industry with their sustainable and low cost technology. Essentially the biofilter “uses living organisms to treat sewage or liquid industrial waste of organic origin. The system has demonstrated a high level of success in the standardization of parameters such as BOD5, suspended solids, phosphorus and nitrogen,” according to their product description.

Matias adds that, more than the distinction of actually winning the competition, that he is “extremely happy to have helped position Chile as one of the world’s principal innovation centers and that the results allow Chile to be further known as an entrepreneurship hub.”

Congratulations to Matias and his team!