Benefits of Beacon Technology for Businesses


Beacon technology is known as the censoring device which communicates via bluetooth. Majority of the time this beacon is placed into a physical store which provides data, insight, and marketing options a company could only be able to get in an online environment.

by Bhavin Oza 

In terms of working distances, beacons fit between NFC and GPS and provide a solution to the problem of GPS not working indoors. Bluetooth beacons also use much lower receiving device battery power than GPS. Some beacons have sensors that can provide extra information such as temperature, movement, light level, humidity, magnetic detection, barometric pressure and generic switch on/off detection.

More importantly, beacons allow mobile apps to interpret the users positions on a micro-regional scale and delivers content to the users based on locale. Overall, beacons are used for a variety of reasons.

Typically, a cloud based application backed parses all received beacon signals and takes actions, acting as the brain behind all operations. This usually happens via a mobile SDK.

Here are some important benefits that retailers will be able to measure big data with the help of beacons, allowing them to make informed decisions and offer better customer experience:

– Send proximity-based notifications to customers at a certain time point and at a certain location

– Collect customer information on time and location for further analyze.

– Improve customer loyalty with special offers created with the use of background information.

– Accept payments in order to make billing easy and on the go.

More importantly, beacons allow mobile apps to interpret the users positions on a micro-regional scale and delivers content to the users based on locale. Overall, beacons are used for a variety of reasons.

– User analytics in which marketers collect and examine consumer data and behavior for improvements.

– Proximity marketing for retailers to push notify their customers with content, promotions and offers.

– Indoor navigation where they allow accurate and real time indoor navigation within a certain location or venue.

– Contactless payments in which the technology allows customers to make hands free payments.

Benefits of Beacon Technologt to boost the businesses:

Retail -:

1)Effective Advertising Tool

2)Cheap and Easy to Adopt

3)Boosts the Power of Personalization

4)Provides Insightful Data

5)Increases App Engagement and Retention

Restaurant -:

1)Allow your customers to make mobile payments

2)Reduce wait time by offering ‘order-ahead’ feature

3)Reward your customers for spending time with you

4)Gamify the Pub Crawl Experience

Shopping Malls -:

You walk into your local grocery store and your phone buzzes, but this time it’s not a text message, it’s a welcome message from the store, delivered through an app you downloaded months ago and likely haven’t used since.

Whether it’s a simple welcome message, a coupon or a promotion, retailers are increasingly trying to engage customers by communicating with them via their downloaded apps, their location and even their digital shopping lists.

These messages are delivered via hardware device called a beacon, which uses Bluetooth low energy to seek out specific, integrated apps and send relevant messages to shoppers’ smartphones as they pass by, all with the goal of driving traffic and sales.

Targeted marketing using geolocation isn’t brand new, but what makes beacon technology special is the ability to “wake up” an app a consumer has downloaded, but that isn’t open on the device.

Identify number and type of customer visits

Beacons recognize customers when they walk in to the store. It is thus easy to identify a repeated customer, unique customer, loyal customer, number of visits made by a repeated customer and the amount of time spent by the customer in-store. These values and measurements are highly relevant for retailers when it comes to running loyalty and reward based programs. Eg. A customer who walks-in to the store 10 times becomes a repeated customer, thus enabling beacons to push special offers. Furthermore, based on the purchase history the same customer becomes a loyal customer opening up new offers and discounts based on the loyalty program.

The beacon technology is very beneficial in these days. Be the first to apply and rock your business level one step up. The mentioned benefits, in reality, running successfully.

About Author

Bhavin Oza is content writer and researcher on new technology. He    is currently researching on Beacon Technology. He is also a story teller and expressing to retail businesses that go through Beacon app development from experts.