Awesome guests keep rocking´ the Start-Up Chile offices: Peter Kolesar


Awesome speakers keep visiting the SUP headquarters and we keep lovin´it. Columbia University Professor emeritus Peter Kolesar is a worldwide recognized expert on operations. We all can use more than a bite of his innovative mind to keep our startups working flawlessly, so it really was a pleasure to have him sharing what he knows. He dictated a seminar and visited Start-Up Chile Sponsored by Nazca Ventures.

Peter Kolesar is Professor Emeritus at the Columbia University, the Research Director of Columbia’s Deming Center for Quality and Productivity Management and a member of the Water Center of Columbia’s Earth Institute. He is also co-organizer of the ECLA program at Columbia University, specially created and targeted to Latin American Entrepreneurs.  Prof. Kolesar spoke at CMI for over 50 suppers, and here is what José Ignacio Alvarado, founder at Nibu, had to say about the talk:

“We knew the talk would focus on solving (or getting ready to solve) operational problems startups might be facing. Once a startup begins to grow, you not only need to be able to attract client, but you also need to establish very professional relationships with said clients. Your team grows, you open new areas, and the way all of this is coordinated is crucial for success. We knew we had to attend this talk and we expected to be able to review particular experiences, tips and best practices that could be executed in Nibu to face future problems.

Of everything he said, what captured our attention the most was that he proposed a completely new way of thinking o we can solve problems. He mentioned that we should try to picture the gap between the current situation and the ideal situation, and work from there. He also mentioned that in order to think about a problem it is very important to be able to differentiate between the problem and its causes.

He also went on about how today, companies should try to offer the best quality. In order to achieve this, he mentioned there must exist a culture of excellence in your company, a culture that is always looking for quality in everything they do. He mentioned how important it is to look for this value when building your team, and how important it is to make excellence one of your company´s values from the very beginning. Now that we are just starting up, it is the right time to make excellence a key element in our companies”