BarBird in Beta, in Chile!

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It’s Friday night. You’re on a business trip in Boise, Idaho. You’re from Arkansas and it’s your first time in the Gem State. You have no idea where to find the city’s best happy hour.

In that case, you better hope you have a smartphone on your hands as you can quickly download BarBird and find the best happy hours, specials, live music, and non-cover-charging bars in your area right in your palm.

It was just this logic (“I was at the Cyborg Anthropology Conference when I was thinking about how often I want to go to the bars, but have no direction on where to go!“) that brought Pierce Lamb and Daniel Starling to found BarBird. The application, available both on computers and mobiles, allows the user to see a map of any number of cities with a real-time Twitter feed of “what’s hot” going on in the area. You can search the map to find the name of a specific venue or sift through the tweets to see what best fits your taste for the evening at hand.

With applications for both iphone and Android, BarBird is in beta phase and has recently brought operations to Chile as part of the Start-Up Chile program where Pierce and Daniel say: “being in Chile for six months will give us the chance to not only create a Spanish version of BarBird and saturate Santiago, but also expand to Spanish speaking countries worldwide.”  Adding, “our main focus in Chile will be the Spanish version, releasing the first premium version of our analytics interface (launched beta a little while ago) and adding new features to our consumer apps.”

No plans for the weekend? See, here, if your city is on BarBird’s map: