Because we never stop, #BransonwithSuppers!


Early on this week, we heard Richard Branson was coming to town. Yes, the Virgin founder was on his way to Santiago to launch Virgin Mobile in Latin America. We knew we couldn´t miss the chance to meet such an inspiring entrepreneur, so we began research to figure out how to get in touch with him.

We began knocking on doors. Insistingly, obsessively, madly, if you will! Branson was certainly not fooling around: the man was on a tight schedule, and we couldn´t find a way to have one-on-one meetings with him.

But entrepreneurs won´t take “no” for an answer, so we all kept moving. We kept doing research and thousands of calls, and began more of a bootstrapping strategy: the entrepreneurs sent more than 20 tweets asking Richard to meet with them. The staff did its part, too, and we all were RTing eachother, of course.

Nothing back, though. So we pushed harder and harder, and began a hashtag: #bransonwithsuppers, because we never stop!

And that´s when the good news began coming in: we heard there was going to be a conference at GAM, and we decided to jump in. Paolo Privitera (, Jeremy Melul (Jogabo), Beatriz Cardona and Alice Nieves(Tripku), and Manu Sharma (NuovoWind), put on their Start-Up Chile t-shirts and joined the party!

They sat on the first row, but they were–oh, so not done. They kept tweeting on the mood of “Hey, Richard Branson! Look at the first row! we are here and we have a t-shirt for you!” How cool is that?

The conference was about to finish, but that´s exctly when the doors fo heaven finally opened: Paolo got the mic and asked Richard Branson whether he knew about Start-Up Chile or not, and talked a bit about his great experience here. And he gave the punch line: “Richard, we really want to have a picture with you”, to what he responded with an invitation to jump on stage. Here´s proof!


We even got published at LUN!